Facebook’s Latest Update Will Take Your Small Business To Next Level!

Facebook’s Latest Update Will Take Your Small Business To Next Level!

Started as an ordinary social media networking platform, today, Facebook has turned to be a business tool that is benefitting almost every type of business. Be it a small business or a big one, every business owner is using this social media platform to attract more customers towards them. It is such a wonderful way to connect with your target audience and make them know you and your business in a better way.

Although, Facebook is already enriched with a range of features that help business owners in achieving their business targets through Facebook marketing, yet in the attempt to enhance user experience and to improve business practices, this social media network keeps on introducing new updates that help businesses to grow. The latest update brought by Facebook aims to benefit small businesses as it has that potential to take a small business to another level.

So, what the latest Facebook update is all about and how it will benefit small businesses is certainly a matter of serious considering for all of you. Especially, if you run a small business and want to use Facebook to your business expansion, then you must explore the latest Facebook update which we are going to discuss here.

Use Facebook To Make Appointments, Order Food and Much More –

Facebook is rapidly extending its features and it is a reason, users are being dominated by this social media platform in their daily life. Sometimes, it looks as team Facebook has completely devised an advanced way to bounce the users back from other sites. The newly introduced Facebook update is something like that only. It allows Facebook users to buy food, buy movie tickets, book their appointments from the business pages of Facebook. It looks as Facebook is all set to change our lives by adding more features on its world-famous network.

Though this update states more than the convenience of its users. In addition to provide convenience, it is a way to support local business. By encouraging these features and services on Facebook, it connects businesses to their target customers in an easier way.

Get Recommendations From Facebook –

How The New Facebook Update Work

Facebook can help you at every stage of your life. At a time when you are on a tour to a new city and need a good restaurant for dining out, just turn to your Facebook contacts and ask for their advice. At this stage, the new Facebook update brings a new tool to help you. It makes things easier to manage all recommendations in single place.

So, when you make a post on your Facebook account asking for advice on a local service or place, just turn on the option for “Recommendations”. By doing so, all your friends will be encouraged to comment on that post along with suggestions. All suggestions will be mapped out and also be saved in a single place to check out clearly. An option namely Recommendations bookmark on Facebook is already there on the desktop Facebook version in which you can ask any question or assist your friend on Facebook.

Spot Local Events –

Spot Local Events On Facebook

Facebook can be a great platform to spot all types of local events happening in or around your city. So, you can easily discover what’s new in your city with the help of your friends. For exploring events in a better way, the team Facebook has revamped Events bookmark on Facebook option. Now, you can easily discover latest events by browsing recommendations with your past events and friends.

Order Food On Facebook –

Order Food with Facebook

Today, a number of restaurants are available on Facebook as they find this platform highly useful to grow their business. So, using their page on Facebook, you can easily place your order for desired food. For placing an order, you need to click on “Start Order” on the Facebook page of a restaurant of your choice and then, look for delivery services if they provide. In the US, you can choose restaurants that use Slice or Delivery.com for food to be delivered at your doorsteps.

Get Quotes Instantly –

Get Instant Quotes on Facebook

Facebook features a “Get Quote” option for business pages and a number of businesses have already started using this option on their business page. So, if you are at a business page which has “Get Quote” option, you can ask for a quote for their products and services directly from the Facebook.

Get Movie Or Other Event Tickets From Facebook –

Get Movie Or Other Event Tickets From Facebook

To get tickets for the latest movie, you can use Facebook now. Using mobile app – Fandango, you can buy tickets right from the Facebook. Facebook has partnered with Eventbrite and Ticketmaster that has made it possible for this social media platform to provide tickets to interested users for different events in a city or town. It can be paid or free ticket that comes right from the Facebook page of that event.

Conclusion –
So, this is all new Facebook update for small businesses that clearly shows how brilliantly local businesses can boom by precisely using features of this platform. When a business will think of providing ease and flexibility to their customers, they will surely grow with the growing interest of their customers. So, give your customers an ease to reach you and see how exceptionally Facebook help you reaching new heights.

top brands powered by wordpress

Top 15 Websites Powered by WordPress

It won’t be an understatement to call WordPress as the best self-hosted website creation tool, which powers millions of diverse types of websites.
Once regarded as merely a blogging system, WordPress has quickly gained a lot of popularity and become a fully developed Content Management System for professional developers and businesses.

Yet many still think it as a platform for personal use and amateurs.

To put the record straight, we’ve have compiled a list of top websites that are built using WordPress to show you exactly what this open source platform is capable of.

1. The Walt Disney Company


The Walt Disney Company

Who isn’t familiar with The Walt Disney? The best childhood friend of almost every kid, The Walt Disney Company’s aim is to become the world’s biggest providers of information and entertainment.
The site has clearly been developed to put visuals simple while focusing on the quality content that rendering best possible information about the company. Browsing across different pages of the website, you will notice high-quality images embellished with quality content which look incredible on both desktop and mobile devices.

2. Angry Birds


Angry Birds

Whether you are an adult or 9-year old kids, you definitely have played Angry Birds at least once. You can either love’em or hate’em, well, I fall into the former category. Developed and launched by Rovio in 2009, Angry Birds has become an international mobile game that has bagged the title of the most downloaded game of all time.
Over the years, it has gained a lot of popularity and evolved into a movie along with an official website built on WordPress. The official website features animation, games, and characters. The usage of bright colors justifies the nature of Angry Birds game. Also, despite using high-resolution images, the website loads in seconds.

3. Katy Perry


Katy Perry

Huge celebrities create sites using WordPress too and why not? It’s simple to use, reduces development costs and offers easier administration.
Katy Perry happens to be one of the most popular celebrities that uses WordPress website.
Featuring beautiful parallax scrolling effects, the website is the perfect example of integrating this trend without overdoing. Aside scrolling effect, social media plays an important role too where you are allowed to join this pop star on any social media platform.



NASA, a United States Government State Agency, has also chosen WordPress as their core software to build websites. A recent VIP case study conducted by WordPress.com revealed that NASA is a huge fan of WordPress and preferred using it to host a range of sites that has an objective to assist federal agencies to render more collaboration, participation and transparency.

Different sites hosted by NASA include code.nasa.gov, data.nasa.gov, and open.nasa.gov. However, the main website of NASA i.e. NASA.gov is not powered by WordPress.

5. Forbes



Forbes is a popular source for reliable financial information and business news that uses WordPress to show off its updates and latest information.
The website has accurately used the concept of Content Management System by integrating popular features of WordPress into its website including social sharing buttons, featured posts, related posts and so much more.

6. Flickr Blog


Flickr Blog

Next up in our list of popular WordPress powered website is Yahoo’s huge photo-sharing platform, Flikr.
Since Flikr is all about high-resolution images, it absolutely makes sense that they are well-focused on the blog. The Flickr Blog features a featured post with a full-width featured image at the top, joined by the most recent posts.

7. Bata



Bata is a family owned international fashion accessory and footwear manufacturer and retailer with headquarters based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Being available in more than 70 countries, Bata has gained a lot of trust and credibility over the years.
To add to the existing credibility, Bata used WordPress to build a website that reflects their brand and their business aim. Upon clicking products, you can witness well-crafted loading animation that does not let their visitors abandon their website.

8. Time Inc.


Time Inc

Time Inc. Is yet another popular news and entertainment resource that publish an array of magazines, including InStyle, Fortune, and Time. Most of the publications are managed on WordPress, however, each publication maintains its individual style with the help of dozens fo customization options available in WordPress.

9. TechCrunch



TechCrunch is a great example for showing how powerful versatile WordPress can be. Founded by Nico Vincent and Alex Khadiwala, TechCrunch is a content oriented website whose main aim is to render useful information across the web. The main content area is divided into two sections – Latest and Popular where you will witness a timeline integrated beautifully that displays updates and news according to time and hours.
The site also has leverages many other WordPress features and/or plugins to bring out the best in the site.

10. News Corp


News Corp

News Corp, another popular network of leading companies across information services, education, and news, has boastfully used WordPress to reach out to their audience. Not only News Corp but also various other properties of it are making use of WordPress including The Times, New York Post and The Wall Street Journal.

11. Beyonce



Similar to Katy Pery, Beyonce hasn’t lagged behind in the race to join the league of WordPress users. The official website of Beyonce shows how customizable and diverse the platform is and how to make the most of it. Beyonce’s site assisted her present her story to her millions of fans with a beautiful collage of high-resolution images offering a unique experience for fans and visitors.

12. Chicago Weather Center


Chicago Weather Center

Though WGN’s Chicago Weather Center attracts a particular type of visitors, it is a perfect example showcasing how collective elements can be integrated into the software. Witness the site changing on scrolling over few graphs and maps. Featuring a card layout design on the left-hand side, the website beautifully shows each news and update along with an image without making you wait.

13. LinkedIn



You may spend half of your time on LinkedIn admiring its functionality, posting, sharing and communicating, but did you know it was also powered by WordPress? Well, I am quite sure, a majority of you didn’t. But that’s why we are here.
LinkedIn’s official blog is a great source of information and insights about this social media site.
The website focuses on article descriptions and visuals just like site’s main feed. In terms of designing, LinkedIn certainly bagged a lot of applause by mimicking the same tones and colors employed on the homepage.

14. Sony Music Entertainment


Sony Music Entertainment

Owned by Sony Corporation of America, Sony Music Entertainment built a WordPress powered website to display popular music artists and their work including Michael Jackson, Usher, Sia, Brad Paisley and so much more. Another minimalist design but packed with a resourceful functionality, Sony captures the attention of its audience and directs it to its artists without distracting them with any unnecessary element.
Another thing that grabs the attention is its images usage where 2/3rd of the space above the fold is covered with artists’ images.
Sony also features popular music and videos below the fold.

15. Google Ventures


Google Ventures

Google Ventures, a popular venture capital investment arm of Google also uses WordPress powered website. The company has built a simple yet popular template that makes it extremely easy for various business owners to browse through the website.

The website also leverages WordPress features and plugins in the best possible way including newsletters and micro-sites.


Grab Great Deals and Pocket-friendly Savings on 10deals.in

The onset of the tech startup boom in India has brought about waves of opportunities for everyone associated with the business. There are growth opportunities for owners, job opportunities for the working sector, and better buying and saving options for the end user – a win-win situation for all. A major chunk of the startup industry is held by its key player i.e. e-commerce business. And, the greatest growing segments of the e-commerce market are the websites providing e-coupons. There is tremendous international as well as local competition that exists in this market but there also is a silver lining and i.e. the survival of the best deal provider. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India, e-coupon market holds 10-15% share of the e-commerce traffic. As per Forrester, India is at the cusp of witnessing the fastest growing e-coupon market in the entire Asia-Pacific region with an expected annual growth of 57% between 2012-2016. The numbers are impressive and so is the performance by a few new players.

10deals is one such e-coupon startup that laid its feet on the grounds of Chandigarh almost a year back in April 2015. Founded by the duo Rohit Garg and Dr. Raman Gupta, the company was started with the vision to reach a wider market and offer a common platform to the merchants and customers where they can make easy profits. In a matter of merely 11 months, 10deals has expanded to 7 different cities i.e. Amritsar, Bathinda, Delhi, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Patiala.


10deals boasts of its bespoke deals and has a pool of 20,000 registered users. They have recently marked a milestone in selling 7,000+ deals to the date. They also have a great presence on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. This startup truly sets an example of how local players can grow and contribute to the market and economy as a whole.



According to Mr Rohit Garg, “10deals focuses on targeting really high quality merchants and make them affordable to everyone. We live by our slogan ‘Why spend money on buying coupons when you can get them for free’ and we can confidently say that we are the only coupon providers that charge absolutely nothing from the consumers for the coupons they purchase. We have thousands of happy customers that come back for more, and we strive hard to bring new and better deals for them each time. The success of 10deals in Chandigarh has motivated us to expand to other cities as well and we hope we keep getting the support of our users.”

Why miss out on a chance to pocket some savings on your favorite joints and hangout points?

About 10deals

10deals is an e-coupon startup that was founded in April 2015. It specializes in bringing out the best deals from the local and international merchants in town. 10deals also offers customized deals as per the needs of its customers at no extra cost. 10deals has its presence in 7 cities in India, namely; Amritsar, Bathinda, Delhi, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Patiala.

For more information please visit: http://www.10deals.in/

How to use WordPress to build a Web App?

How to use WordPress to Build a Web App?

The State Of The Word presentation delivered by Matt Mullenweg was quite perceptive of what WordPress was to offer in the coming years. One thing was very clearly mentioned in the presentation – WordPress powered apps.

As a matter of fact, more than 24.7% of webmasters are using WordPress, and certainly almost every site owner wants a mobile app too. Since they are running WordPress powered websites, it makes absolute sense to have WordPress powered apps so that whenever the website is updated, the app is simultaneously updated too.

For example, if you run a news website, you would indeed want you published articles to be available immediately in the app too. Similarly, if you make any changes to the website, you would want the same changed to be applied to the app without having to repeat the all the changes in the app.

There are various ways to build apps today including third party CMS, MVVM structure, and MVC Model. However, if you are using WordPress to build your website, why not use it to build an app? WP has its own unique architecture to manage data, but these concepts can be taken and used separately to build something of your own.

WP users are habitual of using themes and plugins to tweak the appearance as well as the functionality of their websites, and these do not always work well with a mobile app. This apparently brings few unique challenges in the way of a developer when approached by a client who is looking to get a mobile app developed out of his/her WordPress website.

WP is a great platform to get started, thanks to a wide range of APIs offered to leverage. It comes with content types, sanitisation, user roles, authentication and so much more. Moreover, if you are building a huge app, you would not even have to worry about the user interface, taxonomies, meta boxes and image gallery.

Does your business need a mobile app?

Well, having a mobile-friendly version of your website may seem quite enough to target mobile users and drive traffic from mobile. But that’s not enough. Until and unless you are running a casual blog on WordPress.com, your business needs a mobile app regardless of its type, size and length. Mobile users today prefer using mobile apps over mobile-friendly websites which make it quite a necessary tool to target your mobile audience.

  • A mobile app assists your target users to get your content faster than a mobile-friendly website.
  • These apps can also provide a certain amount of content offline as well
  • Can be used to send push notifications to the users
  • These mobile apps make the most of the mobile features including contacts, camera, and geolocation
  • It also offers better user experience and user interface.
  • According to recent statistics, mobile users spend more time on mobile apps than on mobile web and features such as push notifications can offer better user engagement than web pages.

Non-native vs Native Apps

Non-native vs Native Apps

A native app is a mobile app designed particularly for a smartphone operating system such as Java for Android and Swift or Objective-C for iOS. Since native apps are designed within a mature environment following the user experience and technical guidelines for the operating system, it not only boasts of its higher performance but also seems perfect for the end user. The targeted audience is thus more likely to understand the navigation and features of the app quicker.

They also have the important benefit of being able to conveniently access and employ the inbuilt capabilities of a device such as a camera, contact list, GPS and so much more. These applications are usually faster than non-native apps, however, a different version needs to be designed for a different operating system which certainly adds to the development cost.

These days, an increasing number of mobile apps are being developed as cross-platform apps in HTML5, depending on the same tools that you use for developing sites. Non-native apps are also known as Hybrid apps which are developed using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS rolled in a native container which loads the content on the page as the users navigated through the app. These apps surely appear like native apps but eventually outside the basic frame of App, these apps are fueled by the official site.

Ways to create mobile app with WordPress

App Builders

App Builders

App Builders are one of the easiest and cost-effective ways to build an app for your business. There are a plethora of app builders available which allow you to create a simple yet functional app without having any technical expertise and coding knowledge. Some of the most popular app builders include Telerik AppBuilder, Reactor, Good Barber, Shoutem, and Mobile Roadie. Each of these app builders offers a great WordPress support and allows you to incorporate comments and posts.

As an instance, Reactor is a great App Builder launched by AppPresser, which is particularly designed to help WordPress webmasters to create a mobile app that directly connects with their WP website. The app builder allows you to integrate WordPress custom content such as events and more, videos, photos, pages and posts. Moreover, unlike other app builders, it also has deep incorporation with things such as various plugins like WooCommerce integration and custom post types.

Well, app builders come with myriad pros and cons that should be considered before even considering this option to build your mobile app.


App builder allows you to create an app without having to be familiar with any programming language or coding.
It also saves a lot of money and serves as a great option for those who do not have a huge budget for their mobile apps.


App Builders allow you to build only a simple, functional app. However if you want to tweak the design or functionality of your app, you perhaps have to find another way of building an app.

Get a hybrid custom app

Getting a custom or tailor-made mobile app is another way of creating an app. This method works wonder for those who have unique or specific needs. Though this method requires a good budget and investment, it is worth all your investment, and efforts.
Getting a mobile app developed requires a framework and the WP-API technologies. A conventional hybrid mobile app primarily developed using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It is then combined with Apache Cordova (earlier known as PhoneGap) to provide access to native device features. The applications developed access WP content with the help of an API.

Creating your App’s API


API is an application protocol interface, a tool which apps and websites use to interact with each other. If you are planning to integrate your app with another service, it would communicate with that through service’s API. Though it is not necessary to have your own API, it only makes it a lot convenient.
The main reason why you need an API for your app is to allow other services to incorporate with it. There would hardly be any better way to make your app an imperative part of your audience’s workflow than to integrate it into what your audience is already doing. In a nutshell, when you build something that integrates with the popular products, you get a chance to tap into their acclaimed user base.

How to create your own API?

Today, creating your own API is easy. There are basically two ways to create your own API – JetPack’s JSON API and WP-API.
Both the above are JSON RESTful APIs, which makes it extremely easy to work and incorporate with other application protocol interfaces that employ the same standard.

WordPress core comes with a new feature namely WP-API which is a WordPress’s JSON REST API, which provides a more decentralized approach. This new feature enables two-way communication like approving comments and creating posts from the mobile app. This feature also makes it easier to get the content of your WordPress website into mobile app. All you need to do is install a plugin called WP-API Plugin on your WP Powered site.

JetPack’s JSON API enables you to establish a tailor-made app that uses WordPress.com’s REST API and oAuth2 service. This API has been around for quite some time and has reached version 1.0 lately. The two API are almost similar in regards to functionality. However, the only difference between these two APIs is that WP-API hosted on your servers while JetPack’s API runs on WordPress.com’s servers.


WordPress has become an integral part of the online world and with the passage of each day, the popularity of WordPress is only growing. There was a time when WordPress was used to build only blogs, however, today, WordPress is capable of powering mobile applications. In spite of this being a small scale application, the possibilities with custom fields, custom taxonomies, custom post types and typically anything related to CMS are endless.

I hope this article works as building blocks for your future mobile apps and help you create beautiful and fully functional apps.