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5 Reasons Why Stellen Can Offer the Best On-Demand Apps

For last a couple of years, the use of on-demand apps has increased a lot. It is because on-demand service apps enable users to get the required products and services on demand at any time from all locations. Its use so rampant that almost all entrepreneurs look for companies that could help them to get all-inclusive, feature-rich, and professional on-demand apps in an easy way.

There are several IT companies that boast of providing high-quality on-demand app creation services to needy people, companies, clients, and business persons. In reality, users don’t get the desired on-demand app they dream of in spite of spending a lot of money. So, what they should do to get a professional and eye-catching on-demand app? They must get in touch with Stellen Infotech as soon as possible.

As a matter of fact, Stellen Infotech is a leading app development company. It has a team of the best app developers, in-house infrastructure, latest app development technologies, etc. All these make this company the best destination for getting on-demand apps. So, let’s consider the top 5 reasons as to why Stellen can offer the best on-demand apps:

1. Creation of All Types of On-Demand Apps :

creation of all demand apps

You must note that on-demand economy has entered into almost all walks of life. See some examples here-

Different types of On-demand Apps Usability
Salonist It helps to manage your salon business.
Uber Get cars on demand for instant travelling.
foodpanda Place orders for foods online at any time and get it delivered at your specified address.
Practo Book your appointment with doctors easily and get instant medical assistance without any fuss. It allows you to book flight and railway tickets with a profound ease.

As shown in the chart, different on-demand apps make our lives easier and comfortable. When you get started with Stellen Infotech it helps you to get all types of on-demand apps without any hassle.

So, just contact us ASAP and tell us your requirements. Our app developers will discuss your app development project in details. They will deliver you the desired on-demand app on the due date.

2. On-Demand Apps with Lots of Features :

All features


When you communicate with app development companies, most of them offer their services with limited features. It is possible that your on-demand app may not have the feature you wanted. With us, you don’t face such hassles. Before the commencement of app development work, our app developers communicate with clients in detail and note down their requirements.
As per your instructions, they offer on-demand apps loaded with all necessary features, such as Login/Authentication, GPS order tracking, In-app messaging, Payment options, Rating system, Push notifications, a Customer support module, Advanced analytics, etc. All these features help you to handle the huge traffic of customers easily and expand your web-based business in a short time span.

3. Affordable Pricing :


Most app building companies offer their services to clients at exorbitant price tags. There are a number of start-up companies that have a limited budget. They can’t afford to spend a lot of money for the creation of on-demand apps. Such companies should get in touch with Stellen.
The company offers its services to all clients across the globe at reasonable prices. That’s why its clients and customers are increasing by leaps and bounds with each passing day. You can choose the suitable package as per your needs and get a feature-rich on-demand app easily to promote your business.

4. 24*7 Technical Support :


When you use on-demand apps to promote your business, technical problems come in your way sooner or later. Some tech glitches are of lower complexity. So, you can easily fix them and keep your business going as usual. Sometimes, you face extremely complex technical problems that are beyond your understanding.
It can force you to shut the entire business operation. Whenever you face such problems, don’t get panic and contact us ASAP. Once we receive your query, one of our app developers contact you instantly and try to solve the problem as soon as possible. Basic technical support is free of cost. If your app needs a complete makeover following a cyberattack, human molestation, malware, you will have to pay a nominal fee to our app developers.

5. Transparency :


The majority of IT companies keep their app building services under the curtain. With us, you are a part of the app building service. When you come in contact with us, our app developers discuss all topics frankly. We don’t hide anything.

You can see different blueprints of your future on-demand app, suggest us your recommendations, gaze the progress of your app building, and get its delivery on the scheduled time. Everything happens as planned earlier. No additional fees! No extra T&C. We are honest towards all of our clients and try to provide the best on-demand app they look for.

Final Words :

The demand for on-demand apps is increasing quickly with each passing moment. It is mainly because of the ease of use and availability of the desired services at fingerprints 24*7/365 days. By Choosing Stellen Infotech, you can get the best on-demand apps for your business.

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20 Amazing Startup Business Ideas for 2018

Many people think of operating a promising business to do justice with the talent they have and earn lots of money. But, most of them don’t have startup business ideas for 2018. You can start your business with a low investment and without any experience of entrepreneurial skills. All you need to follow the current business trends, analyse and compare different types of businesses, and choose the best business model eventually. Here are the top 20 startup business ideas with which you can go ahead in 2018:

1. Provide SEO Services For Local Business Operators :


If entrepreneurs want to get success in their business activities, they will have to take their business to the online platform sooner and later. SEO or search engine optimization is an action that helps business or organization sites to appear in the highest search results for users and help them to find the required products/services.

The good appearance of websites on all search engines depends on the quality of SEO. Most of the business operators fail in website optimization and they look for IT companies that can provide them all-inclusive SEO services so that they can get business opportunities and boost their revenues.

So, if you have a team of SEO professionals, Project Managers, SMO experts, web designers/developers, content writers, just open an IT company and provide a wide range of SEO services to your clients to earn lots of money.

Websites/blogs/apps are the necessity of all modern entrepreneurs for the speedy acquisition of new customers and expansion of businesses in a short duration of time. In spite of the invention of several content management systems, most people don’t have sufficient skills to create professional and eye-catching websites/blogs/apps.

2. Offer Website/App Building Services To Needy Clients :

If you are a web developer/coder/designer, provide WordPress website development services, app development services, website conversion services, etc, to your clients and earn great revenues at all the times. For this, you need to have a decent knowledge of different programming languages, SEO, web design techniques, etc.

Get More Profit by Creating a WordPress Website and Apps For your Business – Hire Dedicated developers Here!

3. Remote Employee Monitoring Services :

Remote Employee Monitoring Services

There are several companies that get their work done by employees sitting in remote areas. This is because they want to avoid the cost of having office space, electricity, light, internet, and supporting staff. But, they find it very difficult to monitor and control remote employees and ensure their 100% contribution. By providing remote employee monitor services, you can earn lots of money in 2018. Just facilitate your client to monitor their employees virtually and get more projects in your hand.

4. Trade Marketing :

All trade organizations want to stimulate the sales of products using the well-known direct advertising of goods and services. It is also called trade marketing. In simple words, trade marketing is a specially organized set of measures to promote sales of products used by wholesale and retail companies. Both final buyers and intermediaries (sales representatives, distributors, dealers) can register tremendous sales of their products by giving rewards, discounts, gifts, etc, to customers and generate sufficient revenues every day. This can be a good startup business idea for you.

5. E-commerce Solutions :

E commerce Solutions wordsuccor

The rapidly growing number of online shoppers have threatened the existence of hotels, real estate, retail companies, All of them want to shift their brick and mortar shops to online platforms to sustain the increasing competition and earn revenues. As a service provider, you can provide all-inclusive E-commerce services to needy clients all over the world and earn greater revenues every day.

Create an E-Commerce website for your store through Experienced Web Developers Here!

6. IT Hardware Solutions :

Computers and laptops are used in all modern offices. They face unique challenges every day and look for IT individuals to solve the problem. You can start your own IT hardware solutions business, provide instant business solutions to local entrepreneurs and earn greater revenues easily at all times.

7. Be A Successful Youtuber :


All individuals dream of becoming a rich kid with a low investment. It is possible through YouTube Marketing. Just upload interesting videos on your YouTube channel, get views, and monetize your YouTube site to earn revenues. Always keep in mind that your videos should be user-friendly and funny.

8. Online Appointment System :

In your day to day life, you have to take appointments from professionals in advance, discuss the burning issues and find out the solution as soon as possible. The manual process of booking an appointment is time-consuming and full of obstacles as you have to complete a number of formalities, such as making several calls to a professional, knowing his availability, taking leaves from your office/business activities, preparation of documents/projects, etc. With online appointment system, all these hassles can easily be avoided.

Many enterprises increasingly include an online appointment booking system to simplify and automate the work process, increase productivity, serve customers very well, and boost their business activities up to a great extent. As a business person, you can create online appointment booking systems and sell them to earn money in 2018. This is a flourishing business with no sign of the slowdown in the near future.

9. Chatbot Solution :

Chat bot solution

Robotics, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and neural networks are some terms that have been hitting news headlines in a last couple of years. Numerous projects, startups, technological parties, etc, are using these technologies to satisfy the growing needs of the targeted audience and expand business tremendously.

A Chatbot is a communicating robot that can simulate a real conversation. Chatbots are installed inside a site or application to help users find information, connect to resources, or simply greet a visitor who visits the site.

They can offer direct interaction with the user and communication at a time when the staff is busy. They are very useful for answering simple questions, setting reminders, or just when you need to hold a person in touch. So, don’t waste your precious time. Just create appealing, professional, and business-oriented chatbots and sell them to earn money.

10. Blogger :

Earning through active blogging is a fairly popular way of making the desired profit easily and quickly. All citizens can earn money through this online activity regardless of age and gender. As a matter of fact, A blogger is a person who shares useful information with others on his personal page.

The success of a blogger depends on the traffic accisotret dot com he/she is generating every day. The more interesting your posts are, the more people will visit the blog. Subscriptions and premium content, Placing paid links, Paid posts, Banner advertising, etc, are some options that give you excellent earning opportunities while blogging.

Note- If you want to start your blogger career with a professional and eye-catching WordPress blog, just contact us. Our WordPress developers will create an all-inclusive WordPress blog and help you to get success in blogging in an easy way.

11. Online Health Specialist :

health specialist

Good health depends upon a lot of factors, such as healthy living style, sufficient food intake, clean surroundings, the availability of competent doctors, medicines, etc. Unfortunately, today there are many cases when patients face unforeseen medical situations all of a sudden and they don’t get the required medical assistance on time.

So, if you a certified medical practitioner and has excellent communication skills, just start your career as an Online Health Specialist. Just take patient’s call 24*7, provide them the right medical consultation services and earn a healthy amount as fees every day. It’s a promising career that is not likely to slow down any time soon.

12. Webinars/ Soundcloud :

Webinars are actually online workshops that are used by companies as an alternative to traditional seminars. The greatest plus point of this technology is that individuals can participate in webinars with the comfort of their own homes and complete useful tasks easily. These days, companies are using Webinars in oral speech, presentations, advertising, prepared material, etc. As an entrepreneur, you can create Powerful Webinar Hosting Software/app and earn money easily by selling them to the needy clients. Soundcloud works on the same principle.

13. Online Training Institute – LMS :

learning management

These days, students prefer educational institutes that offer online training services. With its help, they can simultaneously learn and work. Actually, the internet has made it possible to combine a sea of diverse information and provide access to them for every person who can easily get higher education in absentia. Such comfortable conditions for obtaining and sharing information made the World Wide Web an optimal tool to work in any field. So, you can provide online training services to needy students, clients, and entrepreneurs and earn lots of money easily.

14. Event Management :

An event is a significant event in human life which has a strong impact on the future. Several events take place in our lives. The success of events depends upon a lot of factors, like careful management and monitoring of different activities, staff arrangement, allocation of wealth for purchasing the required stuff for event organization, etc. An event management company can take care of all these activities easily and facilitate the success of events. You can start an event management company and earn a huge amount of money by helping clients to organize different events successfully.

15. Travel Agency :

Travel agency

Today’s young generation loves to travel to different famous locations of the world. So, you can start your travel agency to facilitate the traveling of individuals and earn money out of it. Just promote your travel agency using blogs, social media websites, instant mobile chatting apps, and offline marketing techniques. It will help you to get immense business opportunities easily and quickly. A WordPress web development company can help you to get a professional blog for the promotion of your travel agency on WWW in an easy way.

Create your Own Travel Website with Professional Web Designers and Developers – Contact us Today!

16. Online Book Store Or Libraries :

Students lead extremely busy lives. They have to complete several tasks quickly without any flaw, such as Juggling classes, extracurricular activities, responsibilities of personal lives, Juggling classes, homework, jobs. So, they don’t have free times to look for course materials they need for studies. An Online Bookstore can provide them great assistance. So, you should make an entry in this business field and earn a good amount of money easily by providing online book store services to students. Only a low investment is required for it and you can expect a handsome ROI every month.

17. Online Gaming :

Online gaming

Computer games are one of the most popular types of leisure for modern youth. Video games are improved every year and become diverse and modern, which attracts an ever wider audience of potential customers. This factor makes the business of selling computer games very cost-effective and promising. So, carry out research and start this business from scratch on the wholesale and retail online sale of computer games. The enterprise will pay back all investments with a few days after a successful commencement.

18. Antivirus Development :

As cyber attacks are increasing with each passing day, all IT companies, CIOs and digital decision-makers across the world battle a lot to keep the company data safe. They use antivirus software to prevent hacking attempts and keep their business going in an easy way. Free antivirus systems have restrictions and they are meant for non-commercial uses. You can create high-quality antivirus software and sell them to business operations to make money in great quantity. Keep the product price as minimal as to attract new customers easily.

19. Create And Sell Checkbox Survey Software :

Check box surveyCheckbox Survey software comes with several useful features, such as limitless branding, style options, text merging and hidden items with an intuitive user interface, conditions, skip logic, etc. You can create and sell checkbox survey software and facilitate companies to have flexible pricing models, extensive resources, Web Services, etc, in an easy way.

20. Create And Sell Password Management Software :

These days, almost all tech-savvy individuals use different E-account to meet a wide range of needs. It is very difficult for any person to remember different passwords and use them easily at different time slots. Sometimes, they forget the password and face problems to use their E-accounts. That is why there is a great demand for password management software. As an entrepreneur, create multipurpose password management software and sell them in the market for earning a huge chunk of money on a daily basis.

Final Remarks :

There are the top 20 startup business ideas. Depending on your interest, availability of the capital and resources, launch your startup business easily in these sectors and get success in 2018. If you want to get success in blogging, WordPress development service, provided by IT firms will prove to be a great assistant for you.

Best IT Company For Web Development Projects

10 Reasons Why Stellen Infotech Is The Best IT Company For Web Development Projects

These days, a lot of business organizations are going online almost every day to expand their clout in all directions easily and quickly, reach out new visitors, and sell their products/services in maximum numbers. For this, they need different types of websites, apps, web applications, online stores, web development, and specific software.

There are many IT companies that boast of providing all-inclusive IT services to needy clients/customers. But, in reality, they fail to meet their promises. Due to the availability of lots of service providers, individuals remain in confusion as to which IT company they must choose for their web-development projects. If you want to get professional, fast, and budget-friendly web development services, Stellen Infotech is the best IT company. Here is why:

1. A single online destination for All-inclusive Web Development Services :


Most of the IT companies offer their services in certain areas. For example- A WordPress development company offers only WordPress development services. If you are looking for Magento Web development services, then you will have to look for other options available in the market.

When you get started with us, we provide all types of web development services right at your doorstep. It doesn’t matter whether you need a WordPress website/Magento E-commerce website, Drupal services, a business website, a mobile app for your existing website, or website conversion services, etc, we provide all services globally.

We have categorized our web development services in different sections- Mobile / Application Development, Web development services, Technology solutions, Dedicated teams, and offering services. Just contact us 24*7/365 days and get the required service under one roof.

2. Highly Motivated And Trained Professionals :

web development

To build today’s complex websites and applications, multiple individuals with specialization of different disciplines are required. It is essential for the accomplishment of web-development projects in a timely fashion. We have a team of expert, well-trained and motivated professionals that are available for your service at all the times. See our professionals and their availability for your web-development projects:

IT professionals



The company owner

All inclusive knowledge of web-development projects

On Appointment

Project Managers

All inclusive knowledge of web-development projects

On all working days

Web developers

Individuals with specialization in certain web applications, like Mobile apps, WordPress, Magento, etc,

On All working days

Digital marketing professionals

Website optimization On All working days

Internet security administrators

They secure your website on the web On All working days

Sales and Marketing Team

Help to improve your Business On All working days

All these professionals are always ready to assist you with your queries as per your needs.

If web development Or Web Designing is in your mind, you can Hire Dedicated WordPress developers Here!

3. Orientation To The Client’s Business Tasks :


Understanding the client’s business processes is essential for creating a quality website, mobile application or other IT products. So, our focus is not just to develop a website/an online store or a mobile application, but to create a tool to achieve certain business goals.

Therefore, when clients contact us regarding their web development projects, our developers evaluate their business needs and suggest some blueprints of the web development project. Clients can give us recommendations if they have. When a particular design is finalized, our developers start working on web development projects, finish them on time and deliver the ready-to-use website/app/web applications to clients on the due date.

4. Hassle- Free Project Development Methodology And Project Implementation Process :

Project Development Methodology

As a leading IT company, we have a well-defined methodology for project management. We use modern internet technology to optimize the development process and ensure effective interaction with clients. During our negotiation with the client, we inform them about the methodology for web-development projects and let know how they are involved in it. This nygoodhealth dot com ensures the client’s presence at all stages of project implementation and helps them to get excellent websites/web applications, plugins, extensions, etc.

5.  Quick Turnaround Time :


A high level of responsiveness is one of the main traits of IT companies. We have project managers that quickly respond to customer requests and try to meet their needs. Just contact us regarding your needs, suggestions, recommendations, problems and get instant solutions from us.

You can contact us 24*7/365 days through opt-in forms, Emails, social media websites, instant messaging apps, and Telephone numbers. Apart from this, our professionals also help you to run, optimize, customize and maintain your website easily in exchange for a few bucks only.

6. Affordable Packages

seo packages

A well-designed, professional, responsive, and customer-friendly websites/web applications demand a huge amount of investment, many clients hesitate to use web development services because of their limited budgets. If you are looking for an IT company that can provide you all-inclusive web development services at affordable fees, it’s none other than Stellen. Our packages are budget friendly and affordable. So, you get the maximum value for your investment. Just no additional fees at all!

To Improve Organic and Direct Traffic Of  Your Website Check Out Our Affordable SEO Packages Here!

7. Active Involvement of Stakeholders In Web-development Projects :


The management team of Stellen always wants to create website/web applications that could meet corporate objectives and to increase its ROI. So, the management team actively participates in meetings where key decisions are being made about your project. This ensures that clients get the best services on a low investment.

8. Quality Assurance :

Quality Assurance

Always keep in mind that all web-development projects have bugs. So, for the convenience of clients/customers, our web developers test websites/web application from various angles and ensure the delivery of high-quality products to clients. Within the warranty period, clients can get free technical assistance from us if they face any problem in website operation and management.

9. A Helping Hand In Business Generation :

A Helping Hand In Business Generation

Stellen is different from other IT companies available in the market. When a website is built and made live, it demands SEO tablets in order to rank well on all search engines. New entrepreneurs, startup companies, and independent bloggers face several difficulties in website optimization. When you get started with us, don’t get worried about the SEO ranking of your website and business opportunities. We help you with our following services:

Our Services



End Results

Consultation regarding website development, optimization, customization, conversion, migration, etc,


You make a wise design about the online presence of your business.

Selection of a good and affordable web development package.



Better ranking of your website on all search engines

More chances of lead generation and business opportunities.



A solid presence on all social media websites

Generation of social leads one after another.

Content creation and marketing


Uninterrupted supply of quality content to conduct various SEO practices.

A profitable web-based business.


10. Easy Fulfilment of Website Scalability Needs :

Website Scalability Needs

When your website becomes a hit on WWW, you need to add more features and functionalities to meet the growing demands of your audience. And expand your business further. Just contact us anytime when you have such needs. Based on your requirements, our developers will add more features and functions to your websites/web applications and help you to skyrocket your web-based business easily and quickly.

Final Words :

Stellen Infotech is the best IT company for web-development projects. You get the best return on your investment and boom your web-based business in a short time span. Contact us now for your web-development needs.

7 Practical Tips for Marketing a B2B Startup in 2017

Marketing is very crucial and one of the most challenging task for a B2B startup. There are specific challenges for B2B startups unlike those of B2C companies.

The allure of B2B startup launching is easy to understand. However, the marketing step for the startup is indeed a challenge in the present competitive commercial economy which is why b2b marketing services are helping startups to provide them the insight of the current market.

While handling the B2B startup you might see notoriously not as much of traffic and inbound leads. So, here I am presenting you the breakdown of marketing tips and tactics. Let’s get started.

Identify your Target Customers

Identify your Target Customers

The success in market strategies heavily relies on the ability to identify your right customers, their desires and how to communicate with them. So, in a nutshell, we can say that how, when and why are important. You’ve to link with your market on those platforms they use, with good timing and always try to add values via educational content.

In order to identify your target audience, you have to first make an ideal customer profile. This profile must have age, gender, income level, and location. Then, go for marketing research which includes surveys, interviews and focus groups. This research will provide you sufficient data to assemble your initial customer profile.

Our SEO services can help your website to maximise your number of customer.

Set up a Blog

Set up a Blog

For efficient communication with the right crowd, you need to establish a blog. A blog is easy to set up. It is just a simple as to download the right software setup and go along with it. WordPress is an ideal platform for blogging. It is very easy to start blogging with WordPress. Just make sure to use a responsive theme, couple of plugins and tools. And you’re good to go after that.

Make the Website right and Visible

Make the Website SEO-Friendly

Now, here creating an SEO powered website can be considered as a decent start. Your website should be optimized for what your prospects might search you for. I recommend keeping your site minimal and clean. Make it cleverly simplified, yet provide every information as possible. In order to achieve that you should go for less text and more graphics.

Now, website construction is done, now you should promote your website. To promote your website you should opt for a weekly blog post at least. For this, you should hire a team of your domain expert and either a bunch of in-house writers or freelance writers. This team can produce sufficient content for an effective website and blog. After the creation of content, you should know how to promote it. You can promote and reconfigure them in loads of social media platforms as well. “Once you got the foundation in place, it is time to promote it”.

Want to Beat the competitors & rank on the top of Search Engines? Contact us!

Form a Partnership

B2B Partnership

This can be a huge decision for your startup business. You just have to make sure that you collaborated with an established company. It is advised, before agreeing, attend a startup technology conference. Attending technology conferences lead you to many potential customers. You can also increase your network by being a guest speaker at such conferences. This can give a huge quantum leap to your B2B startup.

Start Investing in Social Media and Videos

Social Media and Videos

Investment on informational short videos can empower your website. You can include social impact, use-cases, and product demos. After this promote them organically on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. If you want you can also feature the videos in your blog, you can link it either in the email signature or use it in mailing health canada pharmacy campaigns.

Try your best to create on small explanatory video every week or in 10 days at least. This can be even more effective than the webinars itself. Try to limit the video to 90 seconds. It is to be believed that these videos can be created with an average of $500 investment.

In order to get more traffic, you can also opt for paid exposure.

#LinkedIn Campaigns- You can promote content via targeted advertisement campaigns.

#Google Ads- You can identify popular keywords by Google Trends and design campaigns.

The results will be effective and sweet if you integrate Google Ads and LinkedIn ads with their promotion of videos, blogs and social media posting.

Get Found on Top Social Media Platforms with Effective SEO Services by Stellen Infotech!

Setting up Email Marketing Campaigns

Setting up Email Marketing Campaign

Try and ask for a golden nugget for an effective B2B digital marketing strategy, at least 91% of them will recommend you for email campaigns. Via machine learning and by employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) you should try to identify your prospects buyers. Never implement account-based mailing campaigns without contextual messaging. I personally recommend not to mass mail in order to avoid spammy behavior. Take a sustainable approach.

A combination of persona and intent-driven campaigns is ideal emailing marketing. It is advised to send well-designed messages instead of full-on text content to the customers. It is better to spread tailored messages that have the potential to develop results rather than sending boring text content with nothing new end knowledge.

This behavior and the intent-driven campaign will certainly increase your performance in email campaigning.

Now, just an FYI (For Your Information), in order to achieve success via above-mentioned methods, you must know a lot of things about your customer. You should know about his buying behavior, interest, and priorities. You can use data mining in order to get all these significant details about your customer.

This brings us to our next point which is,

Engage with your Business Influencers and Community

Engage with your Business Influencers

Every domain of the Industry have some movers which are experts in terms of creating thought leadership and educational content. Now, the buyer likes to read from VentureBeat or Martech Site and also corporate blogs of brands like Marketo, Salesforce, etc.

Most of this influencer share useful content on a regular basis. This content can be of many types such as tips, tricks, blogs, and articles. All you have to do is identify the perspective web site which covers the audience similar to yours. Then share articles and another type of content in order to secure publishing spot for mentioning your products, backlinks to your blogs and websites. The only key here is how efficiently you choose the influencer. The efficiency depends on how often your target audience engages with such a platform.

Tips and Key Learning for Magnate (aka Entrepreneurs)

1. You can globalize your B2B start-up from Day-One via Digital Marketing.
2. Always Leverage Social Media data and platform. Also embracing Educational content is very beneficial.
3. Engaging in contextual messaging is immensely helpful. Try avoiding spammy push type broadcast messages.
4. Some of the feel-good factors are High Traffic of Shares, Views, Downloads, & Likes. These are measurable to get sales lead, repeated business or revenue and profitability.
5. Consistency is the key to success. Having fun is no harm in a B2B startup, but remember the first line as well.

So, these are the Tips that can excel your B2B startup business. What do you think about these points? Do share the feedback via comments. I would love to know if you’ve got some other new ideas. Be open and comment, I just love them. Till then have a good one!

Why Having a Responsive Website Is Not Enough for Startup Business Success

Why Having a Responsive Website Is Not Enough for Startup Business Success?

So you have resized your browser and found responsive website pages adjusting according to the size?

You are happy because you believe that your website is now ready for mobile devices and you think you have achieved all your website design goals.

Let us be more frank before discussing further. You are actually losing users and even sales if your goals are all about responsive web design. However, you can do it well.

Since the 2000s, developers and designers have been offering responsive web solutions to simplify the problem. Likewise, people now perceive responsive website is the one-shot solution to all their issues.

Above any other goal, it is universal fact that mobile web should be fast and smoother. Today, delivering the smoother, fast and reliable user experience to all the mobile users has been a big challenge for marketers, especially when it comes to implementing a technique of responsive web.

In simple words, responsive website design is good, but it cannot be a silver bullet. If you rely only on responsive web design for mobile, even a performance issue can hinder the conversion. Today, over 11% of websites in the world are responsive. So, let’s talk about it!

If you have really an amazing dynamic website which has all the relevant content but still not enough to get business, it’s time to make changes to your digital marketing strategy.

These days, everyone is looking forward to making their website mobile-friendly so it appears well. But it is not enough to take your digital strategy to another level. According to a research, customers spend around 89% of their media time on mobile apps worldwide, for using most popular apps for news, email and social network.

90% of App Usage vs. Browsers in Mobile Devices

App Usage vs. Browsers in Mobile Devices

According to the reports, users spent up to 82% of media time to access services on smartphones in 2012. According to a recent data from Flurry analytics of Yahoo, users spend over 90% of the time in apps.

Get a mobile app that generates significant revenue!

We live in an App World and the whole Web Resides here. So, if you still rely on the responsive website, you are losing up to 90% of target users on the web for just 10% of user time.

Here are the Main Reasons why Responsive Website is not Worth It

The Quick Fix

Initially, responsive web design was considered as a “First Aid” solution, a quick fix for website owners who were trying to attract more new users. This approach just focuses on turning a traditional old-fashioned website into a mobile friendly one. But as smartphones become too common, it becomes more important to provide a complete mobile platform.

Unable to Deal with Content Problems

Unable to Deal with Content Problems


In responsive web design, content is one of the major issues. These days, content is just rearranged as per the screen size of mobile devices. So, it is important to make a complete mobile web strategy, instead of just focusing on mobile-based perspective.

Lack of Back End Support

As of now, responsive design has no back end support. It is the worst part of it. There are chances that you will have to restructure the design to deliver content in a wide range of devices in the near future.

Performance Issues

Performance Issues

When a site is loaded on your mobile device, it may also cause lagging issues. Due to less processing strength and slower connection, mobile devices can hardly load websites when compared to desktops. So, it is important to use cascading style sheet (CSS) for an app to run on every device.

No Native Features

No Native Features

Sometimes, responsive website design does not get most of the native features available on mobile devices. Using basic features like camera integration and GPS totally change the look and feel for mobile users.

Graphics & Images

Graphics and images also cause issues in responsive design as they have to be resized or scaled from the content. They sometimes take a longer time to appear and they are not suitable for mobile devices. This way, additional images are created to improve page load times, ideal UI, and adjust for the device detected.

Responsive Delivery vs. Responsive website Design

Responsive Delivery vs Responsive web Design

With the help of responsive delivery, the server can also detect the device and adjust the content for the device without delivering any extra data.


Instead of acclimatizing the menu with responsive design, responsive delivery creates a different mobile menu. New menus add external elements and leave unwanted pages and open maps with Google Maps and other map applications.


The same text is displayed in responsive web design no matter a visitor comes from a desktop or mobile. On the other hand, responsive delivery customizes the text as per the needs of visitors and features like click-to-call.


The desktop versions have mouse over elements that are obviously useless for mobile users. On the other hand, one can replace these events with new image sets or components which can go well with mobile, in the case of responsive delivery.

The Solutions

Replace CSS with JavaScript

Replace CSS with JavaScript

Since browsers will parse and load all the styles and selectors for all devices, it is not wise to rely on CSS media queries always. A mobile device will parse and download the CSS to work on larger screens. CSS would waste the valuable milliseconds of the users relying on mobile data as it blocks rendering.

On the native devices, the matchMedia query won’t change. For instance, iPhone is not able to convert the page as per the size of iPad. So, it becomes important to load CSS. However, a feature detection tool like Modernizr is also used to make quick and sensible steps to improve the user interface and functionality which relies not just on dimension.

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We can help you reach your desired business goal with our cost-effective mobile application development!

To address the needs of your customers, there are several invaluable tools available thanks to the advancement of technology. Since 90% of traffic comes from mobile apps, it’s time to go mobile completely with mobile app development.

The custom mobile application development can help you stand out of competition, save time to market and interact with more customers the right way. The mobile app showcases a lot of things about your business. So, you should develop a smooth and quick application for the business to reach the target audience.

Other Techniques

Well, there are some other techniques to get the most of the responsive design without having to affect its performance. Responsive web design has never been made to improve performance. So, it doesn’t make sense to blame the technique as a whole. On the flip side, assuming it to fix all the issues, as most people do, is also not good.

Responsive web design is important as we have to face several screen sizes from desktops to mobile. But considering screen size only is overlooking other aspects of increasing visibility. The line between mobile and desktop has been blurred, but there are still various possibilities as per the type of devices.

Some of the reviewers may call it just ‘responsive web design’ with modern outlook while some call it a ‘responsible responsive website design’. Without going further, be sure to understand and know the problem.

Though there is no single solution for all kinds of websites, here are few of the major tricks to maximize performance and improve responsive solutions –

  • Prefer a mobile-friendly approach if you are starting from scratch.
  • Each page must have the same URL for all the devices with same content. But it is not necessary to deliver it with same the structure.
  • Improve and measure performance with certain optimization tools.
  • Test responsiveness on real devices to see what if when applying”display: none” and when resources will load, rather than just resizing the desktop browser.
  • Use the only JavaScript to deliver responsive images until you find something better from browser vendors.
  • For the current device, only JavaScript must load with the conditional load, followed by “onload” event.
  • Use sensible responsive web solution with the following techniques –
    • Responsiveness as per the group
    • Conditional loading
    • Server-side layer
  • Showcase above-the-fold content before others, or align initial view of pages for your target mobile devices.

The Future of Mobile Strategy

Responsive delivery is likely to become a potential solution for some of the issues in responsive design. But it cannot fix all the issues. However, it can definitely mitigate the performance issues. However, you can still find much in native features and back end support. You can rest assured that mobile technology will evolve and become the leading web strategy for many.


We are not saying that you must go completely mobile with an “m.” subdomain and we are not against responsive web design. In fact, it is better to assign only one URL in all devices is better with the emergence of social sharing. However, it doesn’t mean you have to deliver the same thing on a single URL or that same resources must be downloaded on all devices. Having just a responsive website for your business has become the things of the past. Today, you need to perform responsive delivery of content.

10 Must Have Business Skills That Every Self-Made Millionaire Have

10 Must Have Skills That Every Self-Made Millionaire Have

Becoming a millionaire is a dream of many; however, the journey for the same is not that easy as many thinks. To make your name famous in any business, you should develop some imperative business skills. There are several things that you should have expertized in, like sales, branding & marketing, and growing those skills need your proper attention, time and knowledge. Here are top 10 must have skills that every self-made millionaire has and if you too want to join the race of millionaires, you should not neglect these skills at all.

These skills set the millionaires apart from the crowd. With these skills, the personality of the millionaires looks amazingly crafted and this personality makes them different from an average person. This is what makes a person millionaire at the first stage. Though these skills are not natural, anyone can cultivate them by practicing in a regular run. In the beginning, you may make a few mistakes, but with time, you will surely make yourself an expert in these skills. So, what exactly those skills are that every self-made millionaire must have? Let’s read on right here.

1. Ability to Sale

Ability to Sale

In a business, one either is selling or is being sold. In both ways, one needs to select a particular side. If you choose sales, that is the most profitable and fruitful profession, you will surely be a successful millionaire. Though to achieve your business targets and grow your sales, you should be perfect in selling as it enhances the quality of life of the entrepreneurs dramatically. Here, everything in which you are involved is sold.

2. Good Communication Skills

Good Communication Skills

A good communication is a must skill for a business person. So, to be a millionaire, you should develop the impressive communication skills. Usually, millionaires have to send millions of emails to their clients, vendors, and partners every year. The way they write emails reflects their professionalism. Therefore, it is imperative for every entrepreneur who desires to be a millionaire to develop the attractive communication skills.

The self-made millionaires are known for their specialty in the telephonic as well as personal communication. The more accurately you share your business message with others, the more people would love to work and connect with you. Your communication level determines the success level of the entrepreneurs; hence, millionaires keep it at first place in the contributors of their success.

3. Effective Branding & Marketing

Effective Branding & Marketing

A successful businessman is known for his market reputation as it is the most influential tool for advertisement. Publicizing your name with branding and marketing of your company is the foundation of every successful business. Making the world aware of what you are specialized in and making them know what can you do in the clearest way will enable you to be famous in your marketplace.

This way, you will succeed in expanding your company and business in a truly unprecedented way. So, a good and famous brand is a must aspect for a self-made millionaire.

4. Service & Product Innovation

Service & Product Innovation

To be successful, the self-made millionaires put an innovative spin on their service or product that is offered in their company. Without introducing an innovation in your product or service; it becomes almost impossible to differentiate your company from others.

To make your brand the first choice of the customers, you should put effort into bringing innovation in your product or service. It will help to make your services and product unique and better from other available options from your competitors. This is what most of the self-made millionaires have done in the past to make their name successful in their particular niche.

5. Emotionally Smart

Emotionally Smart

If you are strong emotionally, you can definitely get success in the business. So, the self-made millionaires are often seen emotionally smart. So, the people who are good at taking care of themselves, are always good at taking care of millions of other people. Therefore, we can say that knowing the human perspective and nature is an integral key to business success. The self-made millionaires are known for their understanding of human nature and their behavior. They –

  • Know how to motivate.
  • Understand body language and voice tone.
  • Boast of qualities like empathy, tact, diplomacy and almost every emotional intelligence.

These qualities can be developed easily by paying serious attention to people around.

6. Superior Organizational Skills

Superior Organizational Skills

Without a quality organizational and management skill, no one can run a company for a long. So, we put organizational health Canada pharmacy skincare skills as the biggest aspect for a self-made millionaire. Every famous millionaire must have a well-managed system that organizes the entire workforce of the company. The system should be well-managed, systematic and greatly flexible to adapt the rapidly developing environments of business.

The decision one makes in a company does not make by a single individual, but it comes from your system itself. If your business is well organized and you have a perfect understanding of how to find information in the quickest possible way, then you will surely get successful as a millionaire and will earn great wealth.

7. Strong Planning & Goal Setting

Strong Planning & Goal Setting

The most practical key to be a millionaire is to make an effective plan for a work and then, work the made plan. It is the real motto for every self-made millionaire across the world. If there is no proper plan for a business, the success will be a matter of dream only. Therefore, setting goals on regular basis should be your priority and hence, we suggest you plan your days, weeks, months and even a year in advance.

Do not overlook the importance of 5 P’s business solution that is proper planning prevents poor performance if you actually want to be a successful business owner. Just remember that fruitful opportunities only knock the door of the people who are well-prepared.

8. Quality Networking

Quality Networking

Making good relations is instrumental in the business world. So, to encourage trustworthy network sources, you should become a reliable source yourself. If you succeed in making people trust you and your skills, you can develop a positive feeling in them for you.

Just remember that networking is an essential aspect for a businessman because you cannot succeed in the business world until you have the hands of others with you. You must be good at something, but you won’t be great at everything for sure. When it comes to business, you need people with different skills and if you have good networking power, your known ones will always be a phone call away from you.

9. Finance Management Is A Must

Finance Management Is A Must

To make your control of a large number of funds or finances in your company, you should give a relevant consideration to all the small funds as well. Just giving importance to large amounts may ultimately lead you to huge losses at the end of a financial year. It is a reason, all the self-made millionaires count each of their income and work closely with their accounts team to work on taxes to be paid. It makes them know what their financial position is and their actual financial standing in hand. So, the only way to get more wealth is to understand the flow of money in your company. For this reason, we include financial management in the major aspects of self-made millionaires.

10. Involve In Charity

Involve In Charity

Every successful self-made millionaire understands the main key to quality living which is giving. It is quite surprising to know that a majority of rich people relentlessly give. So, the real mantra of being wealthy and millionaire is to grow the wealth of people around you. Though when we talk about charity, the millionaires don’t believe in making a blind charity, but they love to participate in the entire program to know where exactly their charity will go and how it will improve the life of others.

These are those skills which you will find in all the self-made millionaires. With perfect use of these skills, one grows his or her wealth and becomes a millionaire. In addition to these skills, there are many other qualities that determine a successful entrepreneur. These qualities include leadership skills and time management skills as well. So, develop all these skills in you and see how quickly you make your name in your business and your income grows.

Conclusion –

Earlier, it was quite difficult to be a millionaire for one; however, now things have become easier for entrepreneurs to turn to be a millionaire. Knowing and perfectly implementing these top 10 skills, any businessman can grow his or her sources that would contribute to growing the income. All these skills mentioned earlier are tested and perceived by seriously following the traits of the successful self-made millionaires across the world. Therefore, following these traits, you can also be a millionaire by growing your income dramatically.

10 The Most Influential Books That Every Entrepreneur Must Read!

10 The Most Influential Books That Every Entrepreneur Must Read

Books are the biggest source of inspiration for one. Whether you are an entrepreneur or a normal person, you can take a lot of help from the books. Some of the books are written with a purpose to entertain readers; however some for educating or inspiring readers. The books that actually affect the mentality and way of thinking of the readers are hard to find and here we have picked the best books that can influence you if you are in your race to be a successful entrepreneur.

There are numerous books available that contain influential information for entrepreneurs across the world. Yet the books we have mentioned here give proven results by changing and enhancing the thinking of the readers. By presenting various inspirations, these books motivate the entrepreneurs to achieve their targets and thus, they gain confidence and motivation for the visions they have seen for their business.

How Books Motivate Entrepreneurs –

It is a reality that you become what you usually read. So, books have a great power to influence our mentality and thought of mind. Thus, when you want to make a greatly successful business in which you make your name successful, you might follow some inspiration books which are the actual source of inspiration. Check out the following mentioned the best recommendations for the top 10 most influential books that every entrepreneur must read to get successful.

1) The Effective Executive – Authored By Peter Drucker

The Effective Executive – Authored By Peter Drucker
Image source:

The Effective Executive is a great book written by Peter Drucker. The content in this book is very motivating for the readers and hence, an entrepreneur can learn several effective things from this book. In this book, Drucker tried to popularize the modern widespread ideas for business management. For instance, it focuses on the fact that managers, as well as the workers or employees of a company, should work mutually to achieve the common goals.

This ultimately encouraging book – the Effective Executive elaborates the qualities of decision making and time management that best encourage a business executive to be valuable and productive in a company. The best example of an entrepreneur who recommends others to read this book is Jeff Bezos who is a prominent investor of Business Insider and owner of Bezos Expeditions.

2) Think & Grow Rich – Written By Napoleon Hill –

Think & Grow Rich – Written By Napoleon Hill
Image Source:

Think & Grow Rich is one of the most inspiring business books that has changed the life of the famous entrepreneur Daymond John who is the co-founder of FUBU – “a clothing business and a prominent investor in the famous pitch show – Shark Tank on ABC”. Written by Napoleon Hill, this book has an incredible potential to bring a huge change in life, as said by Daymond John. He says that the key takeaway of this book that he found was the quality of goal-setting. He believes that goal setting is an aspect without which you cannot achieve what you dream for. Until you have a particular goal, how you can get success in it.

3) Business Adventures – Authored By John Brooks

Business Adventures – Authored By John Brooks
Image source:

Business Adventures bring in a great collection of inspiring stories of the famous New Yorkers. Written by John Brooks, this book is known for inspiring one of the most successful entrepreneurs – Bill Gates. After reading this book, he listed this book in his all-time preferred business books. In 1991, Warren Buffett was the person who first recommended Business Adventures to Bill Gates.
As per Gates, the Business Adventures book puts light on the weaknesses and strengths of the business leaders in unfavorable circumstances. The book is some particulars of different businesses.

4) Benjamin Franklin – Written By Walter Isaacson

Benjamin Franklin – Written By Walter Isaacson
Image source:

Benjamin Franklin is a great book that is a true source of inspiration for entrepreneurs. The famous billionaire and current CEO of SpaceX and Tesla – Elon Musk is the living example of the inspired persons from this book. This book is now the all-time favourite book of Elon Musk.

Explaining the effectiveness of reading Benjamin Franklin book by Walter Isaacson, Elon says that the book explains how Franklin was a successful entrepreneur. How he stepped into the business sector and started from zero and became a wealthy and successful entrepreneur. In his childhood, he was a runaway child, but as he aged, he started learning several things and grown as a leading businessman.

Elon Musk read many other books too, but Benjamin Franklin is his the most favourite business book of all times.

5) The Innovator’s Dilemma – Written By Clayton Christensen

The Innovator’s Dilemma – Written By Clayton Christensen
Image source:

The Innovator’s Dilemma is one of the most encouraging business books of all time. It is the best pick of many profound VCs, founders, and entrepreneurs. Bezos has listed this book in his favourite executive reads.

In addition, this ultimate book has also inspired Steve Blank who is an ex-serial entrepreneur and turned to be a teacher at many schools and U.C. Berkeley. According to Steve, this book narrates the reasons why most of the big sized companies look and act to be the dinosaurs. Written by Clayton Christensen, this book ultimately diagnoses the reasons and gives relevant solutions to deal with them. This book is such a wonderful example for entrepreneurs as it gives them an idea on how to battle with other competitors in the market and make their monopoly.

As per Chris Dixon – the famous investor at Andreessen Horowitz and an ex-CEO and co-founder of Hunch states that the book – the Innovator’s Dilemma made the term disruptive technology famous; however it contains much more facts than this one. It gives great insights into the business dynamics to entrepreneurs.

6) As A Man Thinketh – Written By James Allen

As A Man Thinketh – Written By James Allen
Image source:

Tony Robbins – the famous Executive Coach who has worked with Bill Clinton – the President of America, and a great fund manager – Paul Tudor Jones says that the book As A Man Thinketh written by James Allen is the biggest inspirational source for him. Due to the great impact of this book, he felt encouraged to read this book for many times. He loves this book as he finds it highly encouraging and great for business. Therefore, he loves gifting this book to his near and dear ones because he finds it easy to understand, concise and great. It comprises of the complete concept of learning that one’s thoughts actually, truly shape up every aspect of the life that one feels or experience.

7) The Proverbs Of Solomon

The Proverbs Of Solomon
Image source:

The Proverbs of Solomon is one of the most famous and great business books that every entrepreneur should read. It states about various business wins and failures. It talks about various strategic fails that drag the entrepreneurs behind. No doubt, you can find many other similar books on this subject, yet it gives ideas to address those issues. Reading this book, you will realize that most of the big business tragedies and long-term business failures result from your own ignorance to the objectives of these proverbs. The ignorance of strategies or tactics is not big contributors to your business failure, but it is your failure of discernment, discipline, character, morals and wisdom.

Thus, it is the most influential book that narrates Jewish wisdom. For the encouraging content of this book, there has been great sold off for the copies of this book.

8) Psycho – Cybernetics – Written By Maxwell Maltz

Psycho – Cybernetics – Written By Maxwell Maltz
Image source:

Psycho Cybernetics is a great book written by Maxwell Maltz who has made the view of a self-image popular. The book revolves around a plastic surgeon who wonders on his skill of fixing the ugly noses of his patients. Though when he fixes the ugliness of others, they keep insisting themselves as being ugly. In this book, Maltz has written the self-image notion so brilliantly that makes this book quite interesting to read on. This is actually a classic and amazingly insightful book about the inner vision. So, this book is truly brilliant for the entrepreneurs to read and get motivated.

9) Money And The Prosperous Soul – Written By Stephen DeSilva

Money And The Prosperous Soul – Written By Stephen DeSilva
Image source:

When you seek a business inspiring book that is recommended by the famous entrepreneurs of the world, Money And The Prosperous Soul comes as the best book of all time. This book narrates how one converts his $1000 plan into his fortune. In this book, the writer talks about witnessing people who spend millions of dollars in their education but ruin their successful empire completely. He says that he has discovered that one can definitely learn most of the basics and needful aspects of business from his education in few years, yet to achieve your targets, merely your knowledge and education cannot do wonders. After passing out from your collection, you have to do more to get the success that is possible with your spiritual and emotional beliefs.

10) Things Hidden Since The Foundation Of The World – Written By Rene Girard

Things Hidden Since The Foundation Of The World – Written By Rene Girard
Image source:

Rene Girard – the famous French Philosopher has written this inspiring book – Things Hidden Since the Foundation Of The World. The book is so inspiring that the famous billionaire – Peter Thiel has made it his favourite book of all time. Peter read this book at the time when he was in his college at Stanford University. He says that it has affected his life and thoughts deeply. After reading this book, he found the views on two business points quite strong in which one is business rivals are more likely to get obsessed with their competitors at their expenses of their goals and second is the competition intensity that does not say anything about the value.

These are top 10 recommendations for the most inspiring business books that every entrepreneur must read to get successful in the business world.

Top 20 Proven Solutions That Are Sure To Make Your Startup Successful!

Top 20 Proven Solutions That Are Sure To Make Your Startup Successful

As there are millions of new startups emerge these days, it looks quite clear that each startup has to face a stiff competition in the market. To survive in this ever-evolving market, it becomes highly essential for businesses to be abreast with the latest technology and advancements. By taking a proper approach to the PR activities and marketing, one can succeed in maintaining his position among his competitors.

All credit goes to the new technology that has made things easier for the businesses to survive in their fields. Though the competition is definitely high, yet there are great solutions that are there to help startups to grow and build up as a successful entrepreneur. In this article, we present you with top 20 amazing services that are the real boon to the startups as they help to grow them and achieving their targets in a respective segment.

1. HARO – (Help A Reporter Out) –


When you seek solutions or services that help your startup company to grow, we suggest HARO as the best online service to go with. It encourages the entrepreneurs to provide the online journalists with their practiced view regarding their market or segment. It is a wonderful service for those who want the online journalists to find them from the web as HARO does that for you.

To start taking benefit of HARO, you just have to sign up as the source and it will start sending you 3 emails every day. These emails include some great opportunities according to your expertise and experience. On finding anything worth your attention, you simply need to click on it and follow further simple directions.

There are numerous journalists available and if any one of them likes your opinion, he would allow you to connect and can share the necessary information to him or her. The best advantage of this service is; it lists the company and name in the article which is created by the journalist in your contact. In lucky instances, the article can link back to your own site as well.

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2. Meltwater –


According to the PR perspective, the Meltwater is a great service that startups can take advantage of. Though to get the great benefits out of this service, you should concentrate on its media monitoring features. With a power to be updated with the numerous blog, social media discussions, and editorials, Meltwater makes it quite simple for its users to join any relevant conversation with a flow. In addition, this service allows the users to easily pinpoint the editors or journalists related to the industry your company belongs to. Thus, you get a clear idea about who is good to be reached out to grow in the future.

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3. Anewstip –


The great media contacts is another contributing factor in the growth of a startup. Though finding relevant contacts is not a cup of tea for all. But, using Anewstip you can easily find the great contacts of journalists or other media personnel. It makes the job of creating a relevant email list for these contacts such an easy thing for users. Thus, Anewstip is such a brilliant service for growing the startups.

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4. Cision –


Cision is a great service that helps boosting the PR campaign in an effective manner. It covers every aspect that one needs for a successful PR campaign. Cision has a huge and impressive database comprising of around 1.6 million online journalists, influencers, and editors that are actually a great thing for a startup. The most notable features of Cision are tracking performance tools, mention tracking tools, and advanced distribution tools for

Cision provides tracking performance tools, mention tracking tools, and advanced distribution tools for press release.
It accompanies all tools to check various PR activities on following platforms and in different forms like social media, briefings of daily news, print media, video and broadcast and online media.

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5. Duct Tape – To Instantly Create Marketing Press Release –

Duct Tape Marketing

To write professional looking and impressive press release for your startup, the use of Duct Tape Marketing service is highly recommended. It covers all the required aspects that contribute to creating an effective press release for a company. It is basically a press-release creating service that accompanies some helpful tools which are used to make eye-catchy press releases, that too instantly.

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6. GrowthHackers –


When you look for highly effective services for growing your startup business, GrowthHackers can prove to be an excellent solution for you. It delivers exceptionally advantageous resources to bring growth to a business. Choosing the services of GrowthHackers, you get a chance to be a part of its huge network that comprises of millions of growth professionals and make influential collaboration with them that will surely help you rising. Take great business ideas from them or share your own to them and thus, develop great business resources and connections for your startup.

For the best growth hacking solutions and strategies, contact Stellen Infotech.

7. Stellan Infotech –

Stellen Infotech Ltd

Stellan Infotech is one of the most influential services that help start-ups grow in their respective field. The company provides IT solutions to all types of businesses that help them rising rapidly. As this company works as the service and marketing partner of many leading businesses, entrepreneurs have a great faith in the effectiveness of Stellan Infotech services and solutions.

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8. Withoomph –


When you start a company, you need to create a website, banners, and logo that gives a unique identity to your brand. So, Logo designing is one of the most important steps for a startup on which you may have to spend a good amount of money and time. But, when you have a service like Withoomph, you don’t need to spend that much money and time on this job as it allows the users to make attractive logos quickly and affordably.

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9. Docracy –


Docracy is an exclusive service that almost every startup should subscribe to. It is a different service as compared to other marketing or PR services, but it is more effective than others. Docracy features a huge open collection for legal contracts that startups would require at different stages. Be it an employment contract or a partnership contract, Docracy can avail you every type of contracts written in the best way to make things clearer and well-presented for your startup. So, join the services of Docracy and get the contract that you need for your business operations.

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10. Canva –


Canva is a fantastic service that allows the bloggers to make simple yet attractive graphic designs for their blogs. As of now, there are more than 10 million subscribers who are taking benefit of Canva as it has made designing a way simpler than before. Due to the simple interface and great features of this solution, anyone can try his skills as a designer. So, join the Canva community and learn and grow your startup with your creative designing skills.

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11. Quick Sprout –

Quick Sprout

This service is phenomenal for startups as it provides truly helpful marketing guides as well as website analysis that enables one to keep a check on the growth of his company. Discovering your fallouts or getting the right analysis of your website is a great way to make an appropriate strategy to grow your business. So, Quick Sprout holds a great significance for startup companies.

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12. Buzzsumo –


Buzzsumo works dynamically to check the best performing content on the web. It checks which is the best article or post available on the internet related to your niche and competitors. Thus, keep the users updated about the new internet trends. Following Buzzsumo is such a fruitful strategy to grow your startup in the direction you want.

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13. GTMetrix –


This service is beneficial in terms of SEO as it checks the speed and performance of a web page for a company. A web page speed matters a lot as Google gives much preference to the websites which loads faster and performs well. So, GTMetric gives you a right insight about how your website works and thus, make you aware of if you should seek any remedy to enhance its performance or not.

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14. Sumome List Builder –

Sumome List Builder

When you seek services to grow your new business, a solution that helps you growing your network is something that should be tried out. Sumome List Builder is a service that fulfills this purpose as it provides several email addresses of people who belong to the field you work in. So, subscribe to this service and enjoy growing your network by collecting numerous email addresses to send your marketing emails and newsletters to them.

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15. Medium –


This service is valuable in terms of PR as it helps one to share his experiences and story to others. This way, your story reaches to millions of people and this is how Medium makes you popular among the masses. Sharing an influential story about your profession or success is such a wonderful thing for a startup and can turn to be an unexpectedly huge reward for you.

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16. Invoice To Me –

Invoice to Me

When you are starting a company, your main focus should be on minimizing your expenses as much as you can. Hiring a person who handles your invoices will surely increase the expenses that you have to bear. But, when you have services like Invoice to Me, you can save your money that you spend on hiring a resource who handles your invoices. So, get these services and enjoy making invoices for the vendors, suppliers, clients or anyone a fun task.

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17. Slack –


When you have social profiles on different social media platforms, it becomes essential for you to keep a track on what’s going on over all of them. However, checking each platform one by one can make things messy for you. Though for a new startup, it is vital to keep a closer eye on these platforms as they bring business to them. So, to manage the communication of different social media platforms easily, Slack is a phenomenal service to grab on.

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18. Primer –


A service by Google, Primer is one of the most helpful solutions that can be greatly advantageous for startups. You must agree on the fact that to earn a good name in any business, you should have some skills. By installing the Primer app on your device, you can develop required business skills that help you growing in your respective field. For any business, the knowledge of advertising and marketing comes at first and Primer focuses on delivering that knowledge to its subscribers.

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19. Wave –


It is a great service that helps the startups to make invoices and accounting. There are so many things related to finance that you can manage by using Wave. The best thing about this service is that; it comes for free.

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20. Email 1K –

Email 1K

Email 1K is an online course service that focuses on growing the contacts and email list for businesses. The course tenure is for 30 days in which you will be an expert in growing your contacts as it helps to double the email list of the startup companies.

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So, these are top 20 awesome services for growing your startup and all of these are sure to skyrocket the success of your new company. Therefore, just grab these services and start experiencing your business growth.

Facebook’s Latest Update Will Take Your Small Business To Next Level!

Facebook’s Latest Update Will Take Your Small Business To Next Level!

Started as an ordinary social media networking platform, today, Facebook has turned to be a business tool that is benefitting almost every type of business. Be it a small business or a big one, every business owner is using this social media platform to attract more customers towards them. It is such a wonderful way to connect with your target audience and make them know you and your business in a better way.

Although, Facebook is already enriched with a range of features that help business owners in achieving their business targets through Facebook marketing, yet in the attempt to enhance user experience and to improve business practices, this social media network keeps on introducing new updates that help businesses to grow. The latest update brought by Facebook aims to benefit small businesses as it has that potential to take a small business to another level.

So, what the latest Facebook update is all about and how it will benefit small businesses is certainly a matter of serious considering for all of you. Especially, if you run a small business and want to use Facebook to your business expansion, then you must explore the latest Facebook update which we are going to discuss here.

Use Facebook To Make Appointments, Order Food and Much More –

Facebook is rapidly extending its features and it is a reason, users are being dominated by this social media platform in their daily life. Sometimes, it looks as team Facebook has completely devised an advanced way to bounce the users back from other sites. The newly introduced Facebook update is something like that only. It allows Facebook users to buy food, buy movie tickets, book their appointments from the business pages of Facebook. It looks as Facebook is all set to change our lives by adding more features on its world-famous network.

Though this update states more than the convenience of its users. In addition, to provide convenience, it is a way to support local business. By encouraging these features and services on Facebook, it connects businesses to their target customers in an easier way.

Get Recommendations From Facebook –

How The New Facebook Update Work

Facebook can help you at every stage of your life. At a time when you are on a tour to a new city and need a good restaurant for dining out, just turn to your Facebook contacts and ask for their advice. At this stage, the new Facebook update brings a new tool to help you. It makes things easier to manage all recommendations in a single place.

So, when you make a post on your Facebook account asking for advice on a local service or place, valtvalacyc dot com just turn on the option for “Recommendations”. By doing so, all your friends will be encouraged to comment on that post along with suggestions. All suggestions will be mapped out and also be saved in a single place to check out clearly. An option namely Recommendations bookmark on Facebook is already there on the desktop Facebook version in which you can ask any question or assist your friend on Facebook.

Spot Local Events –

Spot Local Events On Facebook

Facebook can be a great platform to spot all types of local events happening in or around your city. So, you can easily discover what’s new in your city with the help of your friends. For exploring events in a better way, the team Facebook has revamped Events bookmark on Facebook option. Now, you can easily discover latest events by browsing recommendations with your past events and friends.

Order Food On Facebook –

Order Food with Facebook

Today, a number of restaurants are available on Facebook as they find this platform highly useful to grow their business. So, using their page on Facebook, you can easily place your order for the desired food. For placing an order, you need to click on “Start Order” on the Facebook page of a restaurant of your choice and then, look for delivery services if they provide. In the US, you can choose restaurants that use Slice or for food to be delivered at your doorsteps.

Get Quotes Instantly –

Get Instant Quotes on Facebook

Facebook features a “Get Quote” option for business pages and a number of businesses have already started using this option on their business page. So, if you are at a business page which has the “Get Quote” option, you can ask for a quote for their products and services directly from Facebook.

Get Movie Or Other Event Tickets From Facebook –

Get Movie Or Other Event Tickets From Facebook

To get tickets for the latest movie, you can use Facebook now. Using mobile app – Fandango, you can buy tickets right from the Facebook. Facebook has partnered with Eventbrite and Ticketmaster that has made it possible for this social media platform to provide tickets to interested users for different events in a city or town. It can be paid or free ticket that comes right from the Facebook page of that event.

Conclusion –
So, this is all new Facebook update for small businesses that clearly shows how brilliantly local businesses can boom by precisely using features of this platform. When a business will think of providing ease and flexibility to their customers, they will surely grow with the growing interest of their customers. So, give your customers an ease to reach you and see how exceptionally Facebook help you reaching new heights.

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The onset of the tech startup boom in India has brought about waves of opportunities for everyone associated with the business. There are growth opportunities for owners, job opportunities for the working sector, and better buying and saving options for the end user – a win-win situation for all. A major chunk of the startup industry is held by its key player i.e. e-commerce business. And, the greatest growing segments of the e-commerce market are the websites providing e-coupons. There is tremendous international as well as local competition that exists in this market but there also is a silver lining and i.e. the survival of the best deal provider. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India, e-coupon market holds 10-15% share of the e-commerce traffic. As per Forrester, India is at the cusp of witnessing the fastest growing e-coupon market in the entire Asia-Pacific region with an expected annual growth of 57% between 2012-2016. The numbers are impressive and so is the performance by a few new players.

10deals is one such e-coupon startup that laid its feet on the grounds of Chandigarh almost a year back in April 2015. Founded by the duo Rohit Garg and Dr. Raman Gupta, the company was started with the vision to reach a wider market and offer a common platform to the merchants and customers where they can make easy profits. In a matter of merely 11 months, 10deals has expanded to 7 different cities i.e. Amritsar, Bathinda, Delhi, Gurgaon, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Patiala.


10deals boasts of its bespoke deals and has a pool of 20,000 registered users. They have recently marked a milestone in selling 7,000+ deals to the date. They also have a great presence on social media websites such as Facebook and Instagram. This startup truly sets an example of how local players can grow and contribute to the market and economy as a whole.

According to Mr Rohit Garg, “10deals focuses on targeting really high quality merchants and make them affordable to everyone. We live by our slogan ‘Why spend money on buying coupons when you can get them for free’ and we can confidently say that we are the only coupon providers that charge absolutely nothing from the consumers for the coupons they purchase. We have thousands of happy customers that come back for more, and we strive hard to bring new and better deals for them each time. The success of 10deals in Chandigarh has motivated us to expand to other cities as well and we hope we keep getting the support of our users.”

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