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7 Business Trends You Should Know Before Even Starting Your Business

There are millions of people around the world that are not fond of 9 to 5 Jobs. After completing their studies, they tend to start their own businesses. It is because they want to do justice with the talent they are gifted with, follow new business trends, provide job opportunities to others and earn lots of money.

Key Business Sectors & Profitability Index

Business Sectors Profitability Index
IT and software development 67%
Advertising, PR-services, and media 71%
National and International Trade 78%
Finance, Insurance & Banking 71%
Business services 63%
On-Demand Food Industry 60%
Pharmaceuticals and medicine 29%
Others 59%

One must always keep in mind that the business world is already full of small and big players. Several new start-up companies surface in the business world almost every week or month. So, before starting a new business, every entrepreneur needs to know the latest business trends. Do you know the main business trends that are in practice these days? If not, then read this article to enrich your knowledge and take a solid decision accordingly.

1. Rapidly Increasing Demand for Personalized Websites

increasing demand of websites

Today’s highly knowledgeable, modern and tech-savvy people explore a wide range of products/services on the global internet. So, you can’t get the desired success if your business doesn’t have a solid online presence. With a website, E-commerce portal, business site, and blog, you can easily reach out to the targeted audience and cultivate multiple business opportunities.
Even if you have a professional and eye-catching website, there is no guarantee that visitors will deal with your brand for a long period of time. Today, visitors demand personalized websites. So, it becomes necessary for you to contact an expert IT company and get a professional, eye-catching, and feature-rich website keeping the personalization needs of visitors in mind.

2. Artificial Intelligence Has Entered in Mainstream Business Areas

Mainstream Business Areas

It seems that the evolution from the brain to artificial intelligence is more radical than from monkey to person. In fact, artificial intelligence is a broad concept from the business point of view. It includes several factors, such as machine learning, computer vision, forecasting, etc. Because of its ability to process data faster and more successfully than the human brain, all major business firms are using AI.

It is because Artificial Intelligence can drastically change the face of businesses. Big companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, Uber, Starbucks- all use AI to easily address the needs of a large number of customers.

AI helps them to cut costs, increase profits and improve productivity up to a great extent. As per Facebook, more than 10,000 companies are developing chatbots. It is estimated that the use of chatbots in the medical and financial sector can help companies save up to $20 million per year and $8 billion by 2022.

3. Business Automation is in Full Flow

All business organizations always tend to reduce operational cost and increase profitability. For them, business automation is very helpful. In fact, business automation is a process in which companies use robots, AI, different internet technologies to replace the non-performing staff and make human labor more effective. See some examples of business Automation:

Manual Business Practices Effects Business Automation practices Advantages
Waiters taking orders from customers and processing their payments. It takes a lot of time and only a few customers are served perfectly. The Use of robots take orders and process payments in hotels and restaurants Easy handling of customer’s request and their 100% satisfaction.
Manual Accounting and invoicing It takes a lot of time and chances of mistakes are always higher. Automated accounting and billing with the help of on-demand apps and Robots. Error-free billing and accounting.

4. The Rapidly Increasing Use of Cryptocurrencies

These days, major business firms, financial organizations, business tycoons are crazy about different Cryptocurrencies. In simple words, Cryptocurrency is a new generation of virtual money. It is a worthy competitor to the fiat money (state currencies). It is believed that the increasing use of different cryptocurrencies will completely supersede general currencies from electronic payments.

As the cost of using the fiat money is influenced by government decisions, the economies of countries, and international trade, individuals are rapidly turning to cryptocurrencies. This enables them to make numerous financial transactions anonymously and without the involvement of different government and financial institutions. Just see the major advantages and disadvantages of using cryptocurrencies-

Advantages Disadvantages
Accessible to All on the Global Internet The absence of a central regulator
24*7/365 days Earning opportunities Impossible to recover the money paid through an erroneous payment.
No lengthy Taxation High risk of bankruptcy in crypto-instruments.
Minimal fees for making transactions All cryptocurrencies are highly volatile.
Used Globally. (Some countries don’t recognize the use of cryptocurrencies. So, study the local laws before using cryptocurrencies in your business activities)

5. Increased Use of Machine Learning in Different Business Areas

Machine Learning in Different Business Areas

Machine learning is a set of mathematical methods which enable to solve complex problems easily by using common algorithms. In Simple language, machine learning is a method to analyze the large data in one go. With its help, computers can be programmed to identify certain patterns and perform certain duties. For example- identifying defective items on the conveyor, segmenting potentially high-yield customers, etc.

The algorithms of machine learning are universal and not tied to a particular business. A number of business activities can easily be performed with the help of machine learning, such as analysis of traffic flow in the city, recognition of speech, the possibility of a slab defect in the ferrous metallurgy, etc. See the use of machine learning in different business activities:

Industries The use of machine learning
Asset Management in the Securities Market 47%
Large data analytics 46.40%
Risk Management 37.50%
Cybersecurity 35.10%
Optimization of the sales system 30.40%
Credit scoring 28.60%
Optimization of pricing policy 26.80%

6. Hassle-Free banking is Essential for Business Development

Hassle-Free banking

Hassle-free banking services are the foundation of successful business organizations. These days, companies make deals in B2B, B2C, and other business formats. So, they don’t have sufficient time for getting involved in manual banking activities. Today’s young generation wants to avail almost all banking services at his/her fingertips.

So, the banking sector is updating itself gradually. Different banking activities- issuing ATM cards, approvals of loans, fund transfers, maintenance of bank account, operations with foreign currency, etc have become easier and comfortable. Therefore, as a business owner, you need to get acquainted with all new developments in the banking sector.

7. Special Emphasis on Small Business Cross-Channel Marketing

These days, business organizations don’t want to bank on a single supplier to meet different needs. So, the scope of cross-channel strategic advertising is increasing with each passing day. Big business organizations have separate vendors for website promotion, transportation, and logistics, banking, etc. It enables them to bargain and make business deals on reasonable terms and conditions.

Concluding Remarks

A good number of folks want to set up their business ventures to serve a large number of customers and mint money in an easy way. They must keep the latest business trends in mind to get the long-awaited success in the business they start.

startup business ideas

20 Amazing Startup Business Ideas for 2018

Many people think of operating a promising business to do justice with the talent they have and earn lots of money. But, most of them don’t have startup business ideas for 2018. You can start your business with a low investment and without any experience of entrepreneurial skills. All you need to follow the current business trends, analyse and compare different types of businesses, and choose the best business model eventually. Here are the top 20 startup business ideas with which you can go ahead in 2018:

1. Provide SEO Services For Local Business Operators :


If entrepreneurs want to get success in their business activities, they will have to take their business to the online platform sooner and later. SEO or search engine optimization is an action that helps business or organization sites to appear in the highest search results for users and help them to find the required products/services.

The good appearance of websites on all search engines depends on the quality of SEO. Most of the business operators fail in website optimization and they look for IT companies that can provide them all-inclusive SEO services so that they can get business opportunities and boost their revenues.

So, if you have a team of SEO professionals, Project Managers, SMO experts, web designers/developers, content writers, just open an IT company and provide a wide range of SEO services to your clients to earn lots of money.

Websites/blogs/apps are the necessity of all modern entrepreneurs for the speedy acquisition of new customers and expansion of businesses in a short duration of time. In spite of the invention of several content management systems, most people don’t have sufficient skills to create professional and eye-catching websites/blogs/apps.

2. Offer Website/App Building Services To Needy Clients :

If you are a web developer/coder/designer, provide WordPress website development services, app development services, website conversion services, etc, to your clients and earn great revenues at all the times. For this, you need to have a decent knowledge of different programming languages, SEO, web design techniques, etc.

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3. Remote Employee Monitoring Services :

Remote Employee Monitoring Services

There are several companies that get their work done by employees sitting in remote areas. This is because they want to avoid the cost of having office space, electricity, light, internet, and supporting staff. But, they find it very difficult to monitor and control remote employees and ensure their 100% contribution. By providing remote employee monitor services, you can earn lots of money in 2018. Just facilitate your client to monitor their employees virtually and get more projects in your hand.

4. Trade Marketing :

All trade organizations want to stimulate the sales of products using the well-known direct advertising of goods and services. It is also called trade marketing. In simple words, trade marketing is a specially organized set of measures to promote sales of products used by wholesale and retail companies. Both final buyers and intermediaries (sales representatives, distributors, dealers) can register tremendous sales of their products by giving rewards, discounts, gifts, etc, to customers and generate sufficient revenues every day. This can be a good startup business idea for you.

5. E-commerce Solutions :

E commerce Solutions wordsuccor

The rapidly growing number of online shoppers have threatened the existence of hotels, real estate, retail companies, All of them want to shift their brick and mortar shops to online platforms to sustain the increasing competition and earn revenues. As a service provider, you can provide all-inclusive E-commerce services to needy clients all over the world and earn greater revenues every day.

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6. IT Hardware Solutions :

Computers and laptops are used in all modern offices. They face unique challenges every day and look for IT individuals to solve the problem. You can start your own IT hardware solutions business, provide instant business solutions to local entrepreneurs and earn greater revenues easily at all times.

7. Be A Successful Youtuber :


All individuals dream of becoming a rich kid with a low investment. It is possible through YouTube Marketing. Just upload interesting videos on your YouTube channel, get views, and monetize your YouTube site to earn revenues. Always keep in mind that your videos should be user-friendly and funny.

8. Online Appointment System :

In your day to day life, you have to take appointments from professionals in advance, discuss the burning issues and find out the solution as soon as possible. The manual process of booking an appointment is time-consuming and full of obstacles as you have to complete a number of formalities, such as making several calls to a professional, knowing his availability, taking leaves from your office/business activities, preparation of documents/projects, etc. With online appointment system, all these hassles can easily be avoided.

Many enterprises increasingly include an online appointment booking system to simplify and automate the work process, increase productivity, serve customers very well, and boost their business activities up to a great extent. As a business person, you can create online appointment booking systems and sell them to earn money in 2018. This is a flourishing business with no sign of the slowdown in the near future.

9. Chatbot Solution :

Chat bot solution

Robotics, artificial intelligence, chatbots, and neural networks are some terms that have been hitting news headlines in a last couple of years. Numerous projects, startups, technological parties, etc, are using these technologies to satisfy the growing needs of the targeted audience and expand business tremendously.

A Chatbot is a communicating robot that can simulate a real conversation. Chatbots are installed inside a site or application to help users find information, connect to resources, or simply greet a visitor who visits the site.

They can offer direct interaction with the user and communication at a time when the staff is busy. They are very useful for answering simple questions, setting reminders, or just when you need to hold a person in touch. So, don’t waste your precious time. Just create appealing, professional, and business-oriented chatbots and sell them to earn money.

10. Blogger :

Earning through active blogging is a fairly popular way of making the desired profit easily and quickly. All citizens can earn money through this online activity regardless of age and gender. As a matter of fact, A blogger is a person who shares useful information with others on his personal page.

The success of a blogger depends on the traffic accisotret dot com he/she is generating every day. The more interesting your posts are, the more people will visit the blog. Subscriptions and premium content, Placing paid links, Paid posts, Banner advertising, etc, are some options that give you excellent earning opportunities while blogging.

Note- If you want to start your blogger career with a professional and eye-catching WordPress blog, just contact us. Our WordPress developers will create an all-inclusive WordPress blog and help you to get success in blogging in an easy way.

11. Online Health Specialist :

health specialist

Good health depends upon a lot of factors, such as healthy living style, sufficient food intake, clean surroundings, the availability of competent doctors, medicines, etc. Unfortunately, today there are many cases when patients face unforeseen medical situations all of a sudden and they don’t get the required medical assistance on time.

So, if you a certified medical practitioner and has excellent communication skills, just start your career as an Online Health Specialist. Just take patient’s call 24*7, provide them the right medical consultation services and earn a healthy amount as fees every day. It’s a promising career that is not likely to slow down any time soon.

12. Webinars/ Soundcloud :

Webinars are actually online workshops that are used by companies as an alternative to traditional seminars. The greatest plus point of this technology is that individuals can participate in webinars with the comfort of their own homes and complete useful tasks easily. These days, companies are using Webinars in oral speech, presentations, advertising, prepared material, etc. As an entrepreneur, you can create Powerful Webinar Hosting Software/app and earn money easily by selling them to the needy clients. Soundcloud works on the same principle.

13. Online Training Institute – LMS :

learning management

These days, students prefer educational institutes that offer online training services. With its help, they can simultaneously learn and work. Actually, the internet has made it possible to combine a sea of diverse information and provide access to them for every person who can easily get higher education in absentia. Such comfortable conditions for obtaining and sharing information made the World Wide Web an optimal tool to work in any field. So, you can provide online training services to needy students, clients, and entrepreneurs and earn lots of money easily.

14. Event Management :

An event is a significant event in human life which has a strong impact on the future. Several events take place in our lives. The success of events depends upon a lot of factors, like careful management and monitoring of different activities, staff arrangement, allocation of wealth for purchasing the required stuff for event organization, etc. An event management company can take care of all these activities easily and facilitate the success of events. You can start an event management company and earn a huge amount of money by helping clients to organize different events successfully.

15. Travel Agency :

Travel agency

Today’s young generation loves to travel to different famous locations of the world. So, you can start your travel agency to facilitate the traveling of individuals and earn money out of it. Just promote your travel agency using blogs, social media websites, instant mobile chatting apps, and offline marketing techniques. It will help you to get immense business opportunities easily and quickly. A WordPress web development company can help you to get a professional blog for the promotion of your travel agency on WWW in an easy way.

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16. Online Book Store Or Libraries :

Students lead extremely busy lives. They have to complete several tasks quickly without any flaw, such as Juggling classes, extracurricular activities, responsibilities of personal lives, Juggling classes, homework, jobs. So, they don’t have free times to look for course materials they need for studies. An Online Bookstore can provide them great assistance. So, you should make an entry in this business field and earn a good amount of money easily by providing online book store services to students. Only a low investment is required for it and you can expect a handsome ROI every month.

17. Online Gaming :

Online gaming

Computer games are one of the most popular types of leisure for modern youth. Video games are improved every year and become diverse and modern, which attracts an ever wider audience of potential customers. This factor makes the business of selling computer games very cost-effective and promising. So, carry out research and start this business from scratch on the wholesale and retail online sale of computer games. The enterprise will pay back all investments with a few days after a successful commencement.

18. Antivirus Development :

As cyber attacks are increasing with each passing day, all IT companies, CIOs and digital decision-makers across the world battle a lot to keep the company data safe. They use antivirus software to prevent hacking attempts and keep their business going in an easy way. Free antivirus systems have restrictions and they are meant for non-commercial uses. You can create high-quality antivirus software and sell them to business operations to make money in great quantity. Keep the product price as minimal as to attract new customers easily.

19. Create And Sell Checkbox Survey Software :

Check box surveyCheckbox Survey software comes with several useful features, such as limitless branding, style options, text merging and hidden items with an intuitive user interface, conditions, skip logic, etc. You can create and sell checkbox survey software and facilitate companies to have flexible pricing models, extensive resources, Web Services, etc, in an easy way.

20. Create And Sell Password Management Software :

These days, almost all tech-savvy individuals use different E-account to meet a wide range of needs. It is very difficult for any person to remember different passwords and use them easily at different time slots. Sometimes, they forget the password and face problems to use their E-accounts. That is why there is a great demand for password management software. As an entrepreneur, create multipurpose password management software and sell them in the market for earning a huge chunk of money on a daily basis.

Final Remarks :

There are the top 20 startup business ideas. Depending on your interest, availability of the capital and resources, launch your startup business easily in these sectors and get success in 2018. If you want to get success in blogging, WordPress development service, provided by IT firms will prove to be a great assistant for you.

Top 20 Proven Solutions That Are Sure To Make Your Startup Successful!

Top 20 Proven Solutions That Are Sure To Make Your Startup Successful

As there are millions of new startups emerge these days, it looks quite clear that each startup has to face a stiff competition in the market. To survive in this ever-evolving market, it becomes highly essential for businesses to be abreast with the latest technology and advancements. By taking a proper approach to the PR activities and marketing, one can succeed in maintaining his position among his competitors.

All credit goes to the new technology that has made things easier for the businesses to survive in their fields. Though the competition is definitely high, yet there are great solutions that are there to help startups to grow and build up as a successful entrepreneur. In this article, we present you with top 20 amazing services that are the real boon to the startups as they help to grow them and achieving their targets in a respective segment.

1. HARO – (Help A Reporter Out) –


When you seek solutions or services that help your startup company to grow, we suggest HARO as the best online service to go with. It encourages the entrepreneurs to provide the online journalists with their practiced view regarding their market or segment. It is a wonderful service for those who want the online journalists to find them from the web as HARO does that for you.

To start taking benefit of HARO, you just have to sign up as the source and it will start sending you 3 emails every day. These emails include some great opportunities according to your expertise and experience. On finding anything worth your attention, you simply need to click on it and follow further simple directions.

There are numerous journalists available and if any one of them likes your opinion, he would allow you to connect and can share the necessary information to him or her. The best advantage of this service is; it lists the company and name in the article which is created by the journalist in your contact. In lucky instances, the article can link back to your own site as well.

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2. Meltwater –


According to the PR perspective, the Meltwater is a great service that startups can take advantage of. Though to get the great benefits out of this service, you should concentrate on its media monitoring features. With a power to be updated with the numerous blog, social media discussions, and editorials, Meltwater makes it quite simple for its users to join any relevant conversation with a flow. In addition, this service allows the users to easily pinpoint the editors or journalists related to the industry your company belongs to. Thus, you get a clear idea about who is good to be reached out to grow in the future.

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3. Anewstip –


The great media contacts is another contributing factor in the growth of a startup. Though finding relevant contacts is not a cup of tea for all. But, using Anewstip you can easily find the great contacts of journalists or other media personnel. It makes the job of creating a relevant email list for these contacts such an easy thing for users. Thus, Anewstip is such a brilliant service for growing the startups.

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4. Cision –


Cision is a great service that helps boosting the PR campaign in an effective manner. It covers every aspect that one needs for a successful PR campaign. Cision has a huge and impressive database comprising of around 1.6 million online journalists, influencers, and editors that are actually a great thing for a startup. The most notable features of Cision are tracking performance tools, mention tracking tools, and advanced distribution tools for

Cision provides tracking performance tools, mention tracking tools, and advanced distribution tools for press release.
It accompanies all tools to check various PR activities on following platforms and in different forms like social media, briefings of daily news, print media, video and broadcast and online media.

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5. Duct Tape – To Instantly Create Marketing Press Release –

Duct Tape Marketing

To write professional looking and impressive press release for your startup, the use of Duct Tape Marketing service is highly recommended. It covers all the required aspects that contribute to creating an effective press release for a company. It is basically a press-release creating service that accompanies some helpful tools which are used to make eye-catchy press releases, that too instantly.

Stellen Infotech ensures your early success on different PR and social media channels.

6. GrowthHackers –


When you look for highly effective services for growing your startup business, GrowthHackers can prove to be an excellent solution for you. It delivers exceptionally advantageous resources to bring growth to a business. Choosing the services of GrowthHackers, you get a chance to be a part of its huge network that comprises of millions of growth professionals and make influential collaboration with them that will surely help you rising. Take great business ideas from them or share your own to them and thus, develop great business resources and connections for your startup.

For the best growth hacking solutions and strategies, contact Stellen Infotech.

7. Stellan Infotech –

Stellen Infotech Ltd

Stellan Infotech is one of the most influential services that help start-ups grow in their respective field. The company provides IT solutions to all types of businesses that help them rising rapidly. As this company works as the service and marketing partner of many leading businesses, entrepreneurs have a great faith in the effectiveness of Stellan Infotech services and solutions.

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8. Withoomph –


When you start a company, you need to create a website, banners, and logo that gives a unique identity to your brand. So, Logo designing is one of the most important steps for a startup on which you may have to spend a good amount of money and time. But, when you have a service like Withoomph, you don’t need to spend that much money and time on this job as it allows the users to make attractive logos quickly and affordably.

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9. Docracy –


Docracy is an exclusive service that almost every startup should subscribe to. It is a different service as compared to other marketing or PR services, but it is more effective than others. Docracy features a huge open collection for legal contracts that startups would require at different stages. Be it an employment contract or a partnership contract, Docracy can avail you every type of contracts written in the best way to make things clearer and well-presented for your startup. So, join the services of Docracy and get the contract that you need for your business operations.

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10. Canva –


Canva is a fantastic service that allows the bloggers to make simple yet attractive graphic designs for their blogs. As of now, there are more than 10 million subscribers who are taking benefit of Canva as it has made designing a way simpler than before. Due to the simple interface and great features of this solution, anyone can try his skills as a designer. So, join the Canva community and learn and grow your startup with your creative designing skills.

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11. Quick Sprout –

Quick Sprout

This service is phenomenal for startups as it provides truly helpful marketing guides as well as website analysis that enables one to keep a check on the growth of his company. Discovering your fallouts or getting the right analysis of your website is a great way to make an appropriate strategy to grow your business. So, Quick Sprout holds a great significance for startup companies.

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12. Buzzsumo –


Buzzsumo works dynamically to check the best performing content on the web. It checks which is the best article or post available on the internet related to your niche and competitors. Thus, keep the users updated about the new internet trends. Following Buzzsumo is such a fruitful strategy to grow your startup in the direction you want.

Stellen Infotech provides start-ups with creative content marketing strategies.

13. GTMetrix –


This service is beneficial in terms of SEO as it checks the speed and performance of a web page for a company. A web page speed matters a lot as Google gives much preference to the websites which loads faster and performs well. So, GTMetric gives you a right insight about how your website works and thus, make you aware of if you should seek any remedy to enhance its performance or not.

Quality SEO service is what you need to rank on top of Google!

14. Sumome List Builder –

Sumome List Builder

When you seek services to grow your new business, a solution that helps you growing your network is something that should be tried out. Sumome List Builder is a service that fulfills this purpose as it provides several email addresses of people who belong to the field you work in. So, subscribe to this service and enjoy growing your network by collecting numerous email addresses to send your marketing emails and newsletters to them.

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15. Medium –


This service is valuable in terms of PR as it helps one to share his experiences and story to others. This way, your story reaches to millions of people and this is how Medium makes you popular among the masses. Sharing an influential story about your profession or success is such a wonderful thing for a startup and can turn to be an unexpectedly huge reward for you.

Having a tailor-made website is the right medium to improve your start-up business!

16. Invoice To Me –

Invoice to Me

When you are starting a company, your main focus should be on minimizing your expenses as much as you can. Hiring a person who handles your invoices will surely increase the expenses that you have to bear. But, when you have services like Invoice to Me, you can save your money that you spend on hiring a resource who handles your invoices. So, get these services and enjoy making invoices for the vendors, suppliers, clients or anyone a fun task.

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17. Slack –


When you have social profiles on different social media platforms, it becomes essential for you to keep a track on what’s going on over all of them. However, checking each platform one by one can make things messy for you. Though for a new startup, it is vital to keep a closer eye on these platforms as they bring business to them. So, to manage the communication of different social media platforms easily, Slack is a phenomenal service to grab on.

Application maintenance service is all you need to keep your application run smoothly.

18. Primer –


A service by Google, Primer is one of the most helpful solutions that can be greatly advantageous for startups. You must agree on the fact that to earn a good name in any business, you should have some skills. By installing the Primer app on your device, you can develop required business skills that help you growing in your respective field. For any business, the knowledge of advertising and marketing comes at first and Primer focuses on delivering that knowledge to its subscribers.

Read latest industry news & google updates to keep your website ahead of competitors!

19. Wave –


It is a great service that helps the startups to make invoices and accounting. There are so many things related to finance that you can manage by using Wave. The best thing about this service is that; it comes for free.

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20. Email 1K –

Email 1K

Email 1K is an online course service that focuses on growing the contacts and email list for businesses. The course tenure is for 30 days in which you will be an expert in growing your contacts as it helps to double the email list of the startup companies.

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So, these are top 20 awesome services for growing your startup and all of these are sure to skyrocket the success of your new company. Therefore, just grab these services and start experiencing your business growth.