Ways To Protect Your Website From Hackers And Cyber Attacks

Internet security is always a concern. Businesses face increased cyber threats and risks in the form of hacking, data loss, malware, and other IT threats. Websites are valuable sources of information that can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection. This means that any website can become a target for cyberattacks. From major companies to small businesses, every industry has been hit hard by hackers and cybercriminals. The main reason behind this is that millions of people look for ways to make money online in today’s world. Moreover, thousands of them have no clue how to protect their websites from these threats.

Businesses know that hackers check their systems regularly but do not have enough resources to protect themselves from these threats. This is mainly due to the lack of information and inappropriate integration of security measures during Website Development. Even businesses don’t know why they face cyberattacks, what are the ways to prevent websites from hacker attacks, and more.

Today we’re going to take a look at ways to prevent future attacks and implement these preventative measures right now.

How to Secure Your Website From Hackers and Cyber Attacks?

Use HTTPS and Install SSL on Your Website:

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer certificate is a sort of security protocol responsible for the encryption of all the interactions executed across the site. The installation of an SSL certificate will assure hackers won’t be able to determine the conversations made on or to the website. Irrespective of whether they have intercepted the website’s data.

Also, installing HTTPS and locking images in the browser is essential. The five alphabets work as a security check for hackers. Thus, alerting if it is safe to share sensitive information like financial or personal data on a specific webpage.

Integrate Website Security Extensions or Plugins:

Having a website is one thing. Its maintenance and security are also essential to ensure they are safe from security threats and function well. You can do this by integrating website security plugins on your wordpress website during the website development procedure. Even many professionals who offer web development services recommend using security plugins. These are designed to ensure the site is secure and safe from multiple attack types.

You can consider the following given aspects when choosing a website security plugin.

>It must fulfill the compatibility criteria with the website platform.
>It must be easy to use and set up.
>It must offer cross-site scripting and SQL injection protection features to save from common attacks.

Add MFA and Ensure Passwords Are Strong:

The use of strong passwords is essential for online accounts. It will be challenging to guess. Ensure it is 8 characters long with a combination of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols.

In addition, Multi-Factor Authentication is a security layer that you can add to online websites or any other accounts. It will ask more than once for verification to make sure the authorized user is logging in. During authentication, it will send a code to the registered phone number. Entering the correct code will only provide access to the site or account.

As a result, the website will be safe from hackers who may have its password. After all, they will require the phone to have the one-time code.

Restrict Login Attempts:

As your site grows and you begin to add more contributors such as a guest author or a freelance web developer.

Being a business owner, you might be working in collaboration with freelance designers or web development professionals. All of them will require access to the site for job execution. Here, ensure that access is limited. It will better organize the site and prevent people from taking any unnecessary actions that may result in data or financial loss.

Pick a Reputable and Reliable Web Hosting:

The majority of people make web providers accountable for everything, including website security. However, if your website is hacked, it is not the web host’s responsibility. In reality, there might be severe repercussions when a web server is to blame for any security lapse occurring. Many thousands of sites are influenced every other day.

Hence, it is your responsibility to select a reliable and reputable web hosting provider. Choosing the most secure hosting service provider will assure safety and security from web attackers.

Execute Penetration Testing:

Penetration testing is one way to assure a website’s data security from cyberattacks. It helps in determining the system vulnerabilities. Once these are located and eliminated, you can save the site from hackers. But ensure you perform this testing before the attackers do. As it will let them access your system or other confidential information.

Utilize Encryption:

Encryption is the key to converting easily readable information into a cipher text. It is an unreadable format that can be achieved with the use of a mathematical algorithm. Encrypting text helps in protecting the information from providing access to unknown individuals.


Businesses failing to save its website from viruses or cyberattacks have to experience financial loss, reputational damage, and much more. Furthermore, it influences the long-term competitive edge that the business holds. The hackers have a lot of strategies and tools in place to hack the sites. Hence, you, being a business owner, must be aware of all the tips, techniques, and resources helpful in protecting your site. So, ensure you keep the software updated, choose reputable hosting, set strong website passwords, and so on. All this will assure website security from cyberattacks.

At Stellen Infotech, we provide website development services assuring the solutions designed are secure from any cyberattacks. Our expert developers integrate the security plugins so your site does not face any threats from hackers. Thus, helping you keep up with your competitiveness, reputation, and growth.

wordpress development

Best Practices to Boost Your WordPress Website Development

WordPress is a frequently used and reliable open source CMS. It enables experienced developers and designers to create unique websites with straightforward user interfaces and engaging content. As a result, the company can attract, engage, and inform its current and potential customers.

Developing business websites is the priority of every business these days. After all, it is the source of boosting the overall firm’s online exposure. Furthermore, WordPress powering more than 40% of websites on the internet makes it a viable platform for development.

But there are times when both the novices and experienced professionals get stuck with the coding hassles. Thus, facing issues in building functional and responsive websites.

You can easily find multiple WordPress development guides or tutorials. However, our write-up will cover in-depth ins and outs with actionable insights to impress customers with your website and strengthen the business.

Let’s begin then!!

WordPress Website Development Best Practices

Adhere to WordPress Coding Norms

The WordPress platform has coding standards in place and for some reason. It helps the experts begin working with other professionals from different parts of the community like web designers and more. Most of the areas it covers include themes, plugins, and coding. Following the standards ensure that code is easily readable, coding mistakes are minimal, and modifications are simple. In addition, they are well-known for optimized business growth and security.

JS, PHP, CSS, and HTML are the four primary code languages used by the WordPress platform. You need to simply understand the coding standards and use the right language and you will be on the right track.

Ensure Website Security

Securing the website with a username and password is obvious. However, avoid using easy-to-guess passwords. Create one using the combination of special characters, alphabets, numbers, etc.

Additionally, WordPress also offers multiple security plugins. These include Firewall, WPScan, Sucuri, etc. All these capabilities help monitor unauthorized login tries, and user activities, block spammers and ensure data protection.

You can even utilize the forms’ filtering approaches or a captcha system. It ensures the bots or spammers will not be able to send repeated requests to the forms.

Choose WordPress Website Themes and Plugins Wisely

WordPress plugins help create reliable websites. For instance, add-ons have an impact on security and slow down website speed. Therefore, it’s crucial to constantly update third-party plugins that guarantee website security.

Also, the chances of compatibility hassles of WordPress sites with updated platform versions reduces. Ensure the development expert you employ performs an audit on WordPress plugins. In addition, they must be kept upgraded, and their performance must be monitored.

Utilize Cache

It is the approach that contributes to boosting the site’s performance as a whole. This further helps in lowering the bounce rate. You can either use a plugin like Google PageSpeed as the caching solution. On the other hand, you can work with CDN, Cloudflare, and other caching services.

Make Sure to Write Readable Coding

Every developer must go above and beyond to meet the requirements for website development and to create readable and trustworthy codes. Usually, it begins with organizing the files, images, folders, and more. It ensures writing codes that are reusable and easily adjusted to cross-platforms.

The writing of readable code needs to follow the below-given principles.

  • Ensure reliability as it is vital that code performs the repetitive tasks hassle-free and utilizes WordPress APIs.
  • Follow the above shared coding standards to achieve optimal readability.
  • Use filter hooks and actions for enhanced extensibility.
  • When possible, use relative URL routes to make sure they are easy modifications when necessary.
  • Use abstract coding rather than just copying and pasting the snippets.

Use Custom Plug-Ins and Child Site Themes

You can add new features and functionalities to a theme but create a duplicate child theme for it. Never touch the coding of any third-party plugins. Otherwise, you may need to overwrite the code manually if there occurs any need for upgrades in the future.

Additionally, installing unique plugins is the best approach to provide the website with the functionality you want. The primary purpose of adding plugins is to make it easier to move between themes without hindering the functionality of the entire site.

Follow Code Spacing Rules

Correct spacing is essential to ensure easy code readability. Thinking about how to use it as the coding standard?

  • Make sure there are enough spaces between the opening and closing parenthesis.
  • After commas and on either side of assignments, string operators, comparisons, etc., add the appropriate amount of space.
  • Do prefer not to use a PHP closing tag.
  • Avoid using whitespace at the coding’s end.

Your codes will be reliable and easier to read if you adhere to these coding best practices. Isn’t it great!!

Perform Thorough Code Testing

One common mistake that many developers make is they do not test the code or find it significant to perform debugging. Besides, there are approaches like quality assurance and A/B unit testing to consider. This helps in testing the coding and identifying errors or mistakes early. Moreover, quality assurance ensures the proper functioning of coding in terms of WordPress development. Also, it sees if the user interface is friendly and easily navigable on the browsers.


To conclude, website building requires knowledge and expertise in both design and development. Only then the goals of enhanced user experience with the website can be achieved. So, being a developer, ensure you adhere to coding standards, follow the coding spaces appropriately, and keep up with the upgrades and development trends.

All in all, these best techniques will provide a solid base for understanding the way WordPress works in website development.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire the WordPress website development agency that assures the building of appealing, responsive, and sales-driven websites.

Stellen Infotech is a well-known WordPress website development company with great experts to meet development needs. They make sure to include fantastic features and functionality so that the customers have total control over how the website operates. Thus, assisting them in providing clients with great digital experiences.

Hope you find this write-up helpful.

Thanks for Reading!!