How to Choose a WordPress Theme for your Business Website

Do you need a website to showcase your business but don’t know how to choose the perfect WordPress theme? You’re in the right place! Here, we will provide you with some essential tips to help you make the right choice for your business’s website. Whether you want to hire a professional WordPress Development Company or do it yourself, we’ll guide you every step of the way. Read on to find out how to choose the perfect WordPress theme for your business website.

Understanding the Basics of WordPress Themes

WordPress themes are an essential part of creating a website using the WordPress platform. A WordPress theme is a set of files that define the overall look and feel of a website. Themes are composed of templates, style sheets, and scripts that control the design of the website.

WordPress themes can be customized to suit the needs of any business. WordPress themes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from simple, one-page designs to complex multi-page themes with lots of features. Depending on the type of website you’re creating, you can choose from a variety of free and premium themes or can watch other WordPress development company for an examples. Free themes are a great starting point for small businesses or those just starting out, while premium themes offer more features and customization options.

Features to Look for When Selecting a WordPress Theme

When selecting a WordPress theme for your business website, there are a few essential features to consider.

Prepare the List of Requirements

It can be difficult to choose a WordPress theme for your website. Consider carefully what you hope to accomplish with your website. I’m confused as to the site’s primary purpose. To what extent will it resemble a blog, an online store, or something else entirely? Should it be artistic, business like, or something else entirely? Each of these inquiries will point you in the proper route when picking a WordPress theme.

At the same time, you need to consider the website’s overall aesthetic. Is there a particular palette or set of fonts you have in mind? In what fashion would you like the structure to appear? Need a mobile-friendly version of the site? Answering these inquiries can help you zero in on a viable option and make your final choice much less complicated.

Make Sure Theme Supports Plugins

To get the most out of your WordPress website creation experience, give some serious consideration to the theme you end up going with. A website’s success or failure hinges on the theme you employ, therefore it’s important to find one that works well with vital WordPress plugins. It’s vital that you anticipate the plugins you’ll need and check that they’re compatible with the theme you’ve settled on.

In this way, you can have confidence that your website will include all the functionality you need and that visitors will like their experience. Look at similar sites’ features to determine which plugins you require. That should serve as a guide while you consider which plugins might work best for your website. After compiling a list of plugins you need, you can begin looking for themes that are compatible with them. Or else look for the WordPress Development Company to fulfil your needs.

Some of the most widely used and helpful WordPress plugins include Yoast SEO, which helps enhance the SEO of your website, Jetpack with its website analytics, spam filters, and automatic social media posting, WooCommerce which makes your WordPress website an eCommerce store, and WP Forms with its drag-and-drop contact form builder.

Check Out their Online Reviews

One of the greatest ways to pick the finest WordPress Theme for your site is to check out the reviews that other users have left. It’s helpful to hear how other people are using the theme and what they think about it. Learning more about different themes through reviews is a great way to find the one that best fits your needs. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of available themes, therefore evaluations can be really helpful.

You may learn about the theme’s features, usability, and compatibility with other plugins and themes through reviews, which can help you limit down your options. They can also inform you whether the theme is well-supported and backed by a team of pros. If you take the time to read reviews, you may be confident that you’re making the right choice when selecting a theme for your website.

Responsive Design

It’s no secret that mobile traffic has taken over the internet – in fact, it now accounts for approximately 50% of all internet traffic! That percentage is only going to increase in the future, so it’s important to make sure your website is optimized for mobile users. It’s crucial to go with a theme that’s adaptable, so it can adapt its layout and styling to fit screens of varying sizes, from laptops to smartphones. With a responsive theme, your website will look great on any screen size, and users will have a great experience no matter what device they’re using to access it. Additionally, search engines will view your site more favourably if it has this feature.

In addition to making your site easier to operate, a responsive theme improves user experience. A responsive theme automatically adjusts to the device your visitors are using, saving you time. You can save time and work by eliminating numerous web versions.

Invest in a responsive WordPress theme if you’re going to use it for your site. While it may have a higher initial outlay, the investment will prove profitable in the long term.

Pick Something You Can Alter to Your Requirements

Finding the right WordPress theme for your website involves many factors. You should check that it allows you to customize the font, colours, graphics, layout, and pages so that it fits in with the overall style and look you’re going for. In this approach, you may add a unique and personal touch to your website. You can choose from many wonderful pre-made themes, but you should also search for one that allows customization. This can make you feel more in control while also allowing you to design a website that is truly your own. Feel free to try out several approaches until you find one that works best for you.

Avoid Getting Stuck in the Premium vs. Free Discussion

All of us are familiar with the conventional wisdom that premium WordPress themes are better than their free counterparts. But can we take that at face value? Buying a premium WordPress theme grants you access to additional functionality, but is this always the case? There are thousands of free WordPress themes with lots of functionality, and many premium themes don’t offer much more. So, should you always buy a premium WordPress theme or use a free version?

This, of course, is a question to which only you can provide an answer. If you’re just starting off, a free WordPress theme may be the answer. If you want a theme with many customization possibilities, a premium WordPress theme may be best. In the end, your needs and preferences will determine which options are best for you.

Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional WordPress Development Company?

Development Company Hiring a professional WordPress development company can make the process of building a business website much easier. It will have the expertise to create a website that is tailored to your needs and meets all of your business’s requirements.

A professional company will also be able to customize the theme to your specifications and make sure it meets all of the necessary SEO requirements. Furthermore, they can help you with any technical or design issues you may encounter. This can save you time and money in the long run if your choose the WordPress Development services from the reliable theme provider.


Investing time and thought into finding the best WordPress theme for your company’s site is crucial. With so many themes, it’s hard to choose. You should evaluate the theme’s functionality and aesthetic, its compatibility with your current plugins and tools, and the developer’s customer support before making a final choice. Your business website’s design and functionality will reflect your vision if you take the time to investigate and evaluate available themes. Also, you can contact the WordPress Development Company for the themes which qualify the above listed traits.

WordPress development company

Tips to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Mobile Users

Undoubtedly, a responsive website design approach enables building websites that are simple to adjust across many platforms. But it’s vital to keep in mind that consumer engagement and satisfaction are not solely the result of responsive design.

Consideration of Google’s preferred option, i.e. mobile-first indexing, is essential to carry out the actual WordPress website performance optimization.

Stats says better:

Mobile phones are used by 55.4 percent of users to shop online.
According to a survey by GoodFirms, 73.1 percent of web designers believe that the increase in cart abandonment rate is due to the non-responsive mobile website.

All this simply means the website optimization for mobile devices must be on the top of to-dos. Even not only this, better mobile experience results in more consumer engagement, increased conversions, reduced bounce rate, and ultimately the increased ROI.

So, let us share with you the quick tips for website optimization for mobile and boosting business traffic. Besides, it is always better to hire WordPress experts for professional help.

Effective Strategies to Optimize Your WordPress Website for Mobile Users

Utilize Responsive WordPress Theme

Does your website look fantastic on computers or desktops? Great!! However, if you don’t utilize a responsive theme that adjusts to a variety of screen sizes, you’ll be more likely to lose mobile users. As a result, there will be a revenue loss.

Responsive themes can change the screen resolution of different devices. It also maintains the desired aesthetics and credibility, no matter how big or small is the screen size. In simple terms, mobile smartphones are more in use than desktops. Hence, prioritizing a responsive theme is a key necessity to achieving a mobile-optimized website for a better user experience.

Choose Authentic Web Hosting Service Provider

Choosing the wrong host might influence your website’s overall optimization efforts. You’re establishing a new business website, for example. You should avoid relying on shared hosting providers in this situation. This is because of the chances of the website failing to perform as expected.

Instead, WordPress has its hosting options that are specifically designed for the platform. It usually entails membership access to plugins and themes, as well as default settings and other features.

Activate Google Accelerated Mobile Pages on WordPress

Webpage speed is one prominent factor that Google’s search algorithm counts on. Also, Google prioritizes exceptional visitor experience, regardless of which device they are using.

This is why Google introduced AMPs. The role of such pages is to increase the web page loading on mobile devices, making the site more mobile-friendly.

Install Plugins Supporting Mobile-Optimized Content

When you choose a responsive WordPress theme, half of the work is done for you. It’s now time to install the WordPress plugins that will be used in the following step of mobile optimization. While a wide range of plugin choices are available to pick from, keep in mind that getting the most out of them demands creating a bespoke website.

Boost Website’s Loading Speed

A website’s loading speed is important in this mobile-advanced world. Hence, keeping the website loading speed at its best is essential for achieving user-friendliness. Optimize the site for reduced bounce rate and improved user interaction with the platform.

Some basic methods other than using the tools like Speed Update are given below.

  • To make site loading speed efficient, use the simplest code possible.
  • Implement web page caching to make the website accessibility easy. This feature is supported by multiple caching plugins.
  • Lower the page loading time by compressing photos and big files.
  • To eliminate any chances of security risks or vulnerabilities, make sure your website is up to date.
  • Make use of a Content Delivery Network. It allows the production of multiple server copies spread globally.

Wide-Screen Pop-Ups are Not Useful

Full-screen pop-ups that highlight your company’s goal are indisputably successful at attracting desktop users’ attention. However, a similar approach annoys mobile users.

You could write small JS coding components instead of discarding this strategy’s implementation. It will assist in recognizing the browser used by the users and preventing it from being displayed on mobile devices.

  • Besides, you can configure pop-ups this way
  • Pop-up windows must be easy to close. It is necessary to have a quick pass to the close button that is of adequate size and easily noticeable.
  • Ensure the pop-up takes a small mobile screen portion for display purposes.
  • Make sure the verification forms, login dialogs, and other form types do not appear as pop-ups.

Prioritize Mobile-First Approach

Owning a mobile-first website has become a necessity more than ever before. The reason is it helps to offer high-quality services or goods and boost rankings on the SERPs.

Remember that the usefulness of WordPress on a smartphone is the first step towards site optimization. Suppose your site is functioning slowly. This will result in visitors abandoning your brand. Hence, prioritizing the mobile audience helps in attaining a responsive website.

Track the Site Performance

You can use Google Analytics to track how well the website is performing. Furthermore, using WordPress development services may be the best option. The professionals can help you attract more potential clients and increase traffic. To put it another way, the efforts will be directed on the appropriate path.

Summing Up

To conclude, these are some effective approaches that you can implement to achieve an optimized website for mobile users. Thus, helping your business get on the road.

However, the efforts are not limited to these tips only. Testing and monitoring the site’s performance on multiple devices is essential. It will help you determine the level of visitor satisfaction. Such data will further assist in making the modifications to achieve a pleasing user experience. After all, your goal is to improve the site performance and make it mobile-friendly.

Remember, improving the website’s rankings on the SERPs and optimizing it for mobile devices will enhance productivity. Furthermore, it will help reach a wider target audience. Thus, boosting the brand visibility.

The best you can do is hire the WordPress development services from Stellen Infotech. The expert team of developers can get you the mobile responsive WordPress site designed the way you expected.


6 Useful WordPress Plugins to Protect Website Content

Content is very important for search engine optimization. But nowadays people believe in stealing the content rather than creating a fresh and unique one. Google prefers unique and useful content to create a better user experience and it brings down the website containing copied content, which would not only effect the website which has copied the content but also the one from which the content has been copied. So to prevent this here are some useful WordPress Plugins to prevent your website content from being copied. 

They just steal content from other websites, make some edits and reuse text material for SEO activities. It is an illegal, but prevalent practice. Many times, it happens that unprofessional thugs steal your website content and make use of it to gain an unfair advantage in the SEO game. If you run WordPress websites, there are many plugins with which you can protect the site content from theft or unauthorized use. Let’s have a look at them.


  • WP Content Copy Protection with Color Design

It is a nice plugin to disappoint content burglars. It is a free plugin that can be downloaded easily from the official repository of the WordPress website. After successful installation and activation, the plugin will disable right click, text selection, image downloading, on your website and keep its material safe. It sends instant notifications when someone tries to copy your website materials using dubious means. It also allows you to protect specific posts or pages on your website.


  • Smart Content Protector

Smart Content Protector is an effective tool to protect the text and images of your website with great ease. It is a powerful tool to combat plagiarism. Just install and activate this plugin on your website. After activation, it disables all shortcut keys for copying the website content. It comes with image protection option.

So, visitors will not be able to download images from your website. It disables the Image Dragging. You can use this plugin to protect all pages of your website or only specific pages. You can use it easily on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X etc.

You can customize the pages of your website from the setting page. It also has the text highlighting option. You can use it to disable the right click on your website & protect text, image, and video content easily. You can set user’s access to your website to enhance the protection level to content.


  • Opt-In Content Locker

This is a very good plugin for all those website owners who sell premium content to interested subscribers. Just purchase this premium plugin, install it on your website & activate it following the given instructions. The plugin will show some portion of premium content to visitors and hide the rest one.

Only premium subscribers can access the locked content. The plugin comes with an unlimited number of inline opt-in forms. You can also design your own opt-in forms with the help of WordPress Developers. It allows subscribers to follow your website on the Facebook page. It has 600+ Google Fonts. So, you can use any one of them to present content to users. It is SEO friendly and supports WordPress caching plugins.

Source from:


  • WordPress Content Locker Plugin

It is a very effective plugin to disappoint professional content thieves. Purchase this plugin from its developer and install it on your WordPress website. After activation, the plugin automatically locks all important content on your website. Premium subscribers can access the locked content by subscribing specific pages. It is a good plugin to protect the website content from stealing & sell high-quality materials in exchange for a good price tag.


  • PrivateContent

Private content is a powerful plugin to protect website content from illegal use. You can use this plugin to disable all content stealing techniques on your website & ensure its privacy. This plugin is GDPR compliant and can be used without any coding knowledge. With this plugin, you can easily protect the website content, images, categories, widgets, videos, and other elements of your website. It allows you to track users on the website. It can use it to provide users with restricted access to the site. This plugin is suitable for multilingual websites and WordPress Multisite.


  • WP Protect Content

This plugin deserves your attention if you are curiously searching for a good plugin to protect the WordPress website content. After successful installation and activation, the plugin disables cut, copy, and paste technologies effectively. It disables right click and F12 options. So, you can’t steal the site’s text, image or video content. Based on your specific needs, you can protect the whole website or particular pages. It also disables Ctrl+P, Ctrl+S, and Ctrl+U commands. It makes content stealing an impossible task for professional thugs.


  • Secure Copy Content Protection

Secure Copy Content Protection is an extremely useful plugin for all those website owners whose content is the primate target of online idiots & cut-paste copy writers. After successful installation and activati
on, the plugin disables right click, copy paste, content selection and copy shortcut keys-used for content stealing. It also Ctrl+U function or F12, which prevents users from viewing inspect elements. This protects your website & disappoint all attempts used for copyright infringement. With this plugin, you can protect the whole website or its particular pages.

Final Remarks

Copyright infringement and content stealing are quite common these days. Individuals simply copy paste your website content and use it for their professional advantage & benefits. Be serious about website content protection. Choose any plugin and install it on your WordPress site to enable content protection. Content protection plugins safeguard your website content & help to get a competitive advantage over business rivals.