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Blockchain is currently reshaping the way business is done. The question is, how do you get your company started on realising its full potential? A leading blockchain software development company, we help startups and big organisations leverage distributed ledger technologies for cutting-edge applications today and will continue to expand the use of blockchain for you well into the future.


Blockchain-related Products and Services

Stellen Infotech is committed to helping businesses and startups implement decentralised, reliable, and secure business automation solutions based on blockchain technology. We design blockchain solutions tailored to individual business needs by integrating features, modifying systems, and implementing them.

Stellen Infotech Blockchain Development Package

Discussion on Blockchain Technology

The core of our blockchain consulting strategy is understanding how and why blockchain technology may improve your company's solution and build trust and transparency in the system.

Offering of DApps

Our blockchain developers create decentralised solutions for the enterprise that reduce time-to-market and maximise the value of our clients' investments.

Development of NFT Marketplace

Businesses can trade, bid, and sell digital assets in a protocol-specific and not centrally controlled manner using decentralised NFT platforms. Our solution to interoperability issues is cross-chain marketplaces, which make it easier to mint NFTs interoperable with many chains.

Metaverse's Growth and Development

It is due to our expertise in blockchain and crypto development tools that Stellen Infotech provides Metaverse development services for NFT marketplaces, social media, and 3D gaming applications.

Supply Chain
Development of a Supply Chain Based on a Blockchain Technology

Our blockchain supply chain solutions are designed to achieve transparency and error-free data flow.

Creating a Bespoke Blockchain App

Custom blockchain software solutions based on Tezos, Hyperledger, Polkadot, Tron, Stellar and EOS are some of the blockchain platforms we use.

Smart Contracts Development

Stellen Infotech smart contract development includes the creation of self-executing blockchain contracts. In addition to crowdfunding projects, blockchain supply chain solutions, and NFT projects, we have developed smart contracts in these domains.

An Internet-based Trading Platform

Decentralized exchange systems for Android and iOS are built by our blockchain development team to provide the safe and efficient trading of digital currencies.

Robust Blockchain Wallet Development

Our blockchain developers have created web and mobile wallet applications that support a broad variety of digital assets and currencies, as well as cross-chain token swapping.


Tokenizing any asset with the help of our blockchain development team ensures trust, transparency, and efficiency. There is less volatility and greater liquidity in a wide range of assets thanks to tokenization.

Riverflo Clone on Various Blockchain Networks

Blockchain technology can be used to securely store data and digital identification information.

Chains of Distribution

The use of blockchain can help you discover potential problems, speed up decision-making, and increase transparency throughout the supply chain.

Digital Self-Portrait

Users can take greater power over their online footprint and how it is used by decentralising the management of their digital identity through the use of blockchain.

Social Network

Divert the attention from monetary gain to customer experience, and connecting through decentralised media platforms.

Royalty and Copyright

With a transparent monitoring mechanism, blockchain is making it easier for artists to receive fair compensation for their work.

Accounting and Payments

Allow secure, low-cost international payments via encrypted distributed ledgers that do not need third parties as well as provide real-time transaction validation.

Keeping Track of Medical Records

HIPAA-compliant, secure data sharing among different healthcare providers for quick and precise patient diagnosis and effective treatment is the goal of this type of system. Sharing medical records with patients in a safe and efficient manner.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Supplier contract responsibilities can be validated and executed more quickly, goods authenticity can be traced and monitored more thoroughly and supply protection can be improved.


Integration of
Blockchain Technology

Your blockchain solution can be tailored to your needs by using APIs from other blockchain platforms, allowing for greater scalability, flexibility and security.

Platforms for Blockchain Technology

When it comes to building the optimal blockchain solution for companies of all sizes and sectors, Stellen Infotech relies on APIs and leading-edge technology.

Stacking the Technology

When it comes to building the best blockchain solution for your organisation, we use multiple programming languages and frameworks from different vendors.

Designing a Custom NFT Marketplace

Digital assets belonging to users are converted into NFTs and sold or auctioned on NFT markets that our company constructs and develops.

Cryptocurrency Safety

We offer blockchain security software that integrates the core components of an industry standard for shared and distributed ledgers with the objective of altering how organisations transact globally.

Improvement of the NFTs Development

Bitcoin investors should be able to see current prices, payment methods, and auction durations, as well as historical trading data, in real time. A variety of classification criteria, such as the number of NFT investors as well as volume of trade and price, are used by our NFT developers when creating charts showing the most commonly traded NFTs on your platform.

Software Development Kit for OpenSea

With the OpenSea SDK, we can construct markets with unique features and the opportunity to trade products in exchange for your own ERC-20 tokens. Our NFT developers can produce ERC-721 and ERC-1155 (semi-fungible) goods. You don't have to set up your own smart contracts while using the OpenSea SDK.

Read Our FAQ's

What are Blockchain Development Services?
Blockchain development services help build decentralised networks on blockchain to increase the security and traceability of the data.
Why Should You Invest in Blockchain Development?
There are multiple reasons to invest in blockchain development:
  • Better Data Security
  • Fast Transactions
  • Low Data Storage Expenses
  • High Transparency
  • Minimum Replication of Data
What Are The Industries Where Blockchain is Practically Applied?
After initially gaining popularity among tech enthusiasts, blockchain technology is becoming mainstream. There are numerous industries like banking, healthcare, supply chain, digital, identity, and more, where blockchain technology is making the data more secure and transactions more transparent.

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