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Making things easy for customers is a certain way to win their trust Build an application that allows people to buy food online

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Our Business Model

Our team creates broadly applicable grocery delivery apps. The specific requirements of our stakeholders are being taken into account as we develop our grocery delivery app.

Grocery Supermarkets

Want to give the Internet a try for your business? We are here to help you. We've got the best app for getting food delivered online.

Single/Multi Grocery Stores

Grocery store patrons can do their shopping online from a single or all of your locations with the help of a specialized website and very user-friendly mobile apps.

Retail Grocery Outlets

Build a localized version of Big Basket-style grocery delivery app with tracking and analytics tools.

Customer Web & Application


Easy Login

Simple sign-up with email and password, or use a social media account.


Advance Search

Use the powerful search tool to zero in on just the food items you need, and then pick them out.


Schedule Booking

Give shoppers the option to pick the time of day when their groceries will be delivered.


Push Notifications & Alerts

Get your clients up to date on the grocery delivery status in real time by emailing and texting them.


Order Tracking

Give your clients the option of monitoring their grocery delivery on a real-time map interface.


Secure Payments

Provide a wide variety of safe payment methods for the best online grocery shopping experience possible.

Take Your Grocery Business Online To Deliver Their Orders At Doorstep
Delivery Agent App
Straightforward Onboarding

Simple and quick signup process for supermarket delivery drivers

Rapid Notification of Order

Grocery store deliveries became faster thanks to real-time smartphone notifications of orders.

Better Route Optimization

Let drivers decide on the most efficient way to deliver groceries to their consumers

Current Delivery Status & Time Frame

This function gives you full information, including customer data, delivery address, order status, etc.

Share Availability

Allow your agent to share their availability and make adjustments using the app at any moment.

Earnings Updated Daily

Permit your delivery agents to keep track of their earnings by the hour and the number of deliveries they make.

Perks You Gain Furthermore

During the Economic Downturn, with Your Own Name-Brand Grocery Delivery App

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