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Considering the never-ending on-demand taxi services, we provide a customizable Uber-clone script. Take your business to new heights with the current market requirements and approach us to get a similar app like Uber. Our technological, driven smart solution will be a representation of your brand name, language, and logo. Trust us- we are the renowned taxi app developers; we provide the customizable, robust, and user-friendly app in no time!!

How Do We Create a Ride App Like Uber?

  • Best design is picked up: Our designers choose the design that fulfills your service demands and customizes it accordingly.
  • Required features are integrated: We integrate only those features in your taxi app that enables valuable services.
  • Launching the application: We launch the on-demand taxi app on iOS and Android platforms and let your business get profitable results.
Ride App Like Uber

How Our On-Demand Taxi App Is Different From Others?

We deliver an ideal taxi-booking app for modern travelers with exceptional features.
Get an original app with economical pricing.

  • aficiently

    Efficiently serve several users and drivers activity

  • iso

    Accessible for iOS and Android users

  • customizable

    Fully customizable and branding

  • admin panel

    Easily accessible Admin panel for managing every feature

On-Demand Taxi App
  • code

    Deliver code to customize whenever required

  • support

    Free support and maintenance in the support period

  • price

    Prices are revealed earlier. Full transparency

  • appropriate product deliverable

    Appropriate product deliverable management Experienced mobile and web developers build the app

Our Services In Taxi App Development

Below is what our standard package of the app includes:

User Android App

User Android App

User iOS App

User iOS App

User Web Panel

User Web Panel

Driver Web Panel

Driver Web Panel

Driver Android App

Driver Android App

Driver iOS App

Driver iOS App

Dispatcher Panel

Dispatcher Panel

Fleet Manager panel

Fleet Manager panel

Account manager panel

Account manager panel

Main Website

Main Website

Site Administrator Web Panel

Site Administrator Web Panel

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Key Features Of Our Taxi-Booking App

Our developers make an exclusive uber-clone app to assure the best and convenient ride for your riders.

  • Rider Registration

    Registration of the rider can be performed via mobile number or email id. The rider can also be logged in from any social media account.

  • Book Cab

    The rider can book a taxi quickly after registering.

  • Book Later

    Fully customizable and branding

  • Arrival Time

    The taxi app will show the rider the exact arrival time of the taxi.

  • Approximate Fare

    The rider will be informed of the fare estimation by calculating the distance from the pickup and drop location.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    The rider can pay for the ride from any of the reliable payment options. Cash, Card, or Wallet are one of those payment options.

  • Notifications

    The rider will be notified of important updates by email and SMS.

  • SOS Button

    If requested, the rider will be given the SOS button.

  • Driver tracking

    Our app enables the rider to track the location of the driver on the map.

  • Cab cancellation

    Cancellation of cabs and refund is also possible.

  • Driver Details

    The app includes the full information of the driver. Details, such as name, phone number, the total number of completed trips, etc. can be known.

  • Rating and Suggestions

    After the completion of the ride, the rider is asked to review. Suggestions are also probable.

  • Ride History

    The customers can check out the previous rides or the history they have made.

  • Setting-up Location

    The customer can easily set up the locations on the app so that the booking becomes comfortable in the future.

Our app surely surprises you with its best services. It makes it easy for drivers to serve the riders effectively.

  • Registration

    The driver can get registered by filling the personal information or from social media.

  • Profile Verification

    The driver will get service requests quickly when the admin approves the profile and other relevant documents.

  • Live Navigation

    Locating the rider is easy with the live navigation, the driver can go with the fastest and shortest route accordingly.

  • Availability Toggle

    It helps the driver to show his/her availability on the taxi-booking app.

  • Earnings Tab

    It lets the drivers track their daily earnings.

Driver app
  • Contacting customer for confirmation

    The driver can contact the driver to confirm the pick-up location.

  • Service History

    Knowing the work history is easy for drivers with the on-demand app.

  • Surge Pricing

    The app notifies the driver about the locations that own surge pricing.

  • Driver Dashboard

    Form the dashboard; the driver can discover the insights and stats of their rides and reviews.

  • Support

    Raising a support ticket from the app whenever required is possible.

Supervising every ride and transaction is a must that is why admins are here. Our ride-booking app makes it easy for the Admins to manage everything adequately.

  • Admin Login

    Admin can log in to the web-based Admin panel.

  • Sub-Admins

    Admin can also designate the sub-admin for managing several domains.

  • Dashboard

    The admin manages the business from the dashboard to get the performance summary.

  • Driver Verification

    The admins check the credibility of the drivers from the ride-booking app.

Why Choose US
  • Settlement Module

    This module divides the tax and commission of every payment into two parts and credits the closing amount into the driver's wallet.

  • Document Verification

    The verification of the taxi used is also required; there should be cross-checking of all the documents.

  • Ride Report

    Admin has every information about the ride. The duration, count, driver, receipt, the ride, etc. can be known easily.

Dispatcher Panel is created to assign, dispatch, and track the driver's activities.

  • Making Bookings
  • Managing Requests
  • Dispatch Drivers
  • Tracking Rides
  • Feedback and Suggestions
  • Integration of manual requests

Unique Features

Communicate with the Driver

Communicate with the Driver

From our app, the riders can communicate (call or chat) with the driver from the app only.

Live Geo Tracking

Live Geo Tracking

The rider can check the location of the nearest driver in real-time from the customer-facing taxi-booking app.

Cancel/ Change Booking

Cancel/ Change Booking

The riders can cancel or change their booking at any point.

Feedback System

Feedback System

The riders and the drivers can view the job and feedback history to perceive the better.

Complete Profile

Complete Profile

To understand the ecosystem in a better way, the drivers and the riders create their profiles and update it regularly.

Service History

Service History

The drivers and the riders can check the work history and the previous points of the requested services.

Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and Notifications

The on-demand app users can seamlessly receive notifications about registrations and different relevant events by SMS or emails.

Ride Allotment Algorithm

Ride Allotment Algorithm

Administrators can use one or more of the ride allotment algorithms to assign drivers to service requests.

Consumes less battery

Consumes less battery

The on-demand taxi-booking app is fully-optimized to operate seamlessly on the popular smart devices to assure less battery consumption

Data Protection

Data Protection

For security, SSL certifications and other relevant security parameters are configured to the application code.

Publish Android or iOS App

Publish Android or iOS App

We guide in uploading and installing the taxi-booking app and takes it approval with the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

Promo Codes

Promo Codes

Our app enables the users to share the promotional code to their knowns to get more discounts and more customers.

Advanced Feature List Of Taxi Booking App

Whitelabel and Customizable

Our on-demand taxi app solution is created by keeping all the essential business requirements intact. Although Customization can also be done whenever required.

Multiple maps option

We integrate this exceptional feature so that the rider can add the map app which they find convenient. It makes the rider more comfortable and establishes more trust.

Server and Hosting

We offer the hosting service on the dedicated cloud server. Our recommendation here is to go with the cloud server for the best outcome.

Preferred drivers

If you like the service of any driver, then you can mark it as the preferred one. In the next ride, the driver will give preference to your request and attend you on a priority basis.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Our developers have integrated the app with several reliable payment gateways. It makes it easy for riders to pay online with easily accessible ways.

Sharing and Tracking

Every journey of the rider is being tracked. They can share the route so that their family and friends know where they are.

Why Choose Our Taxi Booking App Development Company?

Our professionals have in-depth knowledge of white-label taxi app development. We have created native Android
or iOS taxi booking apps with instinctive UI & UX to give your customers the best experience.
Hire Us and make your taxi app clone to the Uber booking app!!

  • Powerful Admin Dashboard
  • Responsive application
  • Customized UI
  • Automatic fare calculation
  • Convenient payment options
  • Fleet Management
  • Records in Digital format
  • Manage package plans
  • Easy to use
  • Authorized to track the service
  • Secure app
  • 24X7 support and maintenance
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns the rights and ownership of my Uber-like taxi service appl code?

The ownership and copyright of your application code is yours only. After delivering it to you, we are not authorized to be a part of it.

Will you deploy the taxi app after creating it?

Indeed!! We will. It came under the development process. Your app will be uploaded to the app store so that the users can download it easily.

Is adding different payment gateways possible in my taxi booking app?

Of course, we will!! Though, our developers know the different payment gateways such as debit/credit cards, net banking, e-wallets, etc. Or, if there is another payment gateway you want to add, we will do it.

Can you provide the customized taxi-booking app?

We do provide the customised taxi-booking app. Our developers change the themes and colour schemes according to the clients' requirements. In case you need the advanced features, we will add that too, but it will charge extra cost.

What about the security and scalability of the app?

We follow all the coding standards and assure you about the security. Our team administers the source code encryption and makes the prerequisites on the data security on the server.

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