June 2, 2023

How to Use Custom Web Applications to Improve Your Business

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A majority of industries have become heavily dependent on the Internet today. Due to the advancements in technology, it has become essentially important for businesses to stand out to achieve growth and success. To allow the customers to explore services and recognize the brand while interacting with products and services a strong online presence is crucial. However, to achieve that, companies need to build an engaging brand value. Such an attractive presence is extended by the significant contribution of custom web applications. Web Application Development Services play a major role in deploying and developing these custom applications for various businesses according to their requirements.

These applications are not only revolutionizing industries and fueling their growth but also empowering e-commerce leaders in particular. This is propelling businesses across the globe among various sectors to new levels of success.

This blog post focuses mainly on the benefits and ways in which custom web applications can thrive your business. Hence, by cultivating the power of custom web applications you can effectively gain a new edge for your business in the competitive market.

Benefits of Using Custom Web Applications:

Plenty of advantages are offered by custom web applications to various businesses and enterprises. Without any further delay, let’s begin exploring these aspects in the section below.

Tailored Solutions to Meet Specific Business Needs:

With the advantage of being designed and developed from scratch, custom web applications meet the unique requirements, workflows, and goals of businesses. These customized applications align perfectly with the organization’s processes.

Investing in these applications yields several benefits, including improved efficiency, streamlined workflows, and enhanced user experience. Additionally, businesses can gain a competitive edge by embracing and leveraging these technological solutions.

Scalability & Flexibility:

These applications are designed to easily accommodate the growing needs of a business, rather than being overwhelmed by increased user demands. With the seamless expansion, businesses have the flexibility to adapt and modify functionalities as required with the help of these apps.

However, it requires the application to align with the evolving requirements. Custom web application development enables enterprises to stay on top of the latest trends and advancements by effectively responding to market changes. Hence, businesses become capable of optimizing their operations for long-term success.

Seamless Integration & Compatibility:

By integrating with other tools and software, businesses can achieve a unified and synchronized workflow. Custom web applications eradicate the need for manual data transfer thus streamlining business processes and enhancing overall efficiency.

This, in turn, contributes to increased productivity, reduced errors, and finally improved decision-making capabilities.

Enhanced Data Security:

By employing custom web applications, businesses can safeguard their valuable information while simultaneously adhering to regulatory requirements. These applications tend to stay ahead of potential threats as they are updated from time to time.

Moreover, organizations allow controlled access to information to prevent any breaches.

Competitive Edge:

With Web application development, businesses can optimize their operations along with improved productivity to stay ahead of the competition. These applications involve unique features, functionalities, and user experiences that set them apart in the market.


Developing a mobile application is more costly and time-consuming. Since web applications require only one version to work across an operating system, it is considered to be more cost-effective. Custom Web development services allow you to implement tailored software while optimizing your budgetary resources.

Streamlined Collaboration:

Businesses can enhance efficiency and encourage teamwork by enabling real-time collaboration. This can be made possible with the help of custom web apps ensuring data consistency across users.

Providing a unified workspace can lead to improved productivity enabling multiple users to work efficiently on the same dataset concurrently. Thus, a custom web application constitutes a centralized platform promoting partnership among users. Additionally, it enables seamless sharing as well as updating of data.

Improved efficiency and productivity:

Web application development helps in simplifying your business. You will not have to worry about human errors, scattered spreadsheets, and cluttered business reviews. Saving all the data onto one single platform will improve efficiency and save an abundance of time. Hence, enhancing the overall productivity of your employees as well as the organization.

Personalized user experience and customer satisfaction:

From the perspective of resonating with the target audience, businesses must create tailored experiences. This can be achieved by understanding individual customer needs and preferences and designing adaptive user interfaces.

Enterprises can develop stronger customer relationships and increase engagement by emphasizing personalization. Custom Web development services result in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Summing up, custom web applications offer numerous benefits for businesses. These include improved customer engagement, personalized user experiences, and enhanced data security among other distinguishing features. Additionally, Web application development services prioritize data security via reduced vulnerabilities and compliance with regulations. This further helps in instilling trust in customers.

So, what are you waiting for? Hire a web application development professional and take your business to the next level in a short span of time now.

February 7, 2023

Best Tips To Integrate AI & ML In Web Application Development

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The integration of AI and ML in web application development is crucial for businesses looking to stay ahead of the competition. AI and ML can enhance user experience, automate tasks, improve decision making, and bring new levels of efficiency and effectiveness to web applications. This integration can also help organizations gather valuable insights and data, leading to informed business decisions and improved customer engagement. With the rapid advancement of AI and ML, integrating these technologies into web applications has become an essential step for organizations looking to stay relevant and competitive in the digital landscape. Integrating AI and ML in Web Application Development can improve user experience and bring added value to the product.

Key steps in this process include identifying specific use cases, choosing appropriate technologies, ensuring data security, focusing on user-centered design, and continually testing and improving AI/ML models. By following best practices in AI/ML integration, organizations can effectively leverage these cutting-edge technologies in their web applications.

3 Ways To Implement AI In Your Web Development:

1. Content Creation:

Artificial intelligence has significantly proven its worth in content creation. Everyone considers content creation a human-centric job. But AI has revolutionized content writing. Implementing artificial intelligence into your web applications can help develop unique and creative ideas for your website content. It can effectively analyze your website users interests and preferences, tailoring content best suited to your tastes.

Businesses can get the best-quality and unique content curated by utilizing AI in their web applications. Using artificial intelligence as an advanced technology serves as a highly efficient content creation expert. As a result, improve the overall productivity of businesses. Moreover, it can even help provide a great user experience with authentic information.

2. Voice-Search Interactions:

As a user, what do you prefer best for making a search on a search engine? Undeniably making a voice command search is more suitable and preferable over typing a long text phrase of the search query. Voice-based search is the upcoming future of web applications. Today many voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and, most commonly used Google assistant utilizes AI-voice command communication features.

Designing web applications by keeping voice search trends in mind is crucial to avoid missing out on wide user interactions. Businesses can best use voice-search interaction features in their web and mobile solutions for enhanced user experience. In the years to come incorporating voice search features as a technology in your web application will be a powerful marketing tool.

3. Interactive And Intuitive AI-driven Chatbots:

The dependency of digital users on the search engine landscape is visible and majorly growing. Integrating intelligent and interactive AI-driven chatbots provide users with concise and quick responses. Empowering so gives users instant and quick responses but also specific and to-the-point answers to their queries. As a result, their experience becomes more personalized and smoother.

Interactive and Intuitive chatbot statistics for 2023 and beyond,

-Around 74% of customers prefer AI-driven chatbots over humans to solve their information queries.-Chatbots are becoming a prominent brand communication medium and are majorly expanding at a growth rate of 24.9%

The hype of chatbots is getting massive as more businesses are implementing one in their web applications. Integrating one within your web application development can attract and retain more customers, enhancing your popularity and, most importantly, revenue.

3 Ways To Implement ML In Your Web Development:

1. Reasoning:

Both ML and MR (machine reasoning) are potent approaches to AI. Currently, these are a buzzword in this technologically advanced world and for good reasons. ML-integrated web applications use reasoning skills to solve user problems by harnessing their thinking capabilities. It tracks the users past activity and interprets human-like ideas and information for delivering an answer to a users query.

The ultimate aim is to provide the best result at a faster rate. The best example is Google Maps. The most common and frequently used application for direction assistance. Machine learning best understands the skeptical data providing the best routes for reaching the destination on-time or even quicker sometimes.

Implementing machine learning in your web application development is best for utilizing a proficient technology imbibing the power of logical reasoning for personalized user experience.

2. Behavioral:

The ultimate goal of web application development is to cater to users with the best and potential offerings (products and services). Accomplishing this goal involves analyzing the behavior of potential users. Behavior analysis includes studying users shopping and search patterns to provide the best content available on web applications. Machine learning is an expert at performing the required actions mentioned above. It best understands the behavior of the targeted users and daily visitors by browsing, studying, and evaluating their unique shopping patterns.

Additionally, doing so allows for making a significant contribution to accomplishing the goal of a good user experience. As a result, every time a user visits your web app receives a tailored and personalized shopping experience.

3. Recommendation:

Irrespective of demographic factors, today youth generation is familiar with media streaming platforms. These factors include age, gender, location, and preferences. Media streaming platforms comprise visuals shows on various OTT platforms across world globally. These platforms have significantly integrated machine learning for content recommendation and drawing users attention for engagement.

Leveraging ML in your online application development can evaluate users behavior and interests based on the demographic factors mentioned above. Furthermore, it will best offer users the most common choices according to their taste and cater to a personalized user experience.

Wrapping Up:

In conclusion, the following mentioned are tips for implementing AI and ML into your web application development. Voice-search interactions, and interactive and intuitive- chatbots are the answer to how to add these evolving technologies to web development. Now, that you’re aware of the result-oriented tips, it’s time to make the best use by deploying them into your application development. Taking assistance from the leading web application development service provider can best cater to their efforts in developing a technologically advanced site. Luckily, Stellen Infotech is available at your convenience. Hiring the assistance of our developer team will allow you to develop a fully advanced site with every technological trend in the market.

January 19, 2023

Best PHP Frameworks to Choose for Web Application Development

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When it comes to web application development, choosing the right framework can make a huge difference in terms of efficiency and ease of use. PHP is one of the most popular programming languages for web development and has a wide variety of frameworks to choose from. Some popular PHP website development frameworks include Laravel, CodeIgniter, and Yii. All these can help streamline the development process. Furthermore, these frameworks provide developers with a set of tools and libraries to help them build robust, scalable web applications quickly and easily.

In this write-up, we will discuss these best frameworks for the Web application development in detail , covering everything from features to benefits.

6 Top PHP Website Development Frameworks


Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework popular for its elegant syntax and simple, yet powerful tools. It is built on top of the PHP language and provides a huge number of features, including routing, authentication, and caching. In addition, Laravel has a built-in command line interface (CLI) that allows developers to quickly create and manage web applications.

Some of the main features of Laravel include:

Laravel Homestead: It is a pre-packaged feature box providing a virtual website development space, eliminating the need to install any web server. Furthermore, Laravle in itself is a package of extensive features and functionalities. It allows easy configuration and customization of complex apps: easy encryption, data migration, authentication, and more.

Artisan Command-Line Interface: Laravel’s Artisan CLI provides developers with a set of helpful commands that are useful in generating boilerplate code, perform database migrations, and more.

Community Forum: Laravel is a great pick because of its vibrant community forum and tutorials. Because of this, learning to code in PHP and utilizing Laravel becomes simple for beginners.


CodeIgniter is a lightweight PHP framework popular for its ease of use and small footprint. It is ideal for small-scale web applications and has a simple syntax that makes it easy for new developers to begin with. Moreover, CodeIgniter has a built-in caching system, which can greatly improve the performance of web applications.

Some of the key features of CodeIgniter include:

Lightweight and Fast: CodeIgniter has a small footprint and requires minimal setup, making it a popular choice for developers who want to quickly begin with website development. It is also fast, as it uses a simple and efficient system for loading and executing code.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Architecture: CodeIgniter follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern. It separates the application’s data, presentation, and control logic. This helps to keep the code organized and maintainable.

Database Support: CodeIgniter provides built-in support for working with databases. Also, it includes support for a wide range of database management systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

Form and Data Validation: CodeIgniter provides built-in support for form and data validation. Thus, making it easy to ensure that the data entered by users is valid and safe to use.

Security: CodeIgniter includes several built-in security capabilities, such as input validation and XSS filtering. It helps to protect your application from security threats.


CakePHP is an open-source web development framework written in PHP. It follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architectural pattern and is designed to make it easier to build, maintain, and scale web applications.

Some key features of CakePHP website development framework include:

Convention Over Configuration: CakePHP uses a set of conventions to automatically generate the structure and behavior of the application. Thus, reducing the amount of boilerplate code that needs to be written.

Built-in Validation: CakePHP includes a built-in validation library that helps to validate user input, reducing the need to write custom validation code.

Query Builder: CakePHP includes a query builder that can be used to generate complex database queries. Therefore, making it easier to interact with the database.

Template Engine: CakePHP includes a built-in template engine that allows you to separate the presentation of your application from the business logic.

Security:CakePHP website development framework includes several built-in security features, such as input validation, cross-site scripting (XSS) protection, and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection.


Symfony is a powerful, full-featured PHP framework that is perfect for large-scale web applications. It is built on top of the PHP language and provides a wide range of tools and features, including caching, routing, and authentication. Symfony also has a large and active community, which means that developers can easily find support and resources when needed. Besides, it includes a wide range of features to help developers build robust, scalable web applications quickly and easily.

Some of these include:

Individual Modularity Settings: Symfony is made up of several standalone components that can be used independently or together as a full-stack framework. This allows developers to choose only the components they need and create a custom stack to fit their specific needs.

Dependency Injection: Symfony uses a Dependency Injection (DI) pattern, which makes it easy to manage dependencies and decouple different parts of the application.

Quick Templating With Twig: Symfony includes a built-in templating engine, Twig. It allows developers to create and organize templates simply and efficiently.

Debugging and Profiling: Symfony includes a built-in debugging and profiling tool, the Symfony Debug Toolbar. It allows developers to quickly identify and troubleshoot performance issues.


Yii is a high-performance PHP framework that is ideal for large-scale web applications. It is built on top of the PHP language and provides a wide range of features, including caching, routing, and authentication. Yii is also popular for its performance and scalability, making it a great choice for web applications that need to handle a large amount of traffic.

Some of the key features include:

In-Built Security: Yii includes built-in support for preventing common web application security vulnerabilities, such as cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection attacks.

Model-View-Controller (MVC) Design Pattern: Yii follows the MVC pattern. It helps to separate the logic of an application into different components, making it easier to maintain and extend.

Caching: Yii includes caching support, which helps to improve the performance of an application by caching data in memory or on disk.

Zend Framework

Zend Framework is a powerful, full-featured PHP framework that is perfect for large-scale web applications. It is built on top of the PHP language and provides a wide range of tools and features, including caching, routing, and authentication. Furthermore, Zend Framework has a large and active community, which means that developers can easily find support and resources when needed.

Some of the key features include:

MVC: Zend Framework implements the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. It helps to separate the logic of an application into different components, making it easier to maintain and extend.

Object-Oriented Design: Zend Framework follows object-oriented design principles and encourages developers to use best practices such as dependency injection, encapsulation, and polymorphism.

Security: Zend Framework includes built-in support for preventing common web application security vulnerabilities. For example, cross-site scripting (XSS) and SQL injection attacks.

RESTful Web Services: Zend Framework includes built-in support for creating RESTful web services. It enables the easy building of applications that other systems can easily use.

Extensible: Zend Framework provides a lot of features out of the box. However, it’s also highly extensible. You can replace or extend any component with your own implementation.


In conclusion, there are many PHP frameworks available to choose from, each with its own set of features and advantages. Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii, and Zend Framework are some of the best PHP frameworks for web application development and can make the development process a lot more efficient and enjoyable. The best choice depends on the specific needs of your project and your team’s experience. Consider your project requirements and choose the framework that best meets those needs.

Besides, you can hire PHP website developers at Stellen Infotech. Our expert developers have the skills and knowledge in place to build technically-rich websites. We believe in building versatile and robust websites with leading web development services that cater to your needs.

July 4, 2019

3 shocking ways in which Gamification can make your Website Design Impressive?

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Did you ever notice if training takes place in the form of a game, you achieve the expected result much faster? It happens because it becomes interesting and you are much involved in the process. Game elements are used not only in training, but they can also be applied in business. Many web design companies prefer using gamification in website designs as they make it more engageable for users. Let’s talk about gamification and discuss its method of operation on websites. 

 How Gamification improves a website design

What exactly is gamification?

In simple words, gamification is a user’s involvement in a problem-solving drive through gaming. Websites that have game elements, are more attractive and are recommended by people to their friends and relatives. It helps to increase sales, registration on the site, boost contact lists and clicks and decrease bounce rate. 

When you hear “gamification”, the first thing that comes to mind is game design. Although gamification and game design has a couple of similar features, they are not directly related. Always keep in mind that gamification is a design technique based on using game mechanics outside of games. Competently implemented gamification improves user involvement and increases conversion up to a great extent. 

How game elements improve user experience? 

Gamification is often associated with PBL- points, badges, and leaderboards. A web design company always assumes that it is possible to liven up the user experience by simply adding some bonus points to it. But it doesn’t happen in many cases. If people have the motivation to do something, they play games, not for points but because it gives them pleasure and challenges.

  • Web Design Gamification

Web design company sites use gamification to give visitors a clear product path and clear goals. Users feel like a real player, start the whole adventure on the site, interact with the brand and purchase the products and services. It makes interaction with the site much clearer and more predictable.

  • Challenge and Reward

Challenges and rewards in gamification

Folks love challenges. They force us to focus our efforts on the results and prove that we can solve any problem by hook or by crook. 

  • Puzzles

using Puzzles in gamification

You must have played puzzles in childhood. In the end, there was always a feeling of joy, when a whole picture came out of small details.

Note: You can use different elements of gamification on your website as per the user’s demand. IT companies offering web design services have a better knowledge of it. So, work with them to implement proper gaming elements on your website & make visitors happy. 

5 basic principles of gamification

Gamification principlesBrief Explanation

The application develops with the user

When you design an application, it is very important that the digital product is perceived as something that can be used repeatedly. In most games, players usually go through the initial stage, which is essentially a learning cycle, and then within a few days or weeks, get a basic understanding of game missions and slowly move from simple interaction strategies to more complex ones.

So, it is very important to evaluate users differently depending on what stage of the cycle they are at. Always keep in mind that application functionality and user experience must be adapted to a specific life cycle of a player or user.

Target loop

It is very important to know the main behavior of users towards the application. All interactions should be encouraged. If this is not done, the application will inevitably lose some of its attractiveness sooner or later. Determine the target loops & focus the attention of users on them. Working with target loops is the main driving force of gamification. It allows you to build a system in which there are cycles of reward and encouragement for people. The pleasure received by users from the reward, stimulates them to repeat basic actions over and over again.

Resource Limiting

Regular Internet users are smart and dexterous. So, by limiting their actions and access to basic resources, you can push them to maximize the results of their experience. Many mobile games have their own currency, a points system, with which you can build the best base, city or village, depending on the type of game. By allowing users to decide for themselves how to spend these limited resources, they can create the feeling that they are autonomous in their actions or achievements. In order to understand how resource restriction works in a non-game application, visit a Tinder dating site. So-called Super Likes are used there to show increased interest in other users. Such an approach allows users to keep their attention and stimulates new registrations. The company owners get leads by selling super likes. 

Strengthening the sense of ownership

Interaction with a personalized application through a character or a game avatar is extremely fascinating. It increases the user’s loyalty to the brand. Always keep in mind that the cost of communication with the application increases. If you give users something that they can be proud of or cherish, they will sincerely love applications. They will not show interest in competing products. While interacting with applications that include game elements, there is always a place for creativity. So, whenever possible, personalize the reward or give the user something that will show that his invested experience, time or ingenuity did not go unnoticed.

Social environment and personal experience

Each application is designed for a specific audience. These most active users are very valuable for website or app developers. So, they need to evoke a feeling of unity with the service or site through the use of social hypersensitivity. This is not an easy task at all. Social interaction and personal experience matter a lot here. Clash of Clans is a fine example of gamification.

Examples of gamification in web design


Game Elements


Experience points, levels, upgrade mechanism, etc.


The opening of the object, the achievement of the goal.


Competition, completion of the mission.



Zoho Motivator

Competition (hard mode)


Quizzes, riddles, platforming, etc.





Final Words

Gamification was in use several years ago. However, during this time, its popularity has faded up to a great extent. User experience has come to replace gamification. Nevertheless, the basics of the game are still present in the design. The inclusion of game mechanics in non-game applications is still an important principle. Therefore, it is still worth talking about gamification. Implement it on your website/app with the help of a competent web design company. It will help to develop interaction cycles with an application or site and generate lots of business opportunities. Best of Luck!

June 12, 2019

5 ways to Improve your Customer Experience with Virtual Reality

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How a user stand out in the market to succeed in this jungle of competitors? With R&D, it has been found that it is fully dependent on customer engagement. That is, providing an outstanding customer experience.

With this appealing technology, the software development company can lighten the customer’s journey.  For some years, Virtual Reality (VR) has taken a quantum leap to change the market. The global Virtual Reality market size can reach $215 billion by 2021. For improving the customer experience, other development companies have started searching the technologies.  This fact helps in enhancing the marketing strategies of Virtual Reality.

For enhancing the real world with the digital overlays, augmented reality is used. Whereas, Virtual Reality aims to put the user in the entire virtual environment.  

The market growth of Virtual Reality in 2018 was expected to be $27 billion.   The applications, like, medicine, education, healthcare, business, and astronomy are expanding like a flame in 2019. And, the expected growth rate is  $209.2 billion in the coming four years.

As per recent analysis from Greenlight insights, $209 billion will be the total revenues by 2021 Source.  Estimation of active Virtual Reality users worldwide from the year 2014 to 2018 (in millions) is shown graphically below:

Estimation of active Virtual Reality users worldwide

Virtual Reality is changing the method of communication of business leaders with the customers by using some of the developing technologies.  This article defines the factors that help to improve the customer experience with Virtual Reality.

  • Virtual Product design

Product design for virtual reality

The best key to cut the expenses with improvement is virtual product reality. A user can analyze the product with no extra cost. But, only by the virtual stage that provides 360 perspective.  Its aim is not limited to offer the best customer experience but it personalize the services and products.

  • 3D Digital Showroom

3D Digital Showroom

Without any rules, the 3D digital showroom provides close to brick and mortar for the product. If the product has an approach to deliver a unique feel and touch. This can be gained by a 3D digital showroom with ease. This technology is used by IKEA, Lowe’s and Audi to provide a better customer experience while analyzing it digitally.  

  • Remote Control Instructions

Remote Control Instructions for operating virtual reality products

These instructions provide an vision to the beginner.  As these applications are more useful in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Health Care. But, are recently being used by savvy companies in every industry, like, in Hololens,  Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

  • Training

Virtual Reality Military Training

Virtual Reality for training is useful for beginners. It is gaining a lot of attention because of devices like Gear VR, Oculus Rift. These devices are being used by different companies, like,  military, and education. It involves the trainee in a 3D environment with the best designed Audio Visual (AV) headset.

  • Gamification Applications

VR gaming

It develops a new rule for the supply side production values and product presentation. It has improved the sales room performance.  And, is now ready to improve customer experience.

For the same purpose, games came in the marketing jungle. Virtual Reality is fully involved in the gamification strategy.  It is not limited for fun purpose, it is actually showing a huge difference.

Take away

Giving the customers with authentic impressions with a feel of unique emotions is now welcome with great Virtual Reality experience.

Happy customer and developing business is vice versa. Committing to the customer experience is useful to stay in the market. And, Virtual Reality is one of the best ways to implement it! Below are some virtual reality benefits which can actually enhance your customer experience. Also, your customers won’t leave you, probably ever :

  • Develops a positive emotion connection before sale and deal.
  • Raise a ownership sense
  • Saves money and time
  • Permit global reach
May 16, 2019

How Artificial Intelligence Is Affecting SEO?

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Artificial intelligence refers to the use of Automated software or program which performs different activities on instructions and settings. The complete different actions quickly and efficiently without requiring any human intervention. Several industries, such as information technology, medicine, aviation, eCommerce retail, etc, depend on artificial intelligence to process a large number of data, segment users into different groups and offer personal business solutions to the right people at the right time and generate leads and sales in bulk on a daily basis.

  • A helping hand in keyword research

Keyword research is one of the main activities of Search Engine Optimization in which digital marketing professionals explore the main search terms used by internet users to find the desired info products and services over the global internet. SEO specialists have to determine the user intent and the potential audience the exact keyword that can represent their business on the web and assist search engines to track and display appropriate web pages in search results. So, they use artificial intelligence based keyword research tools to automate the Keyword Research and Analysis work and find the best keyword for their business.

  • A great help in Search Engine Optimization

A large number of SEO experts optimize the sites for different search engines but only a few of them are able to generate the results expected by a professional SEO company. It is because the rules of Search Engine Optimization keeps changing every now and then following Google’s update. So new as well as experience digital marketing professional find it very difficult to optimize sites for higher ranking. that is why they used artificial intelligence based plugins and tools to optimize websites in a proper manner and help it rank in the top search results of different search engines. AI-based SEO tools also track irregularities in your SEO campaigns and red mark them. You can work on those issues and improve your SEO skills greatly.

  • Content Grilling

There are many digital marketing professionals who are reckless about the content quality they use in website optimization. They just get the content from content developers and upload it on websites for consumption. Such content may have many errors which diminish the reputation of your brand in the search engines and visitors. Google will never show your website in its top search results if it is loaded with outdated and low-quality content. You should not forget that there are many content writers who just do the copy paste job to produce content. If you use such low-quality content for Website Optimization you will not be able to find a place on the first page of Google.

Therefore it is very important for all digital marketing professionals to check the content quality carefully. But due to the excessive work pressure, it is not possible for the same to check each and every content manually and find out all possible mistakes as it demands a lot of time and attention. So, they can use the AI-based content moderation tools to find possible errors, check it’s uniqueness, keyword placement, grammatical mistakes. Such tools automatically point out errors in your content and suggest possible changes. You can easily fix those mistakes and make the content more useful for the targeted audience.

  • Automated protection to your website

Almost all digital marketing professionals unanimously agree that safe websites attract a large number of audience and help their owners to convert visitors into paying customers. You must always keep in mind that tell at your side is prone to different types of online security threats. It is impossible for a Webmaster to keep a close eye on activities taking place on a website. That is why they use artificial intelligence based security plugins and tools to automate the site security work. Such tools prevent attacks on your site successfully and keep it safe in all circumstances.

  • Automation of Data Collection and storage

All those digital marketing professional who optimizes eCommerce website need data to know the user intention and provide a personalized business solution accordingly to sell more products and generate leads. You must always keep in mind that eCommerce website Optimization is not a child’s play. An eCommerce website may have several product pages making it very difficult for Digital Marketing professionals to take care of their Optimization aspect and help search engines to rank those pages in top search results. That is why today digital marketing professionals use the dedicated CRM software to automate the collection of data and its storage on cloud servers. The CRM software automatically optimizes the customer data and assist SEO professionals in E-commerce website optimization.

  • Automation of email marketing activities

Email marketing campaigns are one of the most important works of Search Engine Optimisation. In this process, digital marketing professionals send newsletters to subscribers to introduce new products and services to them, create awareness of the brand, retain the lost customers and increase the website conversion rate sooner or later. Digital marketing professionals experience a lot of pressure while conducting even marketing activities If a company has the largest subscriber base which is growing with each passing day. It is because the preferences of different uses are totally different from each other. There is no benefit of sending a newsletter which doesn’t meet the needs of targeted audience. So company used artificial intelligence based email marketing tools automatic delivery of personalized newsletters to customers at the right place and nighttime. This increases the possibility of reaction to the delivered newsletters and enable entrepreneurs to get it business benefits.

  • Website Optimization for voice search

Of course, there are a large number of internet-Savvy people type keyword in the search bar of search engines to find the desired information, products,and services. But young generation is using voice search for the same. Instead of typing text in the search bar of search engines they use voice command to find the desired stuff. Out of 100, 20 people use voice search command. And the most interesting thing is that then numbers are growing with each passing day. Therefore you should optimize your website for voice search. You will be able to generate more traffic to your website and convert them into leads. All this is made possible with the use of artificial intelligence in Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s conclude

In 2019, the dynamics of Search Engine Optimization is changing fast. Digital marketing professionals are using the latest technology for the site Optimization and increasing the overall business opportunities. Use artificial intelligence in Search Engine Optimization to boost the effectiveness of your SEO campaigns and stay at in the online business at all times. Good luck.

Top 7 industries witnessing great changes due to On-demand Economy
January 24, 2018

Top 7 industries witnessing great changes due to On-demand Economy

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As a business operator, are you aware of the top 7 industries witnessing great change due to on-demand economy? If not, then it’s right time to know that. On-demand economy is gaining immense popularity in these days. In this business model, customers can get the desired services at any time on demand. He/she can place orders online and expect its delivery in the smallest possible time at his/her specified address. Convenience, Time Punctuality, high-quality products/services, Cost-efficiency, hassle-free payment mode, Nearby Availability of Services- are some of the main reasons for the rapidly growing popularity of On-demand services.

Just see the chart below how the on-demand E-economy has changed our lives and behaviour:

ServicesHow individuals acquired it previouslyOn-demand apps/service providers that offer the same services 24*7/365 daysBenefits
Dining outIndividuals have to visit food outlets physically, place orders, wait for 15-30 minutes for the preparation of foodstuff. Order for food online and get it delivered at your home.Saving of time, energy, and money. Some food stores offer discounts to loyal customers. It helps them to save some bucks and order for more food products in the future.
Hair cutting services Traditionally, you have to visit the barber’s shop and wait for your several hours for your turn.Use Salonist to book your appointment with the barber. It will help you to avail the hair cutting services comfortably by knowing the availability on a specific date and time.Save your time and energy. Also, know the availability of hairdressers with a single click.
Taxi booking servicesYou have to visit the bus stand, talk to various vendors, and book a particular service provider. Use Ola or Uber and book taxi easily 24*7.Save your time, money, and energy by using this app.

From the above-mentioned chart, it is clear that today’s young generation appreciate On-demand service providers. Here are some few facts that show the rapidly growing On-demand Economy:

On-demand Economy growth figures in the USA:

• 86.5 Million Americans use on-demand services,
• 45 Million Americans are on-demand service providers,
• 51% of all on-demand service providers in America have admitted that they’re fiscal improved a lot in recent years,
• 64% of all on-demand service providers expected further improvement in their revenues because of the strong demand for on-demand services,
• 70% of all on-demand workers are satisfied with their job,
• 81% of all individuals employed in the on-demand services have a plan to continue their jobs with the same company,
• 63% of people say they are happy to work with on-demand start-up companies and
• 46% of employees say that on-demand Economy offers flexible working hours.

There are many industries that are going through drastic changes due to increased demand for on-demand services. Just cast a look at top 7 of them. They are described here below:

1. B2B services :

BUSINESS to Business

The full form of B2B is-business-to-business. In this model of trade, companies sell products and services to other firms. It works as a supportive tool for bigger organizations. This helps them to get the desired success in the business.

With B2B services, an entrepreneur can concentrate his/her attention on core business activities. Less important works can be outsourced. In this way, companies get work done without hiring some permanent employees.

The rapid emergence of the on-demand economy has threatened the existence of traditional B2B business players. Now, expert professionals and companies don’t wait for the customer’s call anymore. They just list their numbers on tailor-made platforms whereon customers look for them.

Just have a look at some successful players of B2B business in on-demand Economy:

On-Demand B2B Economy service providesField Benefits for customers
SpiffyCash wash service on DemandInstant cash wash in exchange for an affordable price tag
AxiomOn-demand legal assistance Instant solution to your complex and prolonged legal problems
ShypAll-in-one shipping software and serviceInstant transportation of goods. Very useful for E-commerce websites
KapowReal-time event booking serviceOrganize meetings and events easily with your clients and take the business to the next level.

2. Healthcare :


The healthcare industry is a promising industry for all existing and emerging medical professionals. It is quickly becoming a favorite destination for anyone who wants to make a career in the on-demand economy. Previously, individuals have to call the doctor, know his/her availability and wait in a queue to receive the treatment. Several On-demand apps have drastically changed the way people communicate with doctors.

Now, you can book your appointment with favorite doctor 24*7/365 days. Orders for prescribed medicines can be placed online. You may get the ordered products at your doorstep within 2-3 business days by using On-demand services.
Some popular On-demand healthcare service providers are :

On-demand healthcare service providersHow they help customers
DoctorOnDemandIt helps you to get doctor’s consultation and medical assistance at your house/place of residence.
TelaDocInstant communication with doctors via audio/video channels
goambeeOn-demand Ambulance service

So, traditional doctors and hospitals need to use these On-demand apps/services. This will assist them to stop the vulnerability of their existing patients and get new ones easily.

3. Logistics :

logistic on demand economy

Individuals move from one place to another in search of a new job, pursue higher studies, for trade, etc. In this process, they have to transfer all household commodities to their new premises. All this can easily be done by employing an On-demand logistic management service. Companies, traders, and import/ export merchants use such solutions to move goods to and fro.

On-demand logistic management also ensures the maximum use of the vehicle. The whole logistic is divided in a planned manner for a long transportation. It guarantees that the client gets the stuff at the right time. If you hire a good service provider, the entire logistics operation becomes fast and smooth. It satisfies your clients up to 100% and skyrocket your business.
Some On‑demand logistics service providers:

Mapbox and jerryondemand.

4. Website/App building services :

web and app development

In today’s tech-savvy and modern world, a well-designed website/app has become an unavoidable necessity to all entrepreneurs. The traditional way of creating websites and apps takes a lot of time and energy. As customers want the speedy delivery of their web projects, companies have now started to provide their website/app development services on demand. It helps them to grab projects and meet the rapidly growing expectations of clients.

Thousands of service providers are available in the market. All of them boast about their services. But, only a few of them have adopted themselves as per the latest trends of on-demand Economy.
If you are looking for an ideal company that could offer you On-demand website/app development services, it’s none other than Stellen Infotech.

The company has an in-house infrastructure, a team of experienced and talented professionals, project managers and an excellent project management team. You can get high-quality, feature-rich, and professional on-demand website/app with fast turnaround time. The USP of this IT company is that it provides all types of web/app development services at affordable price tags.

5. Ground Transportation :


The rapid development of the on-demand economy has influenced the ground transportation industry a lot. Today, you can easily book a cab and travel around a city. This business model has helped Uber to earn around $40 Billion within a few years only.

These days, people prefer cabs that are available on demand. So, several taxi companies have gone online with their own apps. It helps individuals to hire cars on an hourly basis and engage in carpooling actives to save fuel.

Some popular On-demand apps for ground transportation:

UberCabs on demand
LyftCar pool
On-demandtransport vehiclesCargomatic
Car rental Zoomcar

Ground transportation business will touch new heights in coming days. It is because a large number of people are using On-demand apps for booking ground transportation services. So, conventional taxi companies need to change their business model as soon as possible if they want to stay in the competition.

6. Beauty :

on demand beauty services

Previously, individuals had to visit salons to get beauty services. Now, the beauty industry is shifting its business online. It has enabled customers to hire a hair stylist at any time and from any location. You can use a salon booking app to fix your encounter with the barber and avail his services easily. Some excellent On-demandbeauty services are:

On-demandbeauty servicesProvider
Glam Provides beauty On-demand service
Shrivra It allows you to book your appointment with hairstylist.
StyleBeeOn-demand delivery on salon services
MiniluxeUse it to hire stylists and meet your client’s needs.

These On-demand platforms have helped both customers and service providers. Needy individuals can get quality beauty services 24*7 at their place of residence. Service providers can manage their customer base in an easy way and handle the huge flow of business. Even freelance stylists can also boost their business volume using these On-demand beauty apps.

7. Food :

food business

The food industry is considered as an evergreen industry. You can easily understand it from the above-displayed chart. These days, individuals like doorstep food delivery in the least possible time. As a business, food delivery involves 3 main steps-

A. Searching and ordering for a particular food item,
B. Cooking and
C. Delivering.

A few years ago, people had to visit stores to purchase food items. Cooked meals were available in hotels/restaurants with no home delivery facility. Due to the on-demand Economy, traditional food business has disturbed a lot.

These days, people use On-demand apps to order food online and receive its delivery at the specified address in just 15-30 minutes. Now, no more visits to restaurants for having a meal. Just make a call to the provider or place order online using On-demand apps and get the desired foodstuff in an easy way. That’s it.

Some popular On-demand food vendors:

On-demand food vendorsServices
Grocery deliveryInstacart
Recipe and ingredients deliveryBlue Apron
A Platform to hire freelance chefMunchery
On-demand in Store Reservations for get-together parties, seminars, meetings, etc. OpenTable

Final Words :

On-demand Economy is in full flow. It is affecting the roots of traditional business organizations and firms. These are the top 7 businesses that are witnessing drastic changes due to a sharp rise in On-demand economy. You can use on-demand apps and services to give a great push to your business and earn the maximum revenues every day.

10 Reasons Why Stellen Infotech Is The Best IT Company For Web Development Projects
January 9, 2018

10 Reasons Why Stellen Infotech Is The Best IT Company For Web Development Projects

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These days, a lot of business organizations are going online almost every day to expand their clout in all directions easily and quickly, reach out new visitors, and sell their products/services in maximum numbers. For this, they need different types of websites, apps, web applications, online stores, web development, and specific software.

There are many IT companies that boast of providing all-inclusive IT services to needy clients/customers. But, in reality, they fail to meet their promises. Due to the availability of lots of service providers, individuals remain in confusion as to which IT company they must choose for their web-development projects. If you want to get professional, fast, and budget-friendly web development services, Stellen Infotech is the best IT company. Here is why:

1. A single online destination for All-inclusive Web Development Services :


Most of the IT companies offer their services in certain areas. For example- A WordPress development company offers only WordPress development services. If you are looking for Magento Web development services, then you will have to look for other options available in the market.

When you get started with us, we provide all types of web development services right at your doorstep. It doesn’t matter whether you need a WordPress website/Magento E-commerce website, Drupal services, a business website, a mobile app for your existing website, or website conversion services, etc, we provide all services globally.

We have categorized our web development services in different sections- Mobile / Application Development, Web development services, Technology solutions, Dedicated teams, and offering services. Just contact us 24*7/365 days and get the required service under one roof.

2. Highly Motivated And Trained Professionals :

web development

To build today’s complex websites and applications, multiple individuals with specialization of different disciplines are required. It is essential for the accomplishment of web-development projects in a timely fashion. We have a team of expert, well-trained and motivated professionals that are available for your service at all the times. See our professionals and their availability for your web-development projects:

IT professionals



The company owner

All inclusive knowledge of web-development projects

On Appointment

Project Managers

All inclusive knowledge of web-development projects

On all working days

Web developers

Individuals with specialization in certain web applications, like Mobile apps, WordPress, Magento, etc,

On All working days

Digital marketing professionals

Website optimizationOn All working days

Internet security administrators

They secure your website on the webOn All working days

Sales and Marketing Team

Help to improve your BusinessOn All working days

All these professionals are always ready to assist you with your queries as per your needs.

If web development Or Web Designing is in your mind, you can Hire Dedicated WordPress developers Here!

3. Orientation To The Client’s Business Tasks :


Understanding the client’s business processes is essential for creating a quality website, mobile application or other IT products. So, our focus is not just to develop a website/an online store or a mobile application, but to create a tool to achieve certain business goals.

Therefore, when clients contact us regarding their web development projects, our developers evaluate their business needs and suggest some blueprints of the web development project. Clients can give us recommendations if they have. When a particular design is finalized, our developers start working on web development projects, finish them on time and deliver the ready-to-use website/app/web applications to clients on the due date.

4. Hassle- Free Project Development Methodology And Project Implementation Process :

Project Development Methodology

As a leading IT company, we have a well-defined methodology for project management. We use modern internet technology to optimize the development process and ensure effective interaction with clients. During our negotiation with the client, we inform them about the methodology for web-development projects and let know how they are involved in it. This nygoodhealth dot com ensures the client’s presence at all stages of project implementation and helps them to get excellent websites/web applications, plugins, extensions, etc.

5.  Quick Turnaround Time :


A high level of responsiveness is one of the main traits of IT companies. We have project managers that quickly respond to customer requests and try to meet their needs. Just contact us regarding your needs, suggestions, recommendations, problems and get instant solutions from us.

You can contact us 24*7/365 days through opt-in forms, Emails, social media websites, instant messaging apps, and Telephone numbers. Apart from this, our professionals also help you to run, optimize, customize and maintain your website easily in exchange for a few bucks only.

6. Affordable Packages

seo packages

A well-designed, professional, responsive, and customer-friendly websites/web applications demand a huge amount of investment, many clients hesitate to use web development services because of their limited budgets. If you are looking for an IT company that can provide you all-inclusive web development services at affordable fees, it’s none other than Stellen. Our packages are budget friendly and affordable. So, you get the maximum value for your investment. Just no additional fees at all!

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7. Active Involvement of Stakeholders In Web-development Projects :


The management team of Stellen always wants to create website/web applications that could meet corporate objectives and to increase its ROI. So, the management team actively participates in meetings where key decisions are being made about your project. This ensures that clients get the best services on a low investment.

8. Quality Assurance :

Quality Assurance

Always keep in mind that all web-development projects have bugs. So, for the convenience of clients/customers, our web developers test websites/web application from various angles and ensure the delivery of high-quality products to clients. Within the warranty period, clients can get free technical assistance from us if they face any problem in website operation and management.

9. A Helping Hand In Business Generation :

A Helping Hand In Business Generation

Stellen is different from other IT companies available in the market. When a website is built and made live, it demands SEO tablets in order to rank well on all search engines. New entrepreneurs, startup companies, and independent bloggers face several difficulties in website optimization. When you get started with us, don’t get worried about the SEO ranking of your website and business opportunities. We help you with our following services:

Our Services



End Results

Consultation regarding website development, optimization, customization, conversion, migration, etc,


You make a wise design about the online presence of your business.

Selection of a good and affordable web development package.



Better ranking of your website on all search engines

More chances of lead generation and business opportunities.



A solid presence on all social media websites

Generation of social leads one after another.

Content creation and marketing


Uninterrupted supply of quality content to conduct various SEO practices.

A profitable web-based business.

10. Easy Fulfilment of Website Scalability Needs :

Website Scalability Needs

When your website becomes a hit on WWW, you need to add more features and functionalities to meet the growing demands of your audience. And expand your business further. Just contact us anytime when you have such needs. Based on your requirements, our developers will add more features and functions to your websites/web applications and help you to skyrocket your web-based business easily and quickly.

Final Words :

Stellen Infotech is the best IT company for web-development projects. You get the best return on your investment and boom your web-based business in a short time span. Contact us now for your web-development needs.

Which PHP Framework is More Productive – Symfony, Laravel or CodeIgniter?
December 30, 2016

Which PHP Framework is More Productive – Symfony, Laravel or CodeIgniter?

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One of the toughest challenges in web development is building top-notch applications and websites in the least possible time. This is the reason, programmers prefer using PHP framework for web application development that offers several tools to choose from.

However, decision fatigue is common when you have a multitude of options, that too, all good ones. After days of research, I’ve finally mustered the strength to write on the topic: Which is the best PHP framework among Symfony, Laravel, and CodeIgnitor.

On taking a closer look at all the three contenders, I discovered certain emerging patterns like coding styles, setup requirements and configuration, performance, modularity and usability, and the overall architecture. Each of them has their own set of features, usage, pros, and cons. While this isn’t about “which one is the best?”, let’s dig deeper to learn the differences between the three frameworks.

Symfony Web Development Framework

Symfony might not be the most trending platform, it fits in well with complex or large-scale enterprise projects. This is because it is certainly the most stable framework.

Published in October 2005 as a free software, Symfony aims to speed up the development and maintenance of web applications and to replace coding iterations. It can also work with some of the largest open source platforms, like Piwik, PHPBB, and Drupal.

Symfony Web Development Framework

Over the years, Symfony PHP development has gained a lot of popularity. It had a tremendous impact on PHP frameworks and tools like Doctrine, composer, or PSR standards that have become the de-facto standard for many other PHP tool sets. It has a very extensible architecture and flexible UI.

Symfony tends to work well with composers, autoloaders, and namespaces, all of which are important parts of a well-structured application. This is to note here that Symfony components establish the base for the Laravel framework as well as the Symfony2 MVC framework.

Its latest version (Symfony 3.1) helps programmers create scalable websites that are flexible to changing business requirements. I believe that because of its ability to use different ORM systems (i.e. Doctrine or Propel), Symfony is still the top choice of programmers.

Having such a flexibility to use different ORMs is indeed a great opportunity for any programmer, especially if they keep their business logic in the Model layer. This what makes Symfony reliable and so powerful.

Hire Symfony Developers to Build Great Applications that Ensure Better ROI!

Pros of using Symfony Web Development Framework

  • If implemented well, Symfony performs with a speed that is the sum of the individual speeds of all the features you choose to work with. it includes. Hence, Symfony is faster than many other PHP frameworks if used properly.
  • This framework manages all the basic chunks of web development for the users including request variables and headers (think $_GET, $_POST, $_SESSION etc). It also adds multiple pre-built functionalities to ensure security such as user authentication for secure areas of the website using config files and some class writing.
  • By incorporating some very advanced features, Symfony makes the web development procedure more secure, more maintainable and cleaner such as the Forms bundle. Symfony developers and designers don’t need to create HTML form fields manually and then validate, sanitize, and process that data. Each of these tasks is accomplished by the Forms bundle.
  • In terms of testing, it is at the core of Symfony. Functional testing is carried out to ensure the controller interacts correctly with the model. UI testing ensures your JavaScript/AJAX interactions are working as they should with the use of tools like Selenium.
  • Developers can make use of many easy scalability options that Symfony offers. From optimizing Propels, minimizing the number of queries with joins, limiting the number of objects to hydrate, and avoid using temporary arrays, you get high scalability with Symfony.

Cons of using Symfony

  • While Symfony is a fantastic framework for the ninjas, those who’ve just begun with it might find it complicated. Because of its complex structure, it seems to be “bulky” and hence needs to be configured. This can be challenging to understand and learn at first.

The good news is that Symfony is smart enough to maintain a great balance in being highly modular and configurable. So, once the developer understands its entire structure, it is easy to use and complete the development quickly.

User Reviews

Symfony User Reviews


Laravel Web Development Framework

As discussed above, Laravel arose from several Symfony components and hence leverages a great deal of it.

While Laravel tries to maintain the fashion, it also keeps things simple by using stable, and solid Symfony backbone for offering an entirely new way to code within its own MVC environment.

Laravel Web Development Framework

Laravel, unlike CodeIgniter, does a better job of enforcing some structure. Plus, it leaves the architecture open for 3rd party plug-ins instead of following a more strict plugin structure like CakePHP. However, this approach of Laravel is considered differently by different developers.

While it’s much easier to re-use an existing component in most cases, relying entirely on third-party libraries can gradually cause you a maintenance ordeal, because of which larger Symfony projects often suffer from. The best thing about the Laravel web application development platform is its Eloquent ORM. However, it has both plus and minus. While it’s great and simple, because of its simplicity, it is not very well-structured and granular

Probably, Laravel is the best to use as a front-end framework that doesn’t require you to use complex data store functionality. When it comes to building a web application, Laravel developers get a convenient way to develop and implement API’s and to establish routing. In simple words, Laravel is the best interface when it comes to dealing with a more complex back-end system.

In terms of testing, Unit testing in Laravel is a great convenience. Based on the KISS approach (Keep it Simple, Stupid) Laravel doesn’t impose any strict guidelines for determining the right structure for your tests. However, it offers all the tools necessary to write effective unit and functional tests to give you exactly what you expect.

Hire Laravel Developers to Build a Dynamic, User-Friendly & Feature-Rich Application!

Pros of Laravel over other frameworks

  • With Laravel, developers can impose constraints when using multiple database objects using advanced query builder mechanism. In addition, you get an easy version control PHP Framework Laravel for simplifying the management of migrations.
  • Laravel offers an auto-loading facility and restrains the developer from making efforts for inclusion paths and manual maintenance. It also offers the freedom to generate new tools using an IoC container.
  • With Laravel, authentication is no more a headache. Instead, it is much simpler because of the availability of ready-to-use pre-built authentication system. All you need to do is to configure controllers, database migrations, models, and views to make your framework work.

Cons of Laravel

  • Laravel’s core files are stored within its namespace and not all of these files use a namespace slash ( a \ ) against calling another core file. This makes it difficult for developers to extend some classes. This is, however, not a big issue for all the developers.

User Reviews

Laravel User Reviews


CodeIgniter Web Development Framework

Robust and powerful by means of a well-designed toolkit, CodeIgniter is a prominent PHP framework. It is perfect for web applications development with advanced features.

CodeIgniter is an open-source PHP framework and has been intuitive to new learners desiring to develop web applications quickly. It is a software approach to rectify application logic and presentation by detaching it from PHP scripting. However, in reality, CodeIgniter development welcomes web pages that contain minimal scripting.

CodeIgniter Web Development Framework

Because of the standard PHP coding, CodeIgniter makes a code portable, which makes it significantly simple and fast for CodeIgniter developers. It comes with a rich set of libraries and offers a very simple interface and logical structure to access those libraries.

Hire Codeigniter Framework Developers to  Empower Web Existence of Your Business!

Pros of CodeIgniter

  • Perfect for the beginners who are unfamiliar with object-orientated programming, PHP frameworks, and structuring larger applications.
  • Offers modern separation concepts to be used in developing larger applications (controllers and libraries for logic, views for HTML, models for data).
  • It’s very small framework as compared to a modern framework like Symfony and Laravel, which makes it very fast.
    Developed with a focus on backward compatibility, longevity, and wide support (no bleeding edge PHP version needed.

Cons of Using CodeIgniter

  • Difficult-to-understand singleton $CI object that acts as a service locator.
  • Lack of modern namespace + autoloader. CodeIgniter uses a file naming convention and a standard folder that developers should follow, which limits flexibility.

User Reviews

CodeIgniter User Reviews


Conclusion: So, who do you think is the best? Which framework should you go for? To conclude, it can be said that each of the frameworks has its own benefits and consequences. Thing is, the choice of any framework depends on your set of requirements.

If you need a tremendously modular and well-supported framework, choose Symfony, but If ease of use and fast prototyping is your prime consideration, go with Laravel, and If you want something in-between, pick CodeIgniter. So, before you choose a framework evaluate your requirements thoroughly.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started With Laravel Framework
December 3, 2016

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Started With Laravel Framework

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Laravel framework development is certainly a complex job which requires one to attain proper knowledge of various steps involved to complete this process. Our step by step guide is helpful for those who are new to the Laravel framework.

Introduction –

Although, Laravel framework is based on MVC architecture which is a traditional design pattern, yet there are several things and features that make it an advanced framework of the time. So, you should be aware of all these features before getting started with this framework for any of your web project.
As Laravel uses MVC architecture, it requires the developers to use:

  • Models – It is used to communicate with the database and recover the information on your objects.
  • Views – to extract pages
  • Controllers – To manage the requests of the users and recover data by influencing models.

Apart from above-mentioned aspects, there are routes which are utilized to map the URLs to dedicated controller actions

A complete request cycle of MVC in Laravel application –

Request – Request is made when the user puts a URL related to your web application.

Route – A route related to that URL plots the URL to the controller action.

Controller – Then, controller action encourages the required model to recover information from the database and after that passes the data to the view.

View – the view extracts the finally designed page.

Getting Started To Make A Web Application Using Laravel Framework –

As Laravel framework is based on MVC pattern, so to make a web application, you have to cover each component like model, view and controller. So, for web application development on Laravel framework, first step is:

Model –

Start your development by creating the model of your project. The Laravel framework accompanies a brilliant, inbuilt command line web interface namely Artisan CLI. This interface offers programmers with several useful commands for making web applications. Therefore, shoot up the command line and move into the main directory of your application, and then, run the command as below to make the “Model”.

$ php artisan make:model abc --migration

Once models are created, they will keep on storing in the primary app directory and thus, the app/abc.php model file will be generated by command with this code:


namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;

class abc extends Model

As Laravel has inbuilt functionality of model, just by making a hollow model class, it assumes that the model is related to the database table namely abc. Though, in reality, by adding that –migration, while creating model, this framework also created a migration file for database for making database table for abc. Then, that migration file is accommodated at [timestamp]_create_abc_table.php. There is following code with the migration file.


use Illuminate\Database\Schema\Blueprint;
use Illuminate\Database\Migrations\Migration;

class CreateabcTable extends Migration
    * Run the migrations.
    * @return void
    public function up()
    Schema::create('abc', function (Blueprint $table) {
    * Reverse the migrations.
    * @return void
    public function down()

For the completion of your migration file, you just have to use the Schema builder Laravel documentation which helps defining some extra columns to, say, store the abc’ make, model, and production date:

Schema::create('abc', function (Blueprint $table) {

After that, you can easily run migration by using Artisan command for creating the abc table:

$ php artisan migrate

With the addressed items of the database, now, you can move on creating the controller which is the next step of Laravel framework development.

Controller –

In Laravel framework, an object type like abc is considered as the resource. Though it is quite common to create applications across resources, one can easily create resource controller which is a controller to manage all requests associated with a resource. For this purpose, you should use following Artisan command:

$ php artisan make:controller abcController

This command will create a controller file app/Http/Controllers/AbcController.php along with the following code:


namespace App\Http\Controllers;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;

use App\Http\Requests;
use App\Http\Controllers\Controller;

class AbcController extends Controller
    * Display a listing of the resource.
    * @return Response
    public function index()
    * Show the form for creating a new resource.
    * @return Response
    public function create()
    * Store a newly created resource in storage.
    * @return Response
    public function store()
    * Display the specified resource.
    * @param int $id
    * @return Response
    public function show($id)
    * Show the form for editing the specified resource.
    * @param int $id
    * @return Response
    public function edit($id)
    * Update the specified resource in storage.
    * @param int $id
    * @return Response
    public function update($id)
    * Remove the specified resource from storage.
    * @param int $id
    * @return Response
    public function destroy($id)

It is worth to be mentioned that Laravel automatically creates the “Controller” using these CRUD typical actions. After that, you should definite routes for associating URLs to controller actions.

Routes –

In the configuration file of the route which is app/Http/routes.php, include the following command for defining the route for abc resource:

Route::resource('abc', 'abcController');

With this single definition of the route, all the routes associated with abc resource will automatically be defined.

Request TypePathActionRoute Name

As per the given examples, now, we will work on the implementation for show action of ABC page:

Show Action In The Controller –

According to the table above, the show action of ABC page can be accessed at http://app.url/abc/{abc}. Here, the {abc} will act like an id for the abc object in your database. Thus, the URL for viewing the abc with id1 will be http://app.url/abc/1.

So, to implement the abc show action page, in the controller, you should follow these steps:

Take the abc model to recover the designated abc object in the database.

Load the view for a page of show abc, and then, pass it to the abc object recovered from database.

To access the abc model from controller, you need to include the new “use” statement over the class of controller:

use App\abc;
class AbcController extends Controller

After that, you can complete the show abc action following this command:

    public function show($id)
      $abc = Abc::find($id);
      return view('', array('abc' => $abc));

On seeing the URL of abc 1 – http://app.url/abc/1, the laravel framework creates “1” in the accessible URL through $id as mentioned in the abc show function as above. Recovering the abc object with the abc model is also quite simple as you say abc:: find and then, passing it in $id.

Then, view is packed with the function “view” and passing any name to view using a variety of data to be added to view.

In the end, we should create show abc view.

View & Page Completion –

All the view files in Laravel gets stored in folder of resources/views. You can organized them in different subfolders in your directory.
In last step, the view function was passed the name for view it shows Laravel framework to check for the view file included in the subfolder namely abc in the main directory resources/views with the name show.blade.php. The view files in Laravel work on Blade Templating engine and so are called .blade.php.
Therefore, to complete implementation of this page, you should make the view file resources/views/abc/show.blade.php with this code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>abc {{ $abc->id }}</title>
    <h1>abc {{ $abc->id }}</h1>
      <li>Make: {{ $abc->make }}</li>
      <li>Model: {{ $abc->model }}</li>
      <li>Produced on: {{ $abc->produced_on }}</li>

As the abc object is passed to view, we should return back to the action Show in controller again with key array abc that can be acceded in view though variable of the name, $abc.
Objects taken from the model are examples of the class of that model. In the end, use a Blade syntax to print the information with following code for printing abc make.

{{ $abc->make }}

It is completely translated in the PHP echo in the background as below:

<?php echo $abc->make; ?>

We hope this tutorial will help you get a better idea about how to getting started with Laravel. If you still have a question in your mind, do let us know by commenting below in the comments section.