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Business Models We Encourage

Pick the Type of Washing Service That Best Fits Your Needs

Washing Machines and Dryers Available On Premises

Astonish your clientele by providing laundry and dry cleaning on demand, with convenient pick-up and delivery options.

Laundry Services Available

Facilitate the cleaning and delivery of clients’ laundry by allowing them to drop off their laundry at laundromats.

Marketplace for
Laundry Services

Create a marketplace where local cleaners can list their services and connect with consumers, and you’ll have a reliable source of business.

Now is the Perfect Time to Act, Launch Your Laundry App Today

At Collax we specialize in designing, building, shipping and scaling beautiful, usable products

How does it work?

Your company can expand more rapidly if your laundry app is easy to use.


Refine Your Searches

Select your preferences in terms of service, cost, proximity, etc.


Order & Schedule

Input your order information and arrange a time for pickup and delivery.


Simple Transactions

You can make a purchase and make a payment by any of the following methods:


Live Monitoring

Keep tabs on the current progress of your cleaning order at any moment.


Alert Regarding Your Order

Rapidly learn the status of your order.


Comprehensive Details About Your Order

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Comprehensive Details About Your Order

Find out everything there is to know about the order and the customer.


Controlled Automatic Dispatch

Automated, route-optimized dispatch

Excellent Tool for Your Internet-Based Laundry Service

Create a stunning online hub for laundry and dry cleaning services with our full-featured software suite.

Customized Website and Mobile Application for Your Clients

Customers Can Schedule Laundry Services Via Custom Websites And Mobile Apps

  • Schedule a Time to Meet

    Easily find, hire, or plan for laundry services at your convenience.
  • Conversation Within the App Itself

    Communication with customers is simplified, and they may get real-time updates.

  • Analyze, Evaluate, and Assess

    Give your clients the opportunity to comment on the quality of service they received.

Software for Service Providers

User-Friendly Utility for Laundry Service Providers and Agents

  • Sending Out Alerts Right Away

    Every time a new order is placed, sales reps will be notified instantly.
  • Control Accessibility

    The order accept and reject/accept can be viewed by the service providers/agents, who can then accept or reject orders as appropriate.

  • Daily Reports Generation

    See reports detailing your sales volume and earnings by day, week, and month.

  • Stellen Infotech: Why Pick Us?

    We Provide Industry-Leading Functionality to Boost Your Laundry Business.

Admin Dashboard

Branded Mobile Apps & Website For Customers To Book Laundry Services

  • Instant Notifications

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  • Manage Availability

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  • Generate Daily Reports

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  • We Give 24/7Support

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Take Your Business To Next Level With Laundry Appointment Booking Software

Why Choose Us?

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Access to Multiple

Added support for several languages to make it easier for your prospects to communicate with you.

Flexible Website

Web interface that is both user-friendly and fully-featured, ideal for arranging service appointments with minimal effort.


Provide full-service laundry and dry cleaning options and watch your client satisfaction soar.

Specify Shipping

Customize the shipping fees to fit your company’s budget with ease.


Fast, reliable, and scalable, our solution will get you online and make money in no time.

Getting Invited
and Recognized

Scalable friend and family referral program to expand clientele


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Quarterly Increase in Total Service Requests


Rise in Addition of Service Providers

630 +

Quarterly Rise in No. of Repeat Customers


Quarterly Jump in Total Customer Base


Quarterly Increase in Overall Revenue


Reduction in Customer Support Queries



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