Streamline Content And Simplify Tasks With Document Management System

No More Clumsy Paperwork Or Disorganized Folder Layouts With Document Management System. Quickly Adapt Paperless Processes And The Digital Sharing Of Any Form Of Document.

Singapore’s Trusted Document Management System

Transform Business Digitally

Eliminates the need for paperwork, minimizes inconsistencies, and enables easy access to documents anytime anywhere digitally.

Assured Information Security

Protects documents & information stored on the cloud-based system with enterprise-grade security and layered encryption.

Turn your needs paperless and intuitive by making the documents easily accessible on any device with just a few clicks.

Saves Time

Reduce the time employees spend manually performing repetitive operations so they can focus on essential tasks.

Key Features Of Document Management System

Document Capture & Management

Organize documents in one place and enable businesses with easy accessibility of documents using a single interface.

Documents Tasks & Alerts

Set tasks deadlines and alerts to ensure on-time completion of processes. Easy subscription to email notifications for progress or changes.

Provides precise results by combining multiple search criteria. Results can be refined or sorted for one-click execution.

Access Management

Easily determine who has access to the files or documents depending on their authority or position in the company.

Versioning Management

Monitors and manages any changes made to the documents. Modifications can be compared graphically and can save previous file versions.

Automates Tasks

Use automated workflow for everyday tasks. Focus time and effort on tasks that are critical and eliminate bottlenecks.

Maximize The Company’s Data Efficiency

Stellen’s document management system allows you to gain control over all of your data while maintaining GDPR adherence. Data duplication and silos can be eliminated, resulting in enhanced productivity. It allows to deliver consistent services, manage productivity, as well as handle decision-making. We have a proven track record of successful project implementation in different business verticals. Our DMS avoids the risk of printing or downloading confidential data. It helps companies integrate document management into their corporate systems and operations.

  • Automates metadata capture. Offers document processing and data capture features to transform the content structure.
  • Easily integrates with third-party applications.
  • Access to data from any location while you can host it on your onsite server.
100% White label

100% White label

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

No Recurring Fee

No Recurring Fee

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

Lifetime Ownership

Lifetime Ownership

Streamline Business With Centralized Document Management System

Time is valuable and saving time with DMS can ultimately lead to increased productivity. Editing, tracking, updating, or sharing documents are just a few clicks away. Our document management solution is a time-saving and powerful tool that allows for quick file retrieval by simply typing a term or phrase into the search bar. It also allows remote access to documents and complete control over sensitive documents. The web-based DMS by Stellen reduces storage space requirements and allows soft copies to be stored instead of hard copies in less expensive locations.

  • Provides flexible, open, and highly scalable content management capabilities.
  • Supports several unstructured file types such as videos, images, gifs, etc.
  • Offers push notification, document versioning, encrypted files, etc.

Our Featured

Encrypted Cloud Storage

Enterprise Collaboration

Data Security

Analytics and Intelligence

E-Signature Capability

Regulatory Compliance

Document Indexing

Document Capture and Scanning

Document Search

Multi-Factor Authentication

Information Governance

Document Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Document Management System?

A document management system enables businesses to electronically access, store, track, and control digital documents and information. With expanded capabilities such as information governance, records management, and so on, DMS makes it simple to manage, share, and arrange digital data.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Stellen’s DMS?

Our document management system creates a centralized hub to gather and store an organization’s document-centric information. It helps in easily locating documents or data, allowing staff to focus more on important tasks and without impacting the digital assets. Additional features include document tracking, sharing, and security enhancement.

Can Anyone View Or Edit Documents On DMS By Stellen?

No, all documents and other essential company information are saved on the DMS database and are not accessible via hard drives for security reasons. The security settings provide you complete control over document rights and access, as well as preventing unintentional data deletion or change.

Can I Group Or Sort The Documents?

Yes, you can sort the categories or fields GroupWise, in ascending descending order, or simply by indexing the fields. You can also include summary fields for sum, count, etc.



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