Streamline Your Events With Event Management System

Automate And Simplify Processes And Centralize Communications With Robust And Flexible EMS In Singapore.

Event Management System Benefits

Saves Time

Centralized data and dashboards allow you to track the number of participants, sold tickets, and so on simultaneously.

Boosts Engagement

The system is integrated with robust tools that evaluate marketing efforts and deliver a consistent communication channel.

Enhances Professionalism

Process and workflow automation boosts the business reputation as it makes planning and event execution efficient.

Universal Management

Offers a bundle of in-built capabilities and tools designed to manage all event tasks including multiple spreadsheets or replicated work.

Key Features Of Event Management System

Attendance Management

Create IDs and limit attendees with barcode integration. Record attendee’s confirmation and presence automatically.

Promotes Online Registrations

Launch event registrations, create tickets through an online interface and deliver real-time status information.

Notification Alerts

Send automated reminders to event attendees regarding the registration deadline, participant status, and the event countdown.

Ticket Management

Create several ticket types, pricing, handle reservations, set seating, and control overbookings.

Event Budgeting

Manage budgets for all occasions, keep track of all transactions, manage margins, and quickly estimate revenue.

Detailed Reporting

Right from event planning to execution, EMS provides the universal event reports using graphics or visuals automatically.

Event Management Solution Handling Everything From Tip To Toe

Stellen’s EMS streamlines and automates the entire event management procedure. From finding the right venue to creating bespoke dashboards and reports after the event, we’ve got you covered. Create custom web pages, build event registration forms, and collect payments using our event planning software. Clients will find it convenient and simple to do business with you thanks to our tools. It allows collecting leads and managing the sales pipeline using online web forms. Customers can also access an online portal where they can sign documents, make payments, and so on.

  • Enables online tracking and ticket building
  • Seating charts and arrangements
  • Keep everything and everyone organized in one place
Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

Lifetime Ownership

Lifetime Ownership

No Recurring Fee

No Recurring Fee

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

100% White label

100% White label

Handle Your Event Attendees Or Participants Your Way

EMS solution by Stellen Infotech is a versatile and reliable platform that can handle everything from one-on-one conferences to the most complex events. Take charge of your communications with registrants before, during, and after with a built-in Address book. EMS platform enables the integration of web-based programs. Our tools collaborate to help businesses build reliable procedures that make event management efficient. It saves time, staff, resources, and delivers amazing experiences.

  • Lead capture and attendee tracking
  • Self-service portal
  • Real-time dashboards and online appointments

Our Featured

Attendee Tracking

Self Check-In

Event Reporting

Live Polling

Attendee Tracking

Powerful Integrations

On-site Check-In & Badging

Data Privacy

Venue Sourcing


Automated Block Management

Calendar Management

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Stellen’s Event Management System?

It is an all-in-one event management system that makes events trendy, allowing the attendees to engage effectively. It helps event service providers to save time and efficiently manage the event logistics.

What Benefits Your EMS Offers To Event Organizers?

Our EMS creates unique campaigns and promotes events on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sends out real-time notices during events and newsletters afterward.

faq-item custom-shadow p-2rem rounded-10 mb-20Is Your EMS Helpful After The Event?

Yes, it is! After the event, you can stay in touch with the guests and let them know about forthcoming events. Participants can also communicate via SMS to ensure that they do not miss out on any opportunities.

What Event Type And Sizes Does Your EMS Support?

Our event management system is suitable for all types and sizes of events. It offers event registration as well as customized marketing to attract new guests. Also, it helps organizers to build connections with participants and provide networking during and after the events.



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