Robust Warehouse System For Inventory Tracking

Stellen’s Warehouse Management System Helps Maximize Warehouse Staff Productivity And Gain Control Over All Processes, Resulting In Time-Saving And Cost-Efficiency.

Stellen Warehouse Management System Benefits

Improved Multi-Warehouse Efficiency

Automatic product prioritization, inventory allocation, and precise rack size measurements all maximize optimal use of warehouse space.

Increased Stock Security

Integrate our WMS to keep an eye on stock stored. Such concise records or detailing avoid any product theft plus damages.

Boosts Space Utilization

Automatic product prioritization, inventory allocation, and precise rack size measurements all maximize optimal use of warehouse space.

Warehouse Management System

Speed Up Products Retrieval

Real-time updating of the database with inventory stocks & customer records, allowing for more efficient and quick goods retrieval.

Optimize Logistics Processes

Real-time exposure to stock management, order picking & delivery, shipments, and return management to handle the logistics operations.

Storage Cost Reduction

Better product organization, increased storage capacity, and enhanced customer service reduce operational costs and wasteful space use.

Key Features Of Fully-Customized Stellen WMS

Product Dimension Tracking

Record product details like height, width, and weight to determine the best storage location for the item.

Putaway Management

Considers storage rules and suggests the appropriate location for newly received items in the warehouse.

Inventory Tracking

Allows real-time inventory viewing like bin location, stock level, goods expiry date, and picking and receiving routes.

Location Dimension Management

Measures the warehouse location dimensions, locate the position of goods, organize goods based on defined rules.

Insightful Reports

Our WMS provides analytic reports in varying formats to let you determine warehouse management efficiency.

Pallet Racking

Enables the seamless organization of shelves, rack numbering, and creation of shelf categories depending on type and functionality.

Dynamic WMS To Enhance Logistics Performance

Stellen Infotech is a leading ERP software provider focused on delivering industry-ready and feature-rich warehouse management systems. This software system is designed to meet business needs and provide deployment flexibility and scalability. Its extensive features, as well as capabilities, allow it to adapt to any warehouse activity and handle all logistics processes. It manages high-volume orders by pallet or packaging, allowing for end-to-end tracking and regulatory compliance. It also helps you keep track of each product flowing in and out of the warehouse, no matter what inventory items are. Stellen’s WMS simply interacts with the machines, helping to obtain specific data for driving supply chain procedure excellence.

  • Offers features such as place of origin, expiration and manufacture date control, serial number, batch code tracking, etc.
  • Manages and schedules inbound deliveries, flow-through allocations, cross-docking, etc.
  • Assists you through efficient product picking, resulting in paperless order picking.
  • Provides access to real-time inventory and warehouse accuracy, therefore reducing overstocking.
  • Enables better order planning with location management and accurate picking utilizing the RFID and HHT.
Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

Lifetime Ownership

Lifetime Ownership

No Recurring Fee

No Recurring Fee

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

100% White label

100% White label

Design A Streamlined Warehouse With Stellen WMS

Stellen WMS is a user-friendly and adaptable software solution that scales up with business expansion. This solution simplifies business operations while improving shipping rates, lowering inventory management expenses, and increasing inventory accuracy, regardless of rack measurements or warehouse size. It offers data transparency, business process efficiency, order fulfillment optimization, and customer happiness. It also includes accountability in each warehouse network to maximize productivity in terms of ROI.

Similarly, the warehouse management system solution keeps track of customer sales orders, assigns particular tasks to employees, and monitors real-time progress. This hugely contributes to the right usage of storage & resources.

  • Offers 100% traceability compliance.
  • Use available data to define KPIs, improve workflow, assess performance, etc.
  • Collects data and provides demand forecasts to further determine and plan stock levels.
  • Fulfills order quickly to meet customer needs and deliver a pleasant experience.
  • Improves collaboration with the vendors or suppliers throughout the process.

Our Featured

Fully Customizable

Inquiries and Reporting

Highly Scalable


Lifetime Ownership

Inventory Tracking

Lifetime Ownership


No Recurring Fee


GDPR Compliance

Traceability Compliance

No Recurring Fee

Billing & Contract Management

100% White label

Shipping and Logistics Management

100% White label

Multi-Location Tracking

GDPR Compliance

Intuitive UX

100% White label

Resource Orchestration

100% White label

Stock Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Stellen’s Warehouse Management System?

Our warehouse management system is a software solution that makes managing warehouse operations easier. It handles distribution hubs as well as other warehouse-related tasks.

Can You Explain The Need For A Warehouse Management System?

It ensures a consistent, efficient, and high-quality procedure of moving products throughout the warehouse while maintaining accuracy, speed, and safety.

What Does FIFO LIFO Mean In Warehouse Management?

FIFO stands for “First In, First Out,” while LIFO stands for “Last In, First Out.” FIFO allows for the sale of older products, ensuring that the business is not impacted by expired products. LIFO prioritizes the sale of new products above older stocks.

Is Your Warehouse Management System Suited For Small And Medium-Sized Businesses?

Yes, there are several small-sized and medium-scale businesses working with our tailor-made warehouse management solution. The basic structure and flexibility allow for easy customization based on customer requirements and enterprise size.

How Does Stellen’s WMS Be The Best Choice?

It’s a reliable WMS that’s simple to use for end-users. Stellen’s WMS has unique functionalities capable of enhancing warehouse performance and lowering operational costs. Please get in touch with us if you’d like to see a thorough demonstration.



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