Develop a Customized Marketplace for Rental Cars

Deploy powerful rental car marketplace software to revolutionize your company’s approach to source a rental Car


Why You Should think of Investing in a Rental Website

To maximize your revenue potential, capitalize on the rising popularity of specialized online rental marketplaces.

We Can Assist You

We Can Assist You with Your Rental Needs

Consider the rising market trend of renting over purchasing. Build a rental marketplace to connect landlords and tenants with minimal hassle.

Make It Easier

 Make It Easier to Get a Job

 Facilitate your customers’ ability to book the rental services, tools, or cars they need. Facilitate their quest by providing an easy means to browse, compare, decide, and lease.

Extract Extra Funds

Extract Extra Funds From It

Property owners gain from the higher money generated by underutilized properties when consumers choose rental over buying. If you fill in the blanks, you can boost your earnings.

Brief Us Your Idea For Online Rental Marketplace, We Will Create Custom Web & Mobile App Solution For You

At Collax we specialize in designing, building, shipping and scaling beautiful, usable products

Our Company’s Detailed Business Model

Create a rental marketplace that can adapt to the needs of your business.


Individual Rental Marketplace

Connect people who are interested in renting a car through a central online marketplace.

Home Rent

Lease-to-own Homes

Use custom apps built in the style of Airbnb to quickly modernize your property management or commercial leasing business.


Product Rental

Car Rent

Getting a Rental Vehicle

Make renting a car and making payments simple for your customers by using our rental car marketplace.

Want To Launch Some Other Custom Rental Marketplace Platform? We’ve Got All Your Needs Covered

At Collax we specialize in designing, building, shipping and scaling beautiful, usable products

Car Rental Management System

Powerful Admin Interface

Taking Charge of Your Catalogs

The ability to open or close time windows based on demand makes for a straightforward system for managing inventory and catalogs.

Products’ Modifications

Any number of variations can be included in a single ad, and the seller can even use unique images for each.

Determine How Well Things Are Going

Examine factors like bookings, cancellations, and guest ratings and reviews to determine how well things are going.

Go Over the Sales Numbers

Take a look at the numbers and statistics to figure out how to grow your business.

Build Your Clients’ Own Tailored Websites and Mobile Apps

Create a rental marketplace that can adapt to the needs of your business.

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Tools for Refined Searches

Offer your customers a wide selection of services and venues to choose from.

  • Establish Scheduled Visit

    Your customers will appreciate being able to choose from a large range of options, both in terms of items and places.

  • It’s Easy to Make Payments and Pay Fees

    Clients will appreciate being able to quickly and easily peruse a vast selection of items and locations to discover exactly what they need.

  • Publicity and Word-of-Mouth

    Your consumers will have more options to pick from if you provide them a wide range of products and stores to visit.

Car Rental

Adaptive Software for Drivers

Make It EasierMake It Easier 1Real-Time Updates

Provide your drivers with up-to-the-minute information on their reservations.

Constructing a More Optimal Route

Giving your delivery drivers the quickest and shortest routes available will ensure your packages are delivered on time.

Updated Order Status

The complete completion of an order can be verified by providing drivers with a digital signature pad.

Daily Earning Reporting

The delivery agent should be provided with access to earnings reports for a given time period and be given the freedom to create their own.

All-In-One Set of Resources for Building a Rental Market

We have developed state-of-the-art software to assist you in advertising your vacation rental on websites such as Airbnb, LendingClub, HomeAway, Turo, Olx, and others.

  • An Internet-Based Portal and Mobile App for Customers

    The use of a branded online marketplace consisting of a website and mobile applications for the purpose of renting or leasing tangible items, real estate, and transportation.

  • Management Control Room

    You can have complete command and management of your online rental marketplace with just one convenient location.

  • Driving-Related Software

    A dependable and user-friendly app that guarantees prompt delivery of rental products

  • An Evolving Set of Capabilities

    Adjusting Your Online Rental Market to Fit Your Needs

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List of Advanced Feature Set Allows for Fully Tailored Rental Car Market

Internal App DiscussionInternal App Discussion

Instantaneous communication on your marketplace between landlords and tenants

Reviews And RatingsReviews and Ratings

Review and rating system built in to assist get the word out about your business

Social LoginConnecting Through Your Social Network

It is more probable that users will sign up if they can use an account they already have with another service.

Foreign ExchangeForeign Exchange

Use multiple gateways to provide your customers more flexibility when making a purchase.

An Unrestricted MarketAn Unrestricted Market

Build an exclusive marketplace where you can choose whether or not to engage with buyers and sellers.

Costs Add UpCosts Add Up

With the built-in support for many gateways and cutting-edge integrations, you can easily take payments from customers using their preferred method.



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