Efficient, Seamless, And Multi-functional Inventory Management System

Gain Instant Access To Order Statuses, Stock Levels, Inventory Requirements, And Item Transfers Across Multiple Locations With A Cost-Efficient Inventory Management System.

Advantages Of Inventory Management System

Easy Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking system manages and tracks all the stock movements, both within and outside the store or outlet.

Centralized Dashboard

Provides real-time updates on all order statuses, transactions, plus stock progress from a centralized dashboard.

Minimizes Waste

Maximizes inventory profit and controls stock levels by ensuring products being on shelves from long are sold first.

Warehouse Management System

Optimized Inventory Control

Ensure stock transfers and efficient inventory control by providing notification on low stock and future demand predictions.

Control Warehouses

Manages multiple warehouse locations, oversees the movement of items and handles orders via a unified system.

Automatic Tasks

Automates operations like stock transfer, item allocation, and real-time information on sales, purchase history, etc.

Obtain A Competitive Edge With IMS Features

Barcode Tracking

Identify each item with a unique code, print barcode labels, and track the stock movement accurately and quickly.

Product Categorization

Store and categorize products based on name, description, location, type, attribute, brand, photos, serial numbers, etc.

Inventory Forecasting

Helps to predict the stock level that is required to deliver in the specific future time frame and send automated email alerts.

Stock Request Management

Monitors inventory requests from multiple stores or warehouses. Automates application process and stock adjustments.

Stock Ageing Management

Access to several reports to monitor stock age, fast-moving items, future stock level demands, etc.

Inventory Valuation

Assesses inventory across all warehouses and allows auto indenting for low reorder products.

Fully-Integrated Stellen Inventory Management System

The inventory module is a necessary component of every ERP system. Our cloud-based inventory system manages business operations, from optimizing storage and warehouse tasks to assisting in space utilization, lowering operating expenses, etc. It helps in the tracking of all stock and providing stock level updates, as well as automating operations and monitoring stock transfers.

Stellen’s fully-featured inventory software comprises easy-to-integrate modules that can be tailored to meet any warehouse’s needs. It records all the order statuses and provides real-time data to streamline future demands.

  • Maintains inventory based on several customizable and defined attributes, resulting in less time spent acquiring goods.
  • Handle multiple currencies and assure seamless transactions with our IMS.
  • Operates multi-location warehouses via a unified database to prevent data silos or duplication.
No Recurring Fee

No Recurring Fee

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

100% White label

100% White label

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

Lifetime Ownership

Lifetime Ownership

Easy And Intuitive Solution To Manage Your Inventory

Our inventory management system includes extensive features to monitor low stocks, expiry, adjustment, item allocation, stock transfers, etc. It manages bin configuration, batch tracking, stock entries, integration, or more. It also eliminates manual inventory management with real-time inventory reports, as well as automated low stock & expiry date alerts.

Automates reordering to ensure you are not out of stock of fast-moving items or have slow-moving items piled up. Connects easily with POS systems, ensuring that all physical sales data is logged in inventory and associated paperwork is completed quickly.

  • Easy picking process with barcode scanning, eliminating time consumption checking errors at the packing station.
  • Generate inventory pickup orders receipts to verify the right product, order, and customer every time.
  • Analyzes data like warehouse transactions, order history, as well as stock levels.

100% White label

User Permissions

100% White label

Vendor Management

No Recurring Fee

Product Management

GDPR Compliance


100% White label

Demand Forecasting

100% White label

Analytics and Reports

Fully Customizable

Dynamic Reports

Highly Scalable

Multiple Locations

Lifetime Ownership

Low Stock Alerts

Lifetime Ownership

Audit Log

No Recurring Fee

Inventory Tracking

GDPR Compliance

Barcode Reader

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Stellen’s Inventory Management System Do?

Reordering and forecasting modules are included in our IMS. Forecasting helps in the balancing of inventories to fulfill required inventory demands. Reorder modules assist in determining the necessary safety stock levels to meet order deadlines.

What Are The Benefits Of Inventory Management System Software?

The primary benefits of implementing IMS are:

  • Automates the entire process, saving money and time.
  • Reduces stock-outs, increasing sales and services.
  • Improves cash flow.

How Implementing Stellen’s IMS Can Help In My Business Growth?

Our cloud-based inventory management system simplifies inventory management and eliminates stock errors. It creates stock reports and gives users access to stock movement data. Overall, it helps your company’s return to core operations, which necessitates time and work.

What Are The Features Available In Stellen Inventory Management System?

Stellen Inventory system supports features like stock management, vendor & customer management, integrations, customizAtion, order management, and more.



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