Accelerate Your Business Profits And Efficiency With Robust Crm

Perfect CRM Solution For All-Size Enterprises Looking To Drive Global Growth, Deals, And Profitability. Acquire New Customers With Fully Integrated CRM Software.

Key Benefits Of CRM System

Manage Leads

Monitor and handle all leads and sales records in one centralized repository.

Easy Tracking

Seamlessly track sales activities, tasks, milestones, meetings, estimates, and several updates.

Dashboard and Reporting

Gain real-time sales insights and visibility to make informed decisions and improve sales performance.

Simplified Configuration

Enables organizing the sales levels using the drag and drop feature via sales workflows.

Main Features Of CRM Software

Pipeline Management

Track sales process in the dashboard, add leads to CRM in a single click and customize pipeline to business preferences.

Manage Staff Productivity

Assign tasks to the salesperson, track sales progress, and get alerts for sales representative’s sales achievements.

Email Tracking

Create and personalize relevant emails and send them to segmented subscribers, leads, or existing clients. Enable timely follow-ups.

Contact Management

Monitor each conversation logged at one place to help sales reps obtain a clear overview and better optimize the customer service.

Detailed Reporting

Real-time analytics for better business decisions, measure and manage sales performance, and track KPIs.

Revenue Predictions

Attain accurate revenue forecasts produced by each lead and easily create a list of prioritized prospects.

A Versatile CRM Solution To Customize Your Lead Outreach

Stop putting efforts into combining data from several databases and manual sheets. Using CRM software by Stellen, you can access the contact details and follow up the leads at the same time. Make sales calls with ease, assign the tasks to reps, and take accurate notes. Our CRM system automatically logs sales actions, allocates new leads to the appropriate sales agents, and adds new prospects to the pipeline. Use the CRM to execute presentations and meetings. All within the CRM, convert visitors into leads and schedule webinars.

  • Real-time notifications when consumers interact with the business
  • Automate every business aspect and eliminate reprieve and time-consuming tasks
  • Filters, sales pipelines, deals, and contacts can all be customized to meet any sales process
Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

Highly Scalable

Highly Scalable

Lifetime Ownership

Lifetime Ownership

No Recurring Fee

No Recurring Fee

GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance

100% White label

100% White label

Simple And Intuitive Stellen CRM Software Solution

Stellen CRM is ideal for all business sizes as it provides flexibility and functionality and enhances sales by automating sales. The entire set of tools including lead management, contact management, customer services, and more helps in growing business faster. Our CRM platform gives insights into each consumer and leads interaction across the business, thanks to its extensive reporting and power analytics features. Personalized reports with graphical representations of marketing efforts and current sales allow better decision-making and an understanding of the organization’s needs.

  • Simplified onboarding, consultation, and deployment to get started smoothly
  • Straightforward user interface with minimum learning curve requirement
  • Access anytime anywhere with full CRM capabilities and simple navigation

Lead Routing

Data Encryption

API Integration


Information Security


Quality Management


Actionable Insights

Built-In Telephony

Conversational AI


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Customer Relationship Management System?

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a software system that hosts CRM apps using computing technology. This means that, unlike a traditional CRM system, where your customer data is saved on your office’s server, customer data is stored on the vendor’s servers in a data center.

What Are The Advantages Of Cloud-Based CRM?

It boosts productivity, reduces costs, and makes information more accessible. In addition, constant IT maintenance and a lack of installations are issues that CRM adoption can address.

How Stellen’s CRM Is Better Than Any On-Premise CRM?

On-Premise CRM software deployment includes on-site servers. Stellen’s CRM system stores the enterprise data on remote servers and is easily accessible anytime anywhere with an internet connection. No, hardware installation is necessary, saving you from the maintenance needs and expenses.

Is CRM Software By Stellen GDPR Compliant?

Stellen CRM is a highly functional and versatile software solution that offers a wide range of capabilities to assist users in managing their data operations, security, and privacy in compliance with GDPR.



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