September 23, 2021

Voice Marketing: A New Trend for Your Business Strategies

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Voice marketing is one of the newest methods of connecting with customers and clients. It shares the same core principles as content marketing. Brands have already started utilizing AI-enabled devices to address customer concerns in real-time. However, they keep the brand’s mission in mind. 

Voice search technology enables businesses to enhance the consumer experience, attract traffic to the site, and boost sales. Furthermore, its ease of use and convenience has increased voice searches in the year 2021. 

Even stats put it better:

  • Statista shows that the global voice search demand is expected to reach USD27. 16 billion by the year 2025
  • Marketing Week says that 61% of audiences made their purchases after hearing the podcasts
  • Google says that voice search on mobile devices is used by around 27% of the online community worldwide 

Using voice marketing helps the customers to stay connected with the brands. Thus, expanding the marketing opportunities and delivering the tailored experiences as per the customer expectations.

Voice Marketing Defined

Voice Marketing Defined

Businesses, brands, and influencers can use voice marketing to connect with their target audience via audio or live content. Enterprises can use numerous tools and tactics to market their goods or services across voice platform concepts.

The voice-enabled solutions, for example, include Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, but voice search has evolved beyond this. There are a variety of devices that can interact with people by using voice commands.

Four areas where voice marketing is popular include:

  • Podcasts: Nearly half (41%) of Americans aged 12 and more have downloaded and/or streamed a podcast in the last month of the year 2021. As a result, podcasts have become one of the most competitive areas of digital media in recent years, according to the study.
  • Voice Ads: These are made available via voice-enabled gadgets or podcasts, depending on the preference.
  • Voice Search Optimization: Rather than creating a story, this voice engine optimization is required to deliver quick answers to queries. When someone requests voice support, they don’t expect an audiobook in response. Solutions should be fast and precise. Also, it includes creating content while remembering it is primarily heard.
  • Sonic Branding: In this modern method of voice marketing, a business produces its own audio resources as part of the marketing campaign. In this way, they become accustomed to hearing these audios. These assets can be incorporated into other media as well.

Need for Voice Strategy

Need for Voice Strategy

In this new era, voice technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Online, people are more likely to choose a brand by speaking instead of typing it into a search bar. This is because it takes less effort to speak than typing.

Siri, Alexa, and other voice assistants have made people more accustomed to speaking directly into their smart devices to meet their needs.

Businesses need to adopt this technology as this will enable them to communicate with their customers during busy times. It could be something as simple as making dinner, going for a run, or driving. Voice technology can help the brands to gain an increased scope of customer engagement.

How Voice Marketing Can Benefit Businesses

How Voice Marketing Can Benefit Businesses

Promote Brand Loyalty

Voice search will be the preferred method of information seeking in years to come. There’s no doubt that this will increase customer satisfaction and retention rates. Voice assistants combining artificial intelligence (AI) with voice technology and other advances such as Natural Language Processing (NLP) can help brands memorize previous queries and deliver more customized information. A combination of these factors can boost business visibility while promoting brand loyalty. These responses are based on relevant search results, which the voice assistants pull from to provide them.

Since voice search strategy is becoming more popular, businesses can become experts to deliver the best online search convenience. Consequently, users are more likely to remain loyal to the brand.

Enhance Stakeholder Experience

Voice technology will also have an impact on the way businesses operate in the future. Even the big companies already work in a certain way. They have different ideas of how and when people would consume information in this modern era. The AI-enabled voice assistance, for example, helps employees set up virtual sessions, record meetings, share screens, and so on.

In addition, the technologies help to improve communications throughout the business, allowing the teams to operate more efficiently. Hence, helping in innovating and brainstorming new ideas, as well as build employee confidence.

Push B2B Sales

Enterprises and B2B sales benefit from voice technology by improving internal connections. As a result of the translation features, it allows brands to better network with overseas partners. Salesforce voice assistant is a good example. Customer relationship platforms can benefit from this feature. Thus, businesses can keep track of daily activities such as action plans and meetings.

So, marketers who want to take advantage of voice technology must optimize it for long-tail keywords. However, it’s also critical to make sure the keywords are organic.

Voice Marketing Strategy Use Cases

Voice Marketing Strategy Use Cases

Customer Service

These devices, as their name suggests, hear input requests and deliver responses by interpreting that information. Using voice-enabled technology in connection with Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be extremely helpful for customer service departments. A wide range of questions from the audience will be answered quickly. Responses that are both accurate and timely.

To increase operational productivity and efficiency, brands should consider using this technology. Being able to be reached at any time is a plus. Chatbots can preserve 30 percent of customer service costs, according to statistics. As a result, businesses can respond faster. In addition to the efficiency of quick responses, these queries can help to create content to target and enhance other brand touchpoints.

Voice Marketing in Apps

Search marketplaces like Amazon and Google allow brands to create applications that can be found on their websites. Apps available on both of these storefronts are referred to by a variety of names. To give you an idea about it, Google has Actions, and Alexa has Skilled. The brand’s reach can be extended in enormous ways with the help of these apps. This technology is still in its origin, and businesses need to take advantage of it.

Voice Marketing in Search

A business’s website’s voice-enabled search capabilities are becoming increasingly important. Since people use Google Assistant to ask questions through voice commands, this trend has increased. On top of search results pages, featured snippets provide answers to voice searches. First and foremost is researching natural question queries related to business to incorporate voice search into a brand’s services.

Besides this, brands focusing on voice search marketing strategy should create content that provides users with quick answers.

Voice Marketing Trends

Voice Marketing Trends

Of course, voice marketing is not new. However, in recent years, audio-only platforms have gained a lot of popularity. And the popular and biggest voice marketing trends include:

Voice Assistants

Voice assistants with Artificial Intelligence capabilities include Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Echo. Lately, all of these have become household staples.

Voice assistants help in making the buying process easy for the customers. The stats simplify this. Around 35% of voice assistant users buy goods like clothes or groceries using voice search technology. 

Technologies such as voice assistants make the buying process easier for customers. Statistics make it easier to understand what’s going on. Around 35% of voice assistant users use voice search technology to purchase items like clothes or groceries. This tool is not just for buying clothes or other household essentials, though.

On several levels, this brand strategy is effective. It provides valuable at-home entertainment solutions, thereby increasing business exposure and boosting sales. 

There is no doubt that voice search marketing is gaining in popularity. Also, with continuous technological advancement, people keep on finding new ways to consume content. Thus, it makes sense for businesses not to overlook the rising opportunities. 

Any business can use voice marketing to increase brand awareness and drive sales, regardless of its industry or target market.


Everything from the business tips to reality shows and crimes, finding a podcast genre for every individual. So, here are some ways how businesses can get involved in this space. 

The podcast genres range from business tips to reality shows and crimes, so there’s something for every person. A few ways that businesses can get involved in this space are listed here.

1) Build Branded Podcasts

Branded podcasts are the media organized by a business. These can be regarding the brand or its offerings. Also, they can be aligned with the company’s brand values and mission.

 For example, you may be familiar with Sephora. They host #LIPSTORIES, a podcast about self-image that’s a lot of fun.

Whenever on the go, podcasts are a great way to connect with the audience. It’s not uncommon to feel like a casual conversation between two close friends in the beginning.

Businesses and creators can take advantage of their existing channels to host podcasts and grow their audience. Also, social media following can be increased by regularly posting your podcasts on Instagram or other platforms. This encourages them to subscribe to the podcasts wherever and whenever they listen to them.

2) Invest in Ads Segments

As a marketer, you have the opportunity to reach large audiences of active listeners by buying an ad spot while hosting a podcast.

An Interactive Advertising Bureau study found that 61 percent of podcast listeners bought a service or product after hearing the ads on a podcast.

Different types of ads spots to consider includes:

  • Native ads in which the customers or hosts discuss the specific product or service
  • An exclusive podcast promo code for those who are listening

Brand-aligned podcast advertising allows you to reach an audience that is interested in your product or service.

This requires businesses to consider who their target audience is and what content they are most interested in.

Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse

In response to the rapid growth of social media, podcasts and apps are getting into the game of voice marketing. Users can easily listen to discussions in Clubhouse, which is an audio social network. Podcasts have given it a critical boost in terms of publicity and growth.

Twitter is also going to launch a voice chat room feature called Spaces, which will allow users to interact in real-time. In the words of Twitter, this feature intends to deliver difference and understanding, and emotion, which is often lost in the text. 

Overall, social media trends are constantly evolving. Keep up with the latest social media platforms to promote your products or services in a fresh, new, and exciting way.

Future of Voice Search

All online businesses will be required to take advantage of voice technology as it spreads across the global digital landscape. Access to and gaining a large number of potential clients will be the need. At every digital touchpoint, the world is moving toward productivity and ease of use. Vocalization will undoubtedly be a big move forward.

To remain consistent, online brands around the world must build a voice-optimized strategy. Interactivity will help gather more information and provide customers with easier-to-understand communication mediums. All that remains to be seen is how well businesses can take advantage of these features to improve advertising, collaboration, or customer retention rates.

June 20, 2019

7 hilarious marketing tips to Win Clients And Influence Markets In 2019

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The market is becoming more expensive with every passing day. The cost of acquiring new clients has increased by up to 50%. Which is why everyone is in search of new and strong marketing tips. With increasing costs, customers are becoming less trustworthy of brands. So, in this scenario, you should just give up? The answer is “NO”. You need to work smarter in order to win clients and at the same time influence markets. This can be done online and offline too. For online marketing, you can hire a reputed Internet Marketing Company. It can be done on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Email marketing etc.                      

Nowadays, every brand is marketing itself, online and offline. This gives birth to many doubts in a client’s head. As they get confused in selecting the best brand for themselves. So, in this situation, they go for the one which is offering them the best services at the lowest cost. You need to keep in mind a client’s requirements and hold their weak nerves in order to attract them towards you. That’s the correct way of marketing your brand. For this, firstly you need a SEO company, which can provide you best SEO services. Here are some strategies to follow in order to win clients and influence markets in this era:

  1. Increase your brand awareness & visibility

increase brand awareness for marketing

The success of any business is mostly dependent on how much the customers know and feel about it. Efficient brand marketing and visibility should be on the prior list for business growth. Branding develops the business characteristics for providing unique identification to the business. Using modern digital marketing trends and advanced technology helps in increasing brand awareness and visibility. Transparency of the brand to the customers is important to amplify the chances of success. The more understand-ability of the business by the customers will increase the chances of business development. A number of marketing methods are there that should be adopted to increase brand awareness and visibility, such as:

  • Develop a Unique Character and Voice
  • Research and Understand your Audience
  • Establish a Professional Business Website
  • Considering Social Media Networks
  • Start a Blog for Business
  • Content Development and Marketing
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Efficient and Constant Communication
  • Consider Influencers and Partners
  • Graphical and Visual Content
  1. Dig deeper: Get to know about your frequent customers

Get to know about your frequent customers for better marketing

For a strong business marketing, it is important to comprehend frequent customers details, like, who they are, what they need, etc.  To have the details of customers will not help you to understand them and their requirements. So, it is beneficial to even travel some miles to connect to frequent and future customers and will pay in the long run.  Here are some of the tips that will help you to understand the customers better:

  • Develop a Customer Profile
  • Consider All Available Data
  • Don’t Make presumptions
  • Use Social Media
  • Customer reviews
  • Conduct Surveys
  • Hold an Event
  • Look Past the Purchase
  • Keyword Research
  1. Do a Good Market Research

Good Market Research for better marketing

The main reasons to buy the product can only be captured from good market research. It analyzes how personal and social factors are helping to influence customer behaviour. Market research can be executed in two varieties, that are primary and secondary. Through primary research, you can analyze the customer directly and secondary research involves a third party who has gathered information about the customers. You can execute them according to your plan.  Some of the points are mentioned below that helps you to understand the way to do market research:

  • Define your customer identity
  • Discover a portion of the identity to engage
  • Involve your market research members
  • Plan your research questions
  • Draft your primary rivals
  • Outline your findings
  1. Use your Happy Customers to make Marketing Network

Happy Customers to make Marketing Network

Through R&D, it has been analyzed that most of the successful business people are those who depend more on the power of networking.  To keep a healthy relationship with a customer can owe you several benefits. Being friendly will lead to a continuation of the work with you but nurturing a good relationship with them will result in timely payments, new sale leads, return on time investments and positive word of mouth.

The one manner to improve your client relationship is to make proper use of networking contacts of your clients. Connecting your client with the desired contact or using the contact being referred takes your relationship to a new level of mutual respect.

  1. Go for Freebies

Freebies for better marketing

Freebies are in Business trend nowadays, they can be used to achieve beneficial exposure and to attain a large audience.  From a long, business persons are using giveaways to familiarize their products to the customers and for alleviating their brand awareness. It is a winning strategy though. But, if you are approaching this marketing  strategy then it should be executed in an appropriate prototype. So, here are some of the tips that should be followed to make sure that freebies can bring more money:

  • Analyze your budget
  • Do not give much
  • Provide small samples
  • Approach influencers
  • Link with the community
  • Create Demand
  • Let them want more
  1. Try to create a transparent relation between you and your customers

Try to create a transparent relation between you and your customers for better marketing

Customers need transparency. The focus these days is on customer satisfaction and customer experience that depicts that full transparency with the customers develops a more profitable and stronger relationship. Additionally, for attracting the new customer’s, transparency permits you to better deliver the new ones with the surety that they stick with you.  This is how transparency helps to grow the business. Some of the useful tips are mentioned below that helps you to become more transparent with your customers:

  • Fulfil your promises
  • Be accurate and truthful
  • Be timely and responsive
  • Develop two-way communication
  • Share the knowledge
  • Guide them for their mistakes
  • Listen to your customers
  • Guide the customers of change
  • Thank your customers
  1. Always upgrade your product or services with latest Trends in market

update your product or services with latest Trends in market

Upgrading to new business technologies/products or services increases the production rate. Though, many business people are still reluctant to the previous products. It is because of their familiarity or easiness with the old ones.  Upgrading to new products or services is much easier than you think. It is hassle-less and investing time in them will be beneficial for a business perspective.

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved communications
  • More efficiency
  • Enhancements
  • More security
  • Less costs
  • Compatibility
  • Engaged customers
  • Business development

Concluding Remarks

Adopting the marketing features mentioned above will help your business to grow.  Your brand defines your capability, so you should be creative and experimental enough.  Instead of attracting the client for sales, use your resources and energy into landing the absolute best clients for your company. Investing resources in achieving brand visibility and brand awareness is worth the time. It helps your business to get in the marketplace and to the customer’s heart.  Try out the mentioned ideas and don’t be anxious to experiment.

November 15, 2016

Facebook’s Latest Update Will Take Your Small Business To Next Level!

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Started as an ordinary social media networking platform, today, Facebook has turned to be a business tool that is benefitting almost every type of business. Be it a small business or a big one, every business owner is using this social media platform to attract more customers towards them. It is such a wonderful way to connect with your target audience and make them know you and your business in a better way.

Although, Facebook is already enriched with a range of features that help business owners in achieving their business targets through Facebook marketing, yet in the attempt to Boost User Engagement and to improve business practices, this social media network keeps on introducing new updates that help businesses to grow. The latest update brought by Facebook aims to benefit small businesses as it has that potential to take a small business to another level.

So, what the latest Facebook update is all about and how it will benefit small businesses is certainly a matter of serious considering for all of you. Especially, if you run a small business and want to use Facebook to your business expansion, then you must explore the latest Facebook update which we are going to discuss here.

Use Facebook To Make Appointments, Order Food and Much More –

Facebook is rapidly extending its features and it is a reason, users are being dominated by this social media platform in their daily life. Sometimes, it looks as team Facebook has completely devised an advanced way to bounce the users back from other sites. The newly introduced Facebook update is something like that only. It allows Facebook users to buy food, buy movie tickets, book their appointments from the business pages of Facebook. It looks as Facebook is all set to change our lives by adding more features on its world-famous network.

Though this update states more than the convenience of its users. In addition, to provide convenience, it is a way to support local business. By encouraging these features and services on Facebook, it connects businesses to their target customers in an easier way.

Get Recommendations From Facebook –

How The New Facebook Update Work

Facebook can help you at every stage of your life. At a time when you are on a tour to a new city and need a good restaurant for dining out, just turn to your Facebook contacts and ask for their advice. At this stage, the new Facebook update brings a new tool to help you. It makes things easier to manage all recommendations in a single place.

So, when you make a post on your Facebook account asking for advice on a local service or place, valtvalacyc dot com just turn on the option for “Recommendations”. By doing so, all your friends will be encouraged to comment on that post along with suggestions. All suggestions will be mapped out and also be saved in a single place to check out clearly. An option namely Recommendations bookmark on Facebook is already there on the desktop Facebook version in which you can ask any question or assist your friend on Facebook.

Spot Local Events –

Spot Local Events On Facebook

Facebook can be a great platform to spot all types of local events happening in or around your city. So, you can easily discover what’s new in your city with the help of your friends. For exploring events in a better way, the team Facebook has revamped Events bookmark on Facebook option. Now, you can easily discover latest events by browsing recommendations with your past events and friends.

Order Food On Facebook –

Order Food with Facebook

Today, a number of restaurants are available on Facebook as they find this platform highly useful to grow their business. So, using their page on Facebook, you can easily place your order for the desired food. For placing an order, you need to click on “Start Order” on the Facebook page of a restaurant of your choice and then, look for delivery services if they provide. In the US, you can choose restaurants that use Slice or for food to be delivered at your doorsteps.

Get Quotes Instantly –

Get Instant Quotes on Facebook

Facebook includes a “Get Quote” feature on business pages, and numerous businesses have begun utilizing it on their pages. So, if you are at a business page which has the “Get Quote” option, you can ask for a quote for their products and services directly from Facebook.

Get Movie Or Other Event Tickets From Facebook –

Get Movie Or Other Event Tickets From Facebook

To get tickets for the latest movie, you can use Facebook now. Using mobile app – Fandango, you can buy tickets right from the Facebook. Facebook has partnered with Eventbrite and Ticketmaster that has made it possible for this social media platform to provide tickets to interested users for different events in a city or town. It can be paid or free ticket that comes right from the Facebook page of that event.

Conclusion –
This new Facebook update for small businesses demonstrates how local enterprises can thrive by effectively utilizing platform features. When businesses prioritize customer convenience and flexibility, their growth aligns with increasing customer interest. So, give your customers an ease to reach you and see how exceptionally Facebook help you reaching new heights.