Benefits Of Choosing Shopify For eCommerce Store

In the current era, websites have become highly essential for business setups. It is not easy to survive and flourish without an online presence. E-commerce has completely transformed the business scenario allowing sellers to showcase and sell their products and services through online platforms. E-commerce stores have various potential benefits for businesses such as growth, revenue generation, and global reach.

With more than 1.8M retailers on Shopify, it is considered the leading and most preferred eCommerce platform. About 2,290 million active websites were using Shopify in the year 2021. Recently, Shopify has published some worldwide eCommerce statistics to help business owners see where markets and trends are heading. Besides these, it is a platform used across the globe by small and large businesses. Excellent features and benefits like minimal configuration make it incredibly versatile.

If you want to develop an E-commerce store for your business and looking for quality Shopify Services then only consider the best Shopify Development Company. They ensure success in creating and launching online stores leveraging their features and functions.

If you’re wondering why Shopify is considered number one for e-commerce store development, let us help you understand better.

08 Benefits Of Choosing Shopify For E-Commerce Store

Simple Set Up & Ease In Use:

Shopify is a no-fuss e-commerce platform and is extremely quick to set up and easy to use. There are no technicalities involved when it comes to the development and hosting of the online store.

The platform offers the software and hosting itself, without any hassle of complicated coding. Features are logically structured which makes the admin interface clean, user-friendly, and intuitive.

Excellent Loading Speed:

Have you ever wondered what happens when online stores take too much load time? Shoppers are impatient and do not wait around. No one wants to deal with slow-loading web pages. Users abandon the webpage which takes more than usual time to load resulting in lower sales and poor ROI. The faster a web page loads, the more likeliness of a user to make a purchase and a payment transaction.

Shopify is a worldwide hosted eCommerce solution. It has an advanced and reliable infrastructure with optimized hardware and software. With its fast loading speed capability, businesses result in increased conversion rates, better SEO rankings, and excellent ROI. It enables Shopify developers to build fast-loading websites.

Get a robust online store for your business from a Shopify development company and take advantage of the excellent loading speed.

Visual Appealing Online Store:

Appealing visuals are one of the critical factors for the success of an online store. Particularly, in the initial stages, when users and the market are getting to know your brand’s presence and value propositions.

Shopify facilitates the creation of attractive websites. It offers to build beautiful and appealing eCommerce stores by using professional website templates/themes.

In addition, Shopify experts can create an extraordinary store online with custom themes by improving UI and UX.

Secure And Reliable:

A secure and reliable eCommerce store is one of the preferences for building a store online. In today’s technology-driven world, security is considered one of the utmost required factors for an online store. Businesses online deal with customers’ confidential, sensitive, personal, and most importantly, financial information.

Shopify is one such reliable & secure eCommerce store. It maintains the server and restricts data sharing with third parties to avoid hacking and malware activity. The hosting solution handles the software infrastructure and loads website pages quickly. It even facilitates solutions for data recovery, in case of any unusual disaster.

Powerful Marketing Tools:

Shopify is a full-fledged eCommerce platform that offers a variety of marketing tools. These tools help enhance marketing strategy and implementation. With its integrated features like Custom gift cards, social media marketing, discount coupons, and targeted email marketing.

Other advanced features like a custom pop-up notification to capture user emails window drives traffic flow affiliating sales.

Mobile Friendly & Responsiveness:

With the increased number of people accessing the internet with their mobile phones, it has become the key to the success of an eCommerce store. Every other user uses mobile phones to surf and purchase products online.

A mobile responsive website increases customer experience, maximizes traffic, and eventually increases ROI.

Shopify offers mobile-friendly themes and designs which can be used to build mobile-responsive stores. It supports themes for Android and IOS phones that can be used to manage the online store.

Easy Payment Gateway Options:

One of the important aspects of an online store is to integrate easy and reliable payment options. The retailer needs to choose a convenient gateway option. The payment option should facilitate buyers to make quick payments with multiple options.

Shopify is a trusted and reliable gateway that allows customers to make payments from diverse payment options available. It supports the Stripe payment option, the freedom to pay without any extra fees.

Effective Customer Support:

E-Commerce websites are comprised of complicated infrastructures and technicalities, which require constant monitoring and expert support. It is essential to select a platform with robust customer support, to get issues fixed as soon as possible.

Shopify is an outstanding eCommerce platform that provides access to reliable and trusted customer support. Shopify experts facilitate robust all-around customer support 24/7.

Their trained and experienced team resolve issues through different communication channels like call, e-mail, and live chats. With their assistance, websites run smoothly at all times.

Wrapping Up:

With the growing popularity of shopping online, eCommerce development is a needed investment. Businesses are investing heavily in this field. Shopify is the eCommerce platform choice for entrepreneurs and business owners. With a variety of features and benefits like targeted email marketing, and lucrative rewards. Other features like store statistics, 24/7 experts support, and much more!

If you’re planning or want to launch your eCommerce store, then what are you waiting for?
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