Best Practices for Drupal CMS Development-A Beginner’s Guide

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and the demand of users for content providing personalized experiences is dramatically increasing. With digital transformation, businesses should have an excellent content management system to deliver users with highly-personalized and interactive digital experiences. Drupal is the clear winner as an open-source content management platform overshadowing its competitors by providing personalized experiences to users. The popularity of Drupal CMS development in delivering innovative buying experiences is constantly growing because of its plethora of spectacular features.

Robust security, user-friendly and intuitive interface, excellent performance, personalized market automation, and, most importantly, flexibility are its most staggering features. If you’re entering into web development, then Drupal website development is an excellent choice to provide your users’ interactive digital experience.

This guide demonstrates the incredible practices of a spectacular Drupal CMS Development for your business.

10 Incredible Practices For Spectacular Drupal CMS Development

Let us take a stroll across the list of practices for modern web development using Drupal.

1. Forthcoming Planning:

Planning for your project takes you closer to winning half the battle. The other half is achieved when you make strategic steps toward transforming them into reality. To simplify, start with Drupal website development by setting goals and writing them down in your checklist.

Doing so will allow you to understand what you want to achieve. Also, different ways you can go for stellar web development for your business. Remember to create a development budget to adhere to financial stability. In addition, move further with the next step to take a pursuit accomplishing your business goals.

2. Get Prepared For Drupal Website Development:

After defining your project requirements in a detailed action plan, it is time to start with actual web development. For that, you should have technical knowledge. Drupal, in particular, needs excellent technical skills and critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
You should have high knowledge of PHP and Drupal frameworks and front-end languages like HTML and CSS. You need to be fully advanced in all the listed aspects. An excellent team of Drupal website developers can make web development easy, smooth, and quick. You can reach out to the leading one across your place and discuss your requirements.

3. Technology Installation and Configuration:

Now, it is time to decide on technology installation and configuration. You need to choose a suitable version for Drupal website development. Unlike different versions, Drupal 10 is a spectacular version of the open-source platform with excellent features. The core modules of Drupal provide functionalities comprising navigation menus, syndicated website structure, managing users, regular content updates, and more.

You can extend your website features and functionalities by configuring and installing additional core modules per the need and requirement. Doing so will take your Drupal website development beyond its capabilities.

4. Theming:

The first step in laying the foundation for Drupal website development is selecting a suitable base theme for your website. Drupal comes with base themes designed with unique styles to get you started with theme development. Generally, the base themes come with advanced features and are easier and faster to implement to predetermine the layout of a website.
There are no limits to deciding on a theme for your web development. You can utilize the potential of a leading Drupal website company and leverage excellent core themes. Drupal has an amazing subset of responsive themes capable of CSS and Javascript- fruitful in providing users with unforgettable experiences.

5. Stellar Content Creation:

Drupal is an excellent content management system that allows for stellar content creation of various types with great flexibility. Texts such as articles or blogs, media comprising images and videos, and audio are some content forms created using Drupal. Its content creation tools are designed to facilitate users to create and manage content easily with no hassle.

Users can get quality content curated in numerous types, from educational blog posts to appealing visuals. You can also customize the modules to extend the content creation capabilities and create authentic content. Additionally, post across marketing platforms to tailor it to the needs of your targeted audience.

6. Robust Security:

Security is the utmost priority in building a digital presence in the era of unexpected malicious attacks. Drupal has a more robust security system than any other CMS. Talking about Drupal CMS disadvantages, an inherent concern to cyberattack is significantly more as it is an open-source platform. Although, you can maximize your web development security by following the practices outlined below:

  • Set secure passwords to file permissions and limit access.
  • Harden the server by enabling security protocols.
  • Implement security modules and use up-to-date hosting.

7. Excellent Performance:

It is no secret that a CDN (content delivery network) is best for an excellent-performing website. Further, best-performing websites provide the customer immense satisfaction, more conversions, and pronounced revenue. A CDN in Drupal website development, caching your pages, and optimizing your website elements needs prioritization.
All three are crucial components to increase your website performance. You can hire the finest drupal website development company and optimize your site elements to speed up website performance. The experts will compress your website elements with maintaining quality to make your site run smoother and faster.

8. Search Engine Optimization:

A sophisticated Drupal website development is great, but solid SEO is critical to increasing your website visibility on search engines. Like other CMS platforms, Drupal has specific SEO strategies to follow for optimum results.

Drupal SEO is all about optimizing your URLs with precise words to increase the chances of that page ranking higher. Integrating relevant keywords into meta tags and widespread content is great to get your website easily crawled by search engines. Doing so increases the chances of large visitors from search engines watching for your content and answering their search queries.

9. Testing and Debugging:

Website testing and debugging are critical to ensure the website performs as per your expectations. Testing involves checking the functionalities of a website comprising:

  • URLs to ensure they are working rightly.
  • Website content forms like educational text, images, and videos, to ensure they are appropriately displayed.
  • Checking the website on different screen sizes like desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Running a website on browsers and platforms, including Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

The website Debugging involves reviewing the following checklist:

  • Website code for errors or problems.
  • Modules and themes for compatibility issues.
  • Website settings to ensure they are configured.
  • Website performance to ensure it is running efficiently.

After testing and debugging, the errors or problems discovered need to be fixed to ensure an error-free Drupal website development.

10. Maintenance and Upkeep:

Testing and debugging does not end the Drupal website development guide. Drupal maintenance and upkeep are critical to ensure your website is secure, up-to-date, and runs optimally. As user expectations are constantly evolving, making regular updates to the website components is crucial to upkeep with user demand. Core software, modules, themes, and other elementary components are critical components that need regular upgradation.

Also, keep up with all security updates. Test the functionality of modules and themes and ensure that all content is up-to-date. Additionally, back up your website regularly to ensure that if any forthcoming issues arise, you can quickly restore it and avoid downtime.


In conclusion, Drupal website development is essential for modern web development. Empower your digital presence with the ultimate features of Drupal and deliver your users’ ambitious digital experiences. Contact us today at Stellen Infotech, a spectacular drupal website development services provider, and get your modern website development started. Our enthusiastic and highly-skilled experts will incorporate advanced features and get you a fully functional website developed.

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